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9w1 Celebrities: The Negotiators(Top 7 Guide)

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This article will explore what famous celebrities from the world of sports, films and even the royal families fall into the category of enneagram 9w1. The article will not only look at these celebrities in detail but will also highlight the major traits and strengths and weaknesses of the type 9w1 in order for a comprehensive understanding to be developed.

Famous 9w1 Celebrities: The Top 7 List

Here are a number of famous celebrities who fall into this enneagram category:

  • Keanu Reeves
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Walt Disney
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Owen Wilson
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal

Before we take a look at these celebrities in detail, we will help explain what the type 9w1 enneagram is and what their major personality traits are so the audience can see why these popular individuals are categorized as 9w1 enneagram!

What Is The Enneagram Type 9w1?

The enneagram type 9w1 is an enneagram which identifies mostly with the type 9 enneagram but also shares some traits with the type 1 enneagram. These individuals are pretty much stable in life with an accepting and trusting behaviour. They are friendly and are hence approachable by others; they tend to create relationships easily with others due to their traits of trusting and accepting others as they are.

This enneagram wants everything to be smooth. They make sure they themselves behave and feel as well as think in such a way that there are no hurdles and they expect the same from others. They want to be in a conflict free zone where people have a generally accepting nature and do not let any elements of their thoughts or feelings create any sort of dispute.

People with this personality are usually optimistic and want to think good of others or the events that are going around them. This is necessary to maintain a peaceful state of affairs internally and externally.

What Is The Basic Fear Of The Negotiator.

The name puts it right on the table! The negotiator is afraid of losing what they are fighting for; basically, they do not want to lose the thing or people that matters to them the most and they will put in all their efforts to keep what they want with them.

They are afraid of separation and distance coming between them and their loved ones. Whether it is a foreign assignment, new work tasks that prevent the negotiator from being at home with loved ones or the new kid at school who is slowly taking over their friends, the negotiator fears whatever can be a source of destruction for their most loved relations.

What Is The Basic Desire Of Type 9w1 Enneagrams?

The type 9w1 enneagram desires peace which is not only external but internal too. They want to feel content, satisfied and secure in their life and not be fearful that someone or something can take away what they desire most. Their wing 1 personality encourages them towards an idealized world hence these individuals not only want peace but the best type of peace which can only be achieved if they create a surrounding that is based on the best foundations.

Famous 9w1 Celebrities: The Top 7 List

Keanu Reeves

Born in 1964, Keanu is a canadian actor who is known for his roles in movies like Speed and The Matrix Trilogy! He can be described as someone who is down to earth, humble and very friendly. Like type 9w1 enneagrams, he is approachable in the sense that people find him warm and kind hearted. 

He is seen to invest a lot in his relations. The women he fell in love with were very dear to his heart and it was obvious he was afraid to lose them. He also has a very close relationship with his sister whom he took care of because of her sickness. He is indeed loyal to his loved ones and will not back down in their times of need!

He is someone who wants things to be very clear and straightforward; even in his relations that is what he desires, long term commitment and loyalty as well as support.

He is very organized, clear in his thoughts and goals and is hard working. When he initially began working to get into the movie business, he put in hard and long hours with his friend whom he sadly lost after a short period when they first began acting.

Keanu is someone who understands human feelings but does not let it keep him away from following an organized and disciplined work routine.

Queen Elizabeth II

Born on 21st of April, 1926 in Mayfair, London, she is currently serving as the Queen of the United Kingdom and 15 other commonwealth realms. She is 94 years old and her full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. Among her children are Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Duke of York and Anne. She got married to Prince Phillip who is the Duke of Edinburgh in 1947 and the two have successfully kept the marriage ongoing since then.

To be honest and blunt, the Queen is no lesser than a tomboy who has had her fair share of days. She loves to drive cars and ride horses, she even worked as a mechanic during the second world war and she adores her beloved dogs – she is definitely not your typical Queen.

The queen is a people person in the sense that she knows how to get along with others and make them feel at home. She is warm and friendly – unless there is something very off putting about the other person – hence she can connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Other than that, she is fond of throwing lavish parties where she can entertain her guests. Her sister, Princess Margaret, was known as the party girl though.

She has an interesting personality in that she takes much pleasure in not being recognized for who she is. She also is quiet and not very fond of all the attention a queen can get through she is used to the spotlight and knows she must put up with it. Once, she even joked to the Prime Minister of Canada by thanking him for making her feel so old!

Morgan Freeman

He is one of the famous actors and narrators – obviously – people of this generation have known. He is famous for his roles in many movies such as God Almighty, The Batman Series, Shawshank Redemption and the Bucket List. He is currently 83 years old.

He is one of those individuals, like other typical 9w1 enneagrams, who wants peace not only internally but externally as well! He is optimistic, peaceful and accepting of others and their beliefs.

He apparently likes to take things slow and take his time to understand what people do or say. He wants to ensure that things run smoothly in life with as little friction as possible. It is funny that even in his movie roles this is the same personality that is reflected in him.

Although somewhat reserved like other celebrities we mentioned, he is determined and passionate about what he believes in and likes to put in the hard work it requires. 

Walt Disney

An American film and TV producer and the pioneer of animated cartoons, he was indeed the determined leader one could think of when asked! Walt Disney was driven by his passion and determination to fulfill his dreams and goals which is a defining trait of other enneagrams of his type.

He is indeed defined as a leader because of how others looked up to him; he was kind and friendly and people had no issue approaching him. He was one who believed in the people and their dreams. He strived to fulfill his vision of creating the company he is most famous for. One of the reasons he succeeded and became one of the most successful business tycoons at the time of his death was because he never stopped believing.

Abraham Lincoln

The 16th president of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky, United States in 1809 and was assassinated in 1865 at the age of 56 years. He was known for his moral rhetoric and how he wanted to see a smooth functioning society where people could live in peace and get the justice and rights they deserved.

He was not only the president but also worked as a lawyer though he was largely self educated. The former president is known for his role in the American Civil War and he fought against slavery to abolish this system.

Owen Wilson

A great and funny actor who has starred in numerous movies including that of Night in the Museum, Owen Wilson is warm and kind hearted; he radiates kindness and hence attracts many people to himself. They feel comfortable enough to talk to him and he also understands the human emotional element.

Generally, he is loyal, faithful and kind hearted. He is greatly attached to his kids and is hospitable and domestic. He is generally ebay going and is not concerned with how he looks. He just wants to have a good time in a peaceful way.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Born in 1977, Maggie is an American Actress who is full of compassion and wants to help others. She is loving and kind hearted and fits the enneagram 9w1 type perfectly well.


The article listed famous celebrities who are enneagram 9w1 types and described their personality in detail. It also explained what the enneagram type 9w1 is and what it’s traits are!

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Frequently Asked Questions: 9w1 Celebrities: The Negotiators

Who is a 9w1 enneagram?

The term 9w1 is a term that is used to describe an enneagram which has traits predominantly from the type 9 enneagram but also some traits from type 1.

What makes an enneagram type 9w1 go into stress?

The type 9w1 enneagram goes into stress when they feel as if things are not going as planned.

What is an enneagram type 9w1 good at?

The type 9w1 enneagram is good at staying positive in difficult times, coming up with creative solutions and developing relations with others.

Why is Morgan Freeman a 9w1 type?

Morgan Freeman is a 9w1 type because he likes to maintain peace and connects well with others.


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