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Attention Autism (A 5 point guide)

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The current blogspot will be based on the question “what is attention autism?”. We will discuss the aims behind attention autism. We will also learn the various stages of attention autism.

What is attention autism?

Attention autism is a learning approach developed specifically for children having autism symptoms. The attention autism program is focused on developing attention and communication skills among children with autism symptoms. The attention autism programme was developed by Gina Davies. Gina Davies is a speech therapist and language therapist. 

The attention autism program is centered around various activities that promote spontaneous and natural  communication skills among children. The activities used in the attention autism program are sensory based and utilize visual stimuli for sensory motivation of the children with autism features.

Gina Davies believed that in order to learn something, the experience has to be filled with enthusiasm, creativity and motivation for the learners. Since the attention autism program involves learning for autistic children, it tends to involve the children with autism features in activities that enable them to learn communication in ways that are dynamic, engaging and joyful.  

Attention autism is an intervention model that is focused on offering and providing an irresistible invitation to the autistic children for learning communication.

What are the main aims of attention autism?

The main objective behind attention autism is to provide the autism children with fun based learning that enables them learn communication and socialization dynamically. 

Following are the main aims of attention autism :

  • Engage attention of the autistic children
  • Improve the joint attention among autistic children
  • To develop socialization skills through group activities
  • To increase autistic children attention in adult led activities
  • To encourage spontaneity in routine interactions among the autistic children
  • To enhance learning experience in natural setting so the autistic children are better able to relate their learning environment with daily routine
  • To increase the verbal and non verbal communication skills among the autistic children
  • To enhance the vocabulary of autistic children and encourage their use of vocabulary
  • To give opportunities for fun and play to the autistic children.

What are the stages of attention autism?

Following are the 4 stages of the attention autism intervention program for the learning of autistic children:

  • The bucket of focus attention
  • The attention builder
  • Turn taking and re-engaging attention
  • Shiting and re-engaging attention

The bucket of focus attention

The bucket of focus attention is the first stage of the attention autism program. In this stage a bucket is filled by the facilitator of all the toys and objects that appear visually engaging. The aim behind this stage is to grab the shared attention of the group.

The adult facilitator shows all the items of the bucket one by one to the group of autistic children. While doing so, the adult facilitator uses simple vocabulary to comment on each object and uses repeated words. 

The adult facilitator who can be a special education teacher, a therapist or a counselor tends to schedule the first stage of the attention autism program 4-5 times a week.  They usually start by showing the toy bucket to the participants for a minute.

Once the adult facilitators of the attention autism program are able to grab the attention of the group for a whole minute, they extend the stimulus time to 2 minutes. After they are able to gain the attention of autistic children for complete 2 minutes, they go to the second stage of the attention autism program.

The attention builder

The attention builder is the second stage of the attention autism program. The adult facilitator tends to show visually stimulating activities to the group of autistic children with an underlying aim of gaining their attention for a period longer than 2 minutes. The activities involved in this stage are fun based, visually engaging and often are based on delightful sensory moments for the autistic children.

The highly appealing visually stimulating activities are used in the second stage of autism attention program with an underlying aim of building and sustaining the attention of the autistic children for a longer time period.

Following are some of the attention autism stage 2 activities:

  • Flour castles can be made out of flour instead of sand. You can make these castles easily with a bowl and dry flour. You can use any available mould to shape different areas of your castle.
  • Volcano erupting activity is a classic science experiment . It is visually engaging for the autistic children.
  • Fishbowl foam activity is done by filling a bowl with shaving foam and water. Slowly add colors to the foam and ask each child to describe the various color patterns being formed.
  • Glowing balloons are made by blowing up balloons of different colors and placing a glow stick inside each balloon. The room lights are dimmed to maximize the visual effect of the glow sticks. Hence a fun, glowing visual activity is formed for the kids.

Turn taking and re-engaging attention (Interactive game)

The adult leader introduces a simple activity that is modeled in front of the kids.after making the kids comfortable, they are invited turnwise to get engaged in the activity. Not every child of the group gets a turn so the children learn waiting patiently for their turn and regulating their emotions. 

This stage teaches children the skills of waiting, turn taking and emotional regulation.

Shiting and re-engaging attention

The last step of attention autism is based on building group play skills among autism children. The adult leader demonstrates a creative task and each of the children attempt to copy the task independently. Autistic children are able to learn group participation and collaboration as a result of this stage. The autistic children copy the fun activity and everyone in the group gets a turn to get involved and show their creative sides in front of the group.


The current blogspot focused on attention autism as a learning intervention for autistic children. We learned that attention autism is based on various sensory and stimulus based activities that gain the attention of the autsitc children and enable them to sustain their attention. We also discussed the 4 stages of attention autism.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Attention autism

What is an attention autism bucket?

An ‘attention bucket’ is a bucket full of motivating and exciting toys and gadgets which will be of high interest to the children. 

How does autism affect attention?

Some autistic children can find it difficult to pay attention to and focus on things that don’t interest them. They get easily distracted and either are too easily irritated or have an indifferent attitude towards sensory stimuli.

How often should you do Attention autism?

The aim behind autism is to gain and sustain the attention of the autistic children. In order to gain the maximum benefits, 4-5 sessions a week are recommended.

What is Bucket therapy?

Bucket therapy is an intervention program for the autistic children. It is based on autism attention. The major aim is to help the autistic children to focus and maintain their attention at a single point in time.


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