Are all INTJs intelligent? (5 unique things)

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In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “Are all INTJs intelligent?”.

Are all INTJs intelligent?

Yes, Almost all INTJs are intelligent. INTJs are commonly viewed as one of the smartest, yet that is generally on the grounds that their intelligence makes an interpretation of well to IQ tests and school tests.We should also know what INTJs stand for.

INTJs stand for:

INTJ (introverted, intuitive, thinking and judging) is one of the 16 personality types identified by a personality appraisal called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Some of the time alluded to as the “Architect,” or the “Strategist,” individuals with INTJ personalities are exceptionally diagnostic, inventive and logical. Before we discuss, are all INTJs intelligent?  We should also know about INTJs personality type.

The INTJ Personality Type 

INTJs are explanatory problem-solvers, anxious to improve systems and cycles with their imaginative ideas. They have the ability for seeing opportunities for development, regardless of whether at work, at home, or in themselves. 

Regularly intellectual, INTJs enjoy logical thinking and complex critical thinking. They approach life by breaking down the hypothesis behind what they see, and are commonly centered internally, on their own mindful investigation of their general surroundings. They are ordinarily free and particular about their connections, liking to connect with individuals who they find mentally invigorating.

How rare is the INTJ personality type?

In the population INTJ is the third rarest type.

• 3% of men

• 2% of the general population

• 1% of women

Before we discuss, are all INTJs intelligent?  We should also know about INTJs hobbies and interests.

INTJ Hobbies and Interests

INTJ’s popular hobbies include cultural events,  reading, taking classes, computers and video games, appreciating art, independent sports such as backpacking, swimming, , or running marathons.

Why are all INTJs intelligent?

Now we are going to discuss if all INTJs are intelligent?

It is now thought to be a myth that all INTJS are intelligent.  INTJs are considered intelligent. Demographically INTJs have the most noteworthy academic IQ scores as a gathering; however intelligence is estimated on so many levels. 

Academic IQ without perseverance, compassion, and different types of knowledge will add up to close to nothing.

They’re brilliant. Truly smart

If we pose the question of “Are all INTJs intelligent?”

The answer is that, yes they are intelligent. INTJs will in general be long lasting learners who are excited gatherers of knowledge. You may discover those reading genuine books, watching narratives or conversing with the individuals who they see as their intellectual equivalents.

Their intelligence can be a double edged blade

Dodge writes that “INTJs are walking think tanks that smooth out the world”. Individuals of this uncommon personality type dominate at growing long-range procedures, planning complex frameworks that can be recreated and finding any shortcomings in foundation. 

Tragically, our society will in general underestimate issue solvers who request that we update the manner in which we get things done, on the grounds that genuine arrangements require some investment and require an agonizing momentary period. Facing a daily reality that appears to be foolish can make INTJs jaded and cynical. At work, they may feel like their actual abilities are being squandered.

INTJs just ‘know’ things

INTJs utilize their predominant capacity, independent instinct — which is their fundamental method of taking in and processing information — to frame impressions and create theories. This capacity works inactively and subconsciously, which implies INTJs frequently know something without really knowing why or how they know it. 

Therefore all INTJs are intelligent.  This outcome is inconsistent, as introverted instinct unexpectedly uncovers a thought or association with them, apparently out of the blue. According to a blogger Dr. Drenth, “the challenge for INTJs is to make an interpretation of their shapeless disclosures into more sound, communicable forms”.

They can be perfectionists

Esteeming quality and accuracy, INTJs attempt to continually build their capability. They work deliberately and efficiently on errands, and they’re regularly perfectionists with exceptionally exclusive requirements of execution for themselves as well as other people.

INTJs think critically and clearly

Individuals of this personality type will generally altogether look at information they get. They think basically and obviously, and for INTJs, the genuine test of an idea is in the event that it will work productively and adequately in a given setting. 

They are commonly very inquisitive about their general surroundings and need to know the core value behind what they see. Frequently they have ideas regarding how to accomplish something all the more effectively, and they’re more determined by results than individual emotions. After discussing whether all INTJs are intelligent we are going to discuss how other people see 

INTJ personality types?

How Do Other People See INTJ Personality Types?


An INTJ’s honesty can be deciphered in various manners by different individuals. INTJs don’t normally sugar-coat things, however they can learn in the event that they chose it’s value while part of drawing in with society. Commonly, however, they don’t see the point in sneaking around reality. They need to be straightforward and direct with their feelings, thoughts, and emotions and they need others to do likewise. 

Contingent upon the other individual’s personality type, individual inclinations, and desires this trait can be viewed as invigorating or as inconsiderate. A few people consider INTJs to be annoying, blunt, or even dreadful. Others consider INTJs to be immediate, straightforward, and down to earth. While some INTJs plan to be impolite, the vast majority of them are just persuaded by a longing to draw in with others and their general surroundings in a productive, consistent, and genuine way. Perceiving and valuing that is one stage towards warming up to an INTJ.


INTJs will in general act naturally dependent on people who invest a good measure of energy alone, the same number of self-introverts like to do. They don’t prefer to be controlled and they need to do things in their own particular manner. Others may depict them as unapproachable introverts who don’t care for others; however that is not actually what’s happening. Individuals who consider INTJs to be free and confident are a lot nearer to reality than the individuals who judge them all the more cruelly. 


All TJ personality types love effectiveness and compelling arrangements. Personality Hacker nicknamed the intellectual capacity that TJ types use as either their lead or co-pilot measure “Effectiveness” for this very explanation. Individuals watching INTJs can see this characteristic in each part of their lives. How they work, the manner in which they shop, what they decide to do in their extra time. This shouldn’t imply that all INTJs plan each and every moment of their lives, yet they are in general proficient individuals.

FAQs: Are all INTJs intelligent?

How smart are INTJs? 

INTJs might have higher IQs than other MB characters, yet the frequently show up particularly intelligent since they think before they speak, they are driven by rationale instead of enthusiasm, they don’t attempt to intrigue others in any capacity, they wouldn’t fret contending as long as the contention sticks to realities as opposed to.

Why are INTJs considered weird? 

INTJs can be viewed as unusual on the grounds that they don’t follow what others expect, and rather follow what is authentic and genuine. This can some of the time make the INTJ somewhat dull, which can unquestionably cause them to seem weird or awkward to certain individuals.

Are INTJs geniuses? 

INTJ is one of the most uncommon types, with the rarest kind of genius. It’s assessed that INTJs might be as uncommon as 1 or 2 out of 100 and some will even arrive at adulthood without having an individual association with a solitary other individual of their sort 

If all INTJs are intelligent, can they INTJs also be dumb? 

It is possible for an INTJ (or any other person besides) to need wisdom and perspective. In certain conditions such deformities could be fairly decided as dumb. … Because somebody is INTJ, doesn’t mean they’re smart. INTJ are not known for being smart, they simply have a propensities of being keen 

Are INTJs old spirits? 

INTJs are unquestionably old spirits, which may cause them to feel strange in some cases. They frequently feel associated with things which have all the more significance and profundity, and aversion to shallow games. While INTJs have profound and complex spirits, they are additionally versatile individuals. 

Are all INTJs intelligent and the most uncommon? 

In case you’re an INTJ, you’ve in all probability felt misjudged or “extraordinary” for a good aspect of your life. You’re not off-base: INTJs when all is said and done make up a little more than 2 percent of the populace and female INTJs are much more extraordinary (less than 1 percent of ladies are INTJ).

In this brief article, we answered the question “Are all INTJs intelligent?”.

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