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Being Squeezed Out Of Work (top 5 tips)

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This article will take a look at how you can tell if you are being squeezed out of work and what you can possibly do. Also, the article will focus on toxic workplaces and difficult bosses that can be one of the tactics used to push an employee to leave a company or organization.

Being Squeezed Out Of Work – How Can You Tell?

Here are some signs your boss wants you out of the job:

  • Micromanagement
  • Document Everything You Do!
  • You Are Left Out Of Conversations & Plans
  • She Avoids You
  • Hiding Your Accomplishments
  • You Are No Longer Accounts Manager
  • Cutting You Off – Coworkers
  • Plans That Don’t Include You

Before we take a look at these signs in more detail let us take a look at why your boss or office may want you gone!

Why Do They Want You Gone?

There are so many reasons why someone – especially your boss – could want you gone. Firstly, you may be a threat to his own position because of your previous performance and overall great attitude towards work – not to mention your friendly and cooperative behaviour towards everyone at the office. Nonetheless, your boss may feel threatened and he will use some clever tactics to get you out!

Also, the reason could also be you. Sometimes employees are very difficult to deal with and you just can’t pinpoint the reason why – or maybe the reason is so petty it does not serve as a good enough reason to fire an employee.

Sometimes your boss or coworkers can resort to very dirty tactics or abusive ones to get you to leave the job! They can start humiliating you in front of everyone or create a toxic workplace so toxic you have no choice to leave it!

What Does Humiliation Look Like – A Toxic Workplace

Humiliation is the shame and embarrassment you feel when someone makes you appear wrong, stupid or less in some way or ther other. It is a negative experience where you experience many feelings due to what the other person does or says.

Humiliation at the workplace is frequent; it can be experienced when someone pushes you so that your coffee spills, you might be made to look stupid because your work was not up to the ‘mark’ or your embarrassing story from last year may be retold repeatedly. It can also involve your boss screaming or shouting at you for a little mistake that did not deserve such apprehension. There are many forms of humiliation but it can be driven by various motives.

Someone may want to humiliate you because they have something in it for them. Your boss may actually want you out of the job so that someone can replace you. He may even feel insecure because of you and your accomplishments and may make you want to look stupid or feel miserabke in an attempt to make you leave the company. There could be other reasons. He may not like you and that is one reason enough for many people to embarrass or humiliate others. 

Nonetheless, even if someone faces such experiences at work they need to remain calm and understand the situation. Every situation has different factors and motives involved and one should act accordingly. Nonetheless, this could be one of the ways your boss wants to squeeze you out of work!

How To Identify A Toxic Coworker?

Dealing with toxic coworkers is a draining experience that leaves you feeling exhausted and mentally incapable of doing any productive work. They will use smart tactics to keep the blame off themselves and actually revel in the misery other coworkers face sometimes with the ‘I told you so’ attitude. What exactly is the purpose of a toxic coworker is an entirely different debate – however we do know that they want to show others that they are always right and will do anything to prove their innocence or challenge the assumptions or attacks made on them.

According to most definitions, a toxic coworker is someone who engages in harmful behavior that causes damage to a company’s employees and property. This damage is not restricted to these two but can also affect customer’s satisfaction or happiness, sales and profits as well as the reputation of the business. 

These individuals may resort to such tactics because they actually want to squeeze you out of work! They will create such a toxic workplace that you have no choice but to leave your job!

Nonetheless, here are 3 ways you can identify a toxic coworker:

  • Play The Victim – Avoid Blame
  • The Talk of the Town – Gossip
  • Passive Aggressive Comments

Being Squeezed Out Of Work – How Can You Tell?

Here are some signs your boss wants you out of the job:

  • Micromanagement: Sometimes to get on your nerves your boss or coworkers might keep a check on your each and every work task. They will give you too many instructions and supervise whatever you do to the extent that it gets frustrating.
  • Document Everything You Do: This is another way to get on your nerves. They will ask you to keep track of everything – even things that seem ridiculous to track. The main reason is to make you feel miserable so that you get tired and leave the job yourself.
  • You Are Left Out Of Conversations & Plans: You will be surprised but if your office people want you gone they will leave you out of important meetings. They will give the excuse that they had to conduct the meeting in an emergency but left you a message however, for some strange reason it did not reach you. Nonetheless, they will try to keep you out of the ‘scene’ and make sure you feel it but also play innocent.
  • She Avoids You: Your boss may start avoiding you. She will stay away from your cubicle or room and come up with excuses if you keep mailing her for a meeting. This is because she either wants to make you feel unwanted or does not want to face you for the ‘strange’ happenings going on in the office. Also, she will avoid meeting you so she doesn’t have to include you in upcoming plans. Not having the chance to talk to you is the best excuse to use when you are left out of things!
  • Hiding Your Accomplishments: Your boss may push your accomplishments under the rug because they want to make you feel put down or not let others know how well you’re doing so they don’t ask questions when you have to leave. Also, your boss may need a good excuse when others ask about why you are being kept out of things – your performance may not be up to the mark and this is why she is giving you ‘time away’ so to put things straight.
  • You Are No Longer Accounts Manager: You are strppied of your job title. This may be shocking but one of the last blows your boss may give is that for some reasons you are no longer required to work in your role either because they need you for a smaller role or because someone more experienced has to take up your role to complete a certain topic. They will say this is temporary but it is likely to be something permanent. They just want to take it slow so that you don’t show a severe reaction.
  • Cutting You Off – Coworkers: It is possible your coworkers may not want you in the office either. They want to squeeze you out too! They will create a toxic workplace which will be too difficult to work in. This has already been discussed in the above sections.
  • Plans That Don’t Include You: You will be surprised when you see everyone’s names in the list that is distributing tasks or giving titles for the upcoming projects but not yours. This will not only make you sad but angry too. It is possible they tell you it was a mistake but they will delay it and make you feel the toll.


This article took a look at what signs show that your boss or coworkers want to squeeze you out of work so they no longer have to deal with you. The article also highlighted why they may want to do so. Furthermore, important topics such as toxic workplaces and humiliation at the workplace were also discussed.



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