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Our writers are specifically chosen for their ability to write clear, unbiased, stigma-free writing style and then reviewed by industry experts that hold PhD and psychologists. Our articles are held to the highest standard by conducting original reporting and relevant citing. Our writers have the industry knowledge and credibility in their field.

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We have fact checkers as content integrity is important to us! We want to ensure that the information we give you is up to date and accurate. We rely on reputable credible references and primary research when necessary. 

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Half Full Not Empty is a trusted online resource that provides you with information on how you can proactively look after your wellbeing. We give you the resources you need to look after yourself daily. We have over 3,000 pieces of content that have been fact checked and reviewed by industry experts. We also give our mailing list up to date, useful tools regularly.

How we make money

For us to create our high quality content, we accept advertisements on our website. Our industry experts may also recommend products that can help you with your wellbeing and in some cases, we receive a commission if you use our affiliate link. Our advertising partners will never impact the quality of our content.