How does Enneagram 9w1 deal with their anger?

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In this blog we will discuss how Enneagram 9w1 deals with their anger. 

We will also discuss what makes a 9w1 angry and how they can deal with their anger in healthy ways. We will also briefly discuss the characteristics of 9w1 enneagram types. 

How does Enneagram 9w1 deal with their anger?

The way Type 9 with wing 1 deal with their anger differs according to how healthy or unhealthy they are and the kind of life they are living.

A healthy 9w1 is able to manage their anger effectively whereas an average 9w1 tends to brush aside and avoid their anger, while the unhealthy 9w1 will use passive aggressive tactics to deal with their anger. 

Let us take a look at how 9w1 deals with anger in more detail.

Healthy 9w1 and anger

When a 9w1 is in a healthy place- emotionally, mentally, physically- they are often able to deal with their anger effectively. 

This means that they have awareness of their anger, can identify when they are getting angry as well as identify what is making them angry. 

This insight and awareness is what allows them to take action and deal with the anger effectively. They might stop their anger, or they can set healthy boundaries between themselves and others. 

A healthy 9w1 is often able to be assertive when they are angered and resolve issues and conflicts well and in this sense express what they need and resolve their anger.

Average 9w1 anger

Average Nines who are doing fairly well most of the time but are facing challenges- emotionally and mentally- tend to suppress their anger. 

They are often overwhelmed with other things going on in their own lives that they feel that they must repress their anger especially when they feel like it might bring conflict and more problems. 

They also find it harder to identify their own anger and have less awareness. When they are angry they behave angry without even knowing that they are angry. 

They might also be afraid of their anger because it threatens their need for harmony with others as well as internally and because of this they fear expressing their anger- even in healthy ways- so they tend to push them away. 

The average Nine will find ways to placate their anger as well as the anger of other people. They must deal with their anger by numbing themselves by distracting themselves, being overly positive, and often criticise themselves for being angry. 

Though it might be helpful to a point, it does so happen that after a time the average nine might explode in anger when they are no longer able to contain their feelings. 

Unhealthy nines and anger

Unhealthy Nines tend to be so overwhelmed with their world around them- their emotional and mental health tends to be in overdrive which leads them to be disconnected from their feelings as a way to maintain the hominy that they seek.

This disconnectedness makes them oblivious to what’s going on around them or inside of them- this includes their anger. 

The way unhealthy nines deal with anger is by repressing them so deeply that they become dysfunctional and are unable to perform as they would normally do. 

Their anger is expressed in passive-aggressive reactions like using the “silent treatment” to get back at people or they might indirectly hint at things that have hurt them etc. 

They deal with this anger by hurting others indirectly because they are so keen on avoiding conflict that they are unable to express things directly. So they deal with their anger in passive aggressive ways while completely denying their anger. 

How Can Enneagram Nine’s Learn to Express Their Anger in a Healthy Way?

Here are a few things that the 9w1 can do to manage their anger:

  • Understand that it is okay to be angry and tell others that you are angry with them. 
  • Stay with your anger for a moment, and become familiar with how it feels in your body.
  • Get in touch with your feelings, become emotionally literate by understanding what emotions and feelings are.
  • Become more familiar with their emotions, but expressing it to themselves if needed. 
  • Develop a healthy level of assertiveness. Learn how to communicate assertively. 
  • Developing coping strategies to deal with their feelings and anger
  • Learn how to regulate their emotions, especially anger.
  • Build healthy relationships and set healthy boundaries. 
  • Do things that they love and that are aligned with their values. 
  • Practice saying no. Learn the value and importance of this word. 

What is Enneagram 9w1?

Enneagram type 9 wing 1 also known as “the negotiator”are those who have an enneagram type nine wing one personality. 

They are hardworking, creative, and friendly, who strive for peace and harmony.

What are the characteristics of 9w1?

