All might quotes from My Hero Academia

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In this blog we list out motivating and inspirational All might quotes from the show My hero Academia.

All might quotes from My Hero Academia

All Might, also known as Toshinori Yagi, is one of the main characters from the ‘My Hero Academia’ manga and anime series. 

All Might was a former Pro Hero known for his ability to defeat any villain who stood in his way and in the series he is currently a teacher at U.A. High School in ‘My Hero Academia’.

All Might was also one of the main characters born quirkless. However, he acquired his quirk, ‘One for All’, from his predecessor Nana Shimura. 

It is with this quirk that he became the best hero in the world with strength that made him a force to reckon with. 

He is a character who is dutiful and enthusiastic about his role and responsibilities who appears to be optimistic and upbeat. 

He often saves lives and his signature punches are often delivered with different cities and state names from the United States as he has travelled to America to study.

All Might stands for peace and safety of innocent people, and  is an inspiration to all who have watched the anime series “My hero academia”. Here are some inspirational and powerful quotes by All might:

“If you feel yourself hitting up against your limit, remember for what cause you clench your fists… remember why you started down this path, and let that memory carry you beyond your limit”, believe in this and you will achieve anything!” -All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“The Most Inflated Egos Are Often The Most Fragile.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“My Power Has Been Declining Faster Than I Expected…But I Must Do This. Why? Because I Am…The Symbol Of Peace!”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“Whether You Win Or Lose…You Can Always Come Out Ahead By Learning From The Experience.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“If You Feel Yourself Hitting Up Against Your Limit, Remember For What Cause You Clench Your Fists…Remember Why You Started Down This Path, And Let That Memory Carry You Beyond Your Limit.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“I Smile To Show The Pressure Of Heroes And To Trick The Fear Inside Of Me.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“You Are Not Just An Aspiring Hero Following In My Footsteps. You Are On Your Own Path Toward Greatness. As Your Teacher, I Must Walk Beside You.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“When There’s Nothing To Be Gained, Rising To The Challenge At Those Times…Is Surely The Mark…Of A True Hero!!”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“There’s a difference between those who aim for the top and those who will settle… and that difference matters.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“I smile to show the pressure of heroes and to trick the fear inside of me.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“If you feel yourself hitting up against your limit, remember for what cause you clench your fists… remember why you started down this path, and let that memory carry you beyond your limit.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“Do you realise that you were able to smile in the face of defeat?”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“Whether you win or lose… You can always come out ahead by learning from the experience.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“When there’s nothing to be gained, rising to the challenge at those times… is surely the mark… of a true hero!”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“Meddling where you don’t technically have to, is the essence of being a hero.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“A hero can always break out of a tough spot.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“I must do this! Why? Because I am the symbol of peace!”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“It’s true that heroes have many things to protect. And that’s why… We cannot lose!”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“There are stories about every hero, how they became great. Most have one thing in common, their bodies moved before they had a chance to think, almost on their own. And today, that’s what happened to you.” -All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“You are not just an aspiring hero following in my footsteps. You are on your own path toward greatness. As your teacher, I must walk beside you.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“Together we will go beyond, I will lift him up. I will protect your son, even if it’ll cost me my life.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“The flame I passed on to you is still small; but in the future, it will be exposed to wind and rain and grow even bigger. And then, I will slowly become weak and disappear, and I will finish my job.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“The most inflated egos are often the most fragile.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“It’s fine now. Why? Because I am here!”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“You’ve grown so strong that I hardly recognize you, young Midoriya.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“My power has been declining faster than I expected…But I must do this.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“Until I finish training him… I can’t die!”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“It’s not bad to dream. But you also have to consider what’s realistic.” -All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“Just Believe In Yourself, And You Can Become A Hero!”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“Meddling When You Don’t Need To…Is The Essence Of Being A Hero.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“Together, We Will Go Beyond. I Will Lift Him Up. I Will Protect Your Son, Even If It’ll Cost Me My Life.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“It Is Fine Now. Why? Because I Am Here!”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

“The Slight Difference Between Those Who Always Aim For The Top And Those Who Don’t…It’ll Come To Matter In A Big Way Once You All Emerge Into Society.”-All Might, ‘My Hero Academia’.

