Difference between 9w8 VS 7w6

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This blog explores the differences between 9w8 versus 7w6.

The blog briefly discusses their personality trait differences, as well as their differences in their professional lives as well as their romantic relationships. 

What are the personality differences between 9w8 vs 7w6?

People with an Enneagram type nine wing eight personality tend to be social, independent, and routined while also being assertive whereas People with an Enneagram type seven wing six personality tend to be enthusiastic, responsible, and adventurous while occupied with seeking out new adventures.

Major Differences between 9w8 vs 7w6 include:


For a 9w8, they are afraid of losing people, relationships, and being separated from the world around them. They manage this fear by seeking to be at peace with everyone and everything so as to avoid conflict that might cause loss. 

For a 7w6, they have a fear of losing out on experiences, so they tend to take every last minute opportunity that comes their way which makes them super occupied and disorganised at times.


For a Nine with wing eight, they are driven and motivated to attain balance and harmony within themselves as well as with other people. 

For a Seven with wing 6, they are driven and motivated to feel fulfilled and happy by seeking out joys from every small thing that they experience which makes them highly positive and optimistic, 

Values and attitudes

Enneagram 7w6 values happiness, freedom, and independence. 

They also strive to do things that can bring them satisfaction and fulfilment while also pursuing healthy and fulfilling relationships with other people. 

Whereas Enneagram 9w8 personalities tend to avoid personal confrontation and conflict because of how much harmony means to them. 

They are often trying to seek balance and peace, they tend to value routine to help them attain stability and balance. 

Strengths of 9w8 vs 7w6

Strengths that the Enneagram 9w8 personality have is their ability to support and stand for other people while also being able to be assertive in this regard as well as in their professional lives. 

They are also highly adaptive and can easily connect with other people while also leading them forward for a cause. 

Encouraging and supporting other people

When it comes to the 7w6, they are very productive and cooperative while also being sensitive to the feelings of other people. 

Their optimism is also a major asset which allows them to solve problems in stressful situations while also being quick on their feet. 

Limitations of 9w8 vs 7w6

For a 9w8, they have a hard time being assertive in personal relationships and expressing their emotions. This is also tied with their struggles with emotional regulation which makes them disregard or minimise their emotional problems. 

They also tend to avoid conflict and are often seen as being too stubborn or too blunt when they are stressed. 

When it comes to 7w6, their limitations include that they are too affected by the opinions of other people and often doubt themselves. 

They also tend to have trouble being consistent because they get bored when they become familiar with something, and often have a hard time being organised and focused when under stress.


Enneagram 9w8s tend to be motivated by having routine and stability in their personal life as well as being a source of support and comfort for people who are having a hard time. 

They are also motivated when they are able to effectively lead others or a cause to success and find comfort in being at peace and harmony with other people as well as their internal self. 

Enneagram 7w6s tend to be motivated when there are new ideas and new experiences for them to explore. They are also driven when it comes to creativity and when they are given multiple choices to express this creativity. 

They also become animated and excited when they are in environments where they can get to know new people such as parties, concerts, and other large gatherings.


The Enneagram nine with wing 8- 9w8s- tend to find situations where they are controlled or restricted by other people challenging. For them, their autonomy is very important so when they are forced to be a certain way or do something they don’t want to, they often are angered or distressed.

They are also stressed out by conflict with other people, and also do not like making major decisions by themselves. They also find it very distressing if they are overlooked and their efforts are not appreciated. 

For an Enneagram 7w6s they find rigid structure such as schedules, rules and deadlines challenging, for them their independence is very important be it at work, their relationships, or their personal lives. 

They also do not manage well with negativity or toxicity from the people around them. While competing motivates them, toxic competition only stresses them out. 

They are also sociable so being alone too much and for too long is difficult for them while routine becomes extremely satisfying. 

How are the differences between 9w8 vs 7w6 in relationships?

Enneagram Type Nine with an Eight-Wing tend to be reliable partners who strive for stability in their relationships. They are often committed and seek out commitment with people that they trust and love and remain loyal to them for a long time. 

In their relationships, be it romantic or platonic, they are loyal and devoted to their partners who are often honest and direct about their feelings. Unlike the other nines, the 9w8 tend to be direct in expressing their wants and are assertive about it. 