Here are the key characteristics of Enneagram Type 9 with wing 1:

  • For 9w1, they desire harmony and peace- both within themselves and within their relationships with other people because of this, they tend to avoid difficult emotions as well as force harmony into conflicts within direct confrontation. This desire is a result of their fear of being separated from their world including other people. 
  • Enneagram 9w1 subtype’s biggest assets include their ability to have multiple perspectives and be open minded enough to see and accept all these perspectives. They are also very driven to help others and are rooted to hero motivation and purpose. 
  • When it comes to personal limitations, 9w1 tends to overlook their own needs and also tend to be highly critical of themselves and their own limitations. 
  • They also find it very hard to regulate their emotions and become cold, emotionally unavailable when stressed which usually occurs when there is conflict which they find it hard to face head on.
  • Enneagram 9w1s tend to be motivated by the thought of bringing some positive change in their community and are often driven to bring resolution of conflict. They are also energised when they are accepted and their efforts validated. 
  • Enneagram 9w1s tend to struggle with accepting their limitations when they make the wrong choices or when they disappoint other people. 
  • They find it hard to deal with their emotions when they are overlooked or when they are unable to not be appreciated for their efforts. 

What is an Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a categorization system of personality types. This system is based on how individuals interpret the world and manage their emotions, as well as how they behave as a response. 

The Enneagram, describes 9 different enneagram of personality types and these types are plotted on a map or diagram that illustrates how each personality type interacts and responds to each other.

The exact origin of the Enneagram is unknown but it is assumed to have roots in ancient Babylon and also has traces of it in Greek philosophy 2500 years ago. 

This particular model of personality has been attributed to the Jewish Kabbalah, Christian mysticism and a mystical form of Islam, Sufism. However, the modern Enneagram system is the work of contemporary authors. Georg Ivanovich Gurdjieff who introduced the model in the 1930s as a spiritual symbol. 

According to the Enneagram, these types are defined by a core belief about how their world works and it is these beliefs that influence their world view, their motivation, and their perspectives about themselves, the world, and other people. 

These core beliefs are personal and individual to each type and while it can help us understand how each type reacts and responds to the world, it can also be limiting.

These beliefs motivate them to take particular actions and guide their decisions making. It also can help people understand how each type reacts to stress, how they adapt and respond to various situations. 

These core beliefs tend to be enforced by how each individual grows into adulthood, and each type is influenced by biological factors as well as impacted by environmental influences-such as family dynamics or parental relationships.

No one number or type is better than another as it is a horizontal system in spite of numbers being used and each individual may relate to more than one type and resonate with different traits depending on their station and experiences of life and overall levels of health.


In this blog we have discussed how Enneagram 9w1 deals with their anger. 

We have also discussed what makes a 9w1 angry and how they can deal with their anger in healthy ways. We will also briefly discuss the characteristics of 9w1 enneagram types. 

FAQ related to 9w1 anger

What makes an Enneagram 9 angry?

Nines get angry when they see injustice, and when they feel like people are trying to control them and their choices. 

What does a 9w1 mean?

9w1 refers to people with an enneagram type nine wing one personality. This means that these individuals tend to identify more with type nine, but also share several traits with the one type. 

What are the Enneagram 9 Wings?

Enneagram 9 Wings are 9w8 and 9w1. 

9w1 tends to be independent, social, adaptable, and generally more assertive and direct while 9w1 is often focused on seeking harmony by cultivating an organised and peaceful environment within themselves and others. 

Is Enneagram 9 passive aggressive?

Unhealthy type 9s tend to be passive aggressive, spiteful, and disconnected from their world around them.

When they are passive aggressive it mostly means that they are struggling to empathise with others because they are mentally and emotionally overwhelmed that they have shut themselves off as a way to preserve their harmony.

Can Enneagram 9s be emotional?

Enneagram 9s are a very emotional type however because emotions seem really intense to the Nine and they long for harmony, they often have stern control over their emotions which makes them seem less emotional than they really are. 

How do I know if I’m 9w1 or 9w8?

If you are someone who fulfils their core desire of inner peace by challenging themselves and being more aggressive you could be 9w8 however if you are someone who feels fulfilled by cultivating an organised and peaceful environment then you are more 9w1.


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