Other My hero Academia quotes

“I know of someone even cooler than a hero: Daddy.” – Katsuma

“Young Midoriya, I don’t regret giving you One For All one bit.” – All Might

“I need to work harder and harder so I can make this Quirk my own.” – Deku

“You’re a hero through and through!” – Ochako Uraraka

“I’m the one who’ll be better than All Might and take the number one spot.” – Katsuki Bakugo

“I want to be a strong hero who can beat up evil villains.” – Katsuma

“You’re part of that famous U.A.’s hero course, but you’re useless.” – Mahoro

“I wandered around, searching for myself. And I found myself… blessed with friends better than I ever could be. Could a guy ask for a better life? Die, Hawks. But you don’t get to tell me that I was “unlucky.” Being here with them…I was happy!” —Twice

“Give me to the villains!” – Katsuma

“We won’t let anything scary happen to you.” – Deku

“This is the story of how I became the greatest hero.” – Deku

“Don’t underestimate me, mummy b*stard!” – Katsuki Bakugo

“I see…Quirks are hereditary.” – Nine

“With that appearance, you must have been bullied a lot.” – Chimera

“You’re part of that famous U.A.’s hero course, but you’re useless.” – Mahoro

“If you’re going to sleep-talk, then sleep and die!” – Katsuki Bakugo

“One who will become king doesn’t need to rely on dirty tricks.” – Nine

“Kacchan… I couldn’t just stand there and watch you die.” —Midoriya during his first heroic moment

“Young man… you, too, can become a hero!” — All-Might, to Midoriya

“I’m afraid that I barely have a minute left in this form. My power is declining faster than I thought it would. Even so, I have to stop these villains. Because I am… the world’s symbol of peace and justice!’” —All-Might

“My dream’s not just about me! It’s way bigger than me! It was one I’d totally given up on, but I had people who didn’t mock me for it! There are people who respected me for it! I gotta honour that! Plus, there are those who have suffered! I wanna be the guy to show them a brighter future!” – Midoriya

“Just watch me.” —Endeavor.

“Stop saying that, already!! Open your eyes before spouting off on TV! Especially at a time like this! Look! Those flames are still rising up! You see’em, right?! Endeavor’s alive and fighting!! So don’t give up just cuz the other guy’s gone! There’s still a dude out there risking it all for us!! Can’tcha see?!” – Hiroshi Tameda

My life, my tech and my little ones here… I offered them all up to the great All For One. Up to now, you’ve been getting by with just scraps and leftovers of my work. Now, I’ve got nothing against you. I just need to judge if you’re worthy of having all this. Cuz so far you’re nothing.” —”Daruma Ujiko”


In this blog we list out motivating and inspirational All might quotes from the show My hero Academia.

FAQ related to ALl might quotes

What is DEKU’s catchphrase?

One of the DEKU’s famous catch phrases is “I want to be strong enough so no one will worry about me.” 

Does Deku have 7 quirks?

Yes. Deku has 7 quirks. they are:

  • 7 Transference.
  • 6 Float.
  • 5 Smokescreen.
  • 4 Fa Jin.
  • 3 Blackwhip.
  • 2 Danger Sense.
  • 1 One For All.

Why is All Might skinny?

In the movie Two Heroes, there are some flashbacks of him being young. In these flashbacks he is strong and sturdy with muscles and a bulky body. However, it is when he loses his quirk he becomes skinny.

Why does All Might bleed?

All might frequently vomit blood as an indicator of his fragile health and in other cases, he has nosebleeds when he is shocked or surprised. 

Why are All Might eyes black?

Toshinori Yagi’s eyes are black and they look that way because of several rounds of surgery. 

Does All Might care about Deku?

All might care about Deku since he saw a little of himself in Midoriya, and saw determination, resilience, and relentlessness. So, All Might saw him as his successor, and favourite student. 

Why is All Might’s face shadowed?

All Might’s face is often seen as shadowed to express Extreme fatigue from over the years since he’s been a hero, especially after he fought All For One.


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