They do value harmony in the relationship but unlike other nines that tend to suppress their needs, the 9w8s tend to be assertive about their needs but they balance this by avoiding being overbearing of their partners. 

They are individuals who like going with the flow when it comes to their relationships, while also balancing out this spontaneity with good humour and commitment to their partners. 

Because they are more direct about their needs, their wants, and assertive as well, they do not like to play petty mind games with their partners nor are they possessive of their partners. 

They trust their partners to be loyal like them as well as expressive about their own needs with them, because they are developed, they are open to accommodating their partners needs and wants. 

When it comes to relationships, the Seven with wing six have excellent communication skills which allow them to adjust and build relationships with just about everyone. 

7w6s tend to be highly motivated to be secure and settled in their relationships and also try to make sure everyone else also feels the same way. With their partners they are committed to their loved ones however, they are also individuals who are driven by thrilling experiences. 

They are able to make everyone around them feel heard and understood because of their tendency to care for others while at the same time, they treasure their independence. So this makes them seek out relationships where they can have their freedom and their sense of adventure. 

They are often motivated partners who want to actively work on helping the relationship grow and keeping their partners happy unlike the typical nine who tends to neglect their partners. 

They also tend to be highly responsible in their relationships and often help their partners. Friends, and children also take care of their own health, life, career, etc and strive towards stability. 

While this type tends to be caring and responsible partners, they also tend to dislike conflict and often ignore problems in the relationships by distracting themselves rather than confront the problems. 

However, once they have identified their problems and have made up their mind to work on the problems, they tend to be driven and motivated, often taking responsibility to improve their relationships. 

How are the differences between 9w8 vs 7w6 at work?

When it comes to their professional careers, the Nies with wing 8 will fit well in careers that allow them to connect with other people, be advisors for them, as well as lead them- fitting in well into natural and nurturing leader roles. 

They are also very well adjusted and adaptable when it comes to new career opportunities and new work environments and they are also very creative and quick on their feet when it comes to problem solving. 

They are also very accepting of people so they tend to be nurturing and non-judgmental when it comes to their co-workers and teammates. They enjoy working with people who share similar eagerness, similar values, and motivation. 

They tend to be straightforward when it comes to communicating with others and often take in other people’s inputs, and considerations which makes them team players. They are also quite straight to the point and avoid being very negative when being feedback instead choosing to explore solutions rather than focus on problems. . 

Career options for a Nine with wing eight include:

  • Counsellor
  • Social Worker
  • Publicity Writer
  • Veterinarian
  • Diplomat
  • Salesperson
  • Judge
  • Editor
  • Religious Worker

When it comes to their professional lives, 7w6s are an asset to their teams because of their enthusiasm and their ability to cooperate with other people and work together. 

They are also highly optimistic which tend to motivate them and others to work through challenges, tasks, and meet their targets. They also are adorable and quick on their feet which makes them efficient problem solvers during times of stress. 

Sevens with wing 6 also tend to be driven by new challenges and fluidity and routine tends to bore them because they genuinely believe that work should be fun. They love setting goals and achieving them give them a high sense of accomplishment and fulfilment. 

Some careers suited for this personality subtype include:

  • Media Planner
  • Travel Writer
  • Photographer
  • Journalist
  • Pilot
  • Publicist
  • Travel Agent
  • Pilates Instructor
  • Tour Guide


This blog explored the differences between 9w8 versus 7w6.

The blog briefly discussed their personality trait differences, as well as their differences in their professional lives as well as their romantic relationships. 

FAQ related to Difference between 9w8 VS 7w6

What is the difference between 7w6 and 7w8?

The difference between the 7w6 vs 7w8 is that the 7w8 wants to have fun but focuses on stability with a routine whereas the 7w8, cares more about fun than stability. 

What is the difference between 9w1 and 9w8?

The difference between the 9w8 vs 9w1 is the 9w8 is occupied with their desire for balance and harmony by being a little more aggressive whereas the 9w1, tries to maintain this harmony by being organised.

What is the difference between 8w7 and 8w9?

The difference between the 8w7 vs 8w9 is that the 8w7 seeks out intensity through adventure and experiences whereas the 8w9 is more occupied with caring and protecting others and themselves. 


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