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Counselling, Mental Health

5 Signs Your Teen Needs Therapy

Teenagers deal with a lot of heavy stuff. Stressful school, challenging friends, self-esteem issues, and other life events can impact their mental and emotional health in ways that are hard to mitigate on one’s own. With the help of therapy, your teen can work through these issues in a comfortable environment. While therapy for teenagers […]

Counselling, Mental Health

Does BetterHelp cost money? (+3 Cerebral Alternatives)

This post will describe if BetterHelp costs money. We will also be mentioning a few of the advantages that users can experience while utilizing BetterHelp. Lastly, we will check out some of the alternative online therapy platforms that offer features similar to BetterHelp. Online therapy platforms like BetterHelp have become increasingly popular in the post-covid […]