Best Paying Jobs For INFPs (A 7 Point List)

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This article will not only list the best paying jobs for the INFP personality type from the MBTI inventory but also introduce this personality to the readers and also define their traits so a deeper understanding of their work ethic can be developed.

What Are The Best Paying Jobs For INFPs?

Here is a list of the best paying jobs for INFPs:

  • Psychologist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Architect
  • Doctor
  • Physical Therapists
  • Human Rights Attorney

Before we take a look at these jobs and why they are suitable for the INFP, also keeping in mind how well they pay, we will introduce this personality type and describe their traits too!

Who Is An INFP?

INFPs are introverted which means they tend to be very much into their thoughts and like to spend time reflecting over the many ideas they have going on in their minds. 

Well firstly, they are smart to think over things and then talk about them. When in a fight, they are more likely to avoid friction not only because they have the habit of staying quiet but also because they are people who think before they speak. This way they can actually prevent themselves from hurting the other person and making the situation worse. 

Furthermore, these individuals need time for themselves. They understand that they have to be very careful about the personal space of the other and should ensure they do not interfere too much when they are in that ‘zone’. Maybe someone who is not an introvert might not understand their need to have time alone and get even more frustrated when the other person is quiet. This will lead to an even worse situation more difficult to solve.

Sometimes expecting too much and saying what you feel may be a bad thing. People are introverts hence they operate on the same frequency and they understand that some things must be said while others not. This can prevent them from raising the bar of expectations too high and being wise enough to see when a certain topic should be discussed or not.

INFPs realize the power and beauty of imagination and dreams and this allows them to be creative and more interesting not to themselves only but to each other. How they think can become a good source of conversation for them compared to a person who senses and reacts or processes information. They would be more based on facts and not understand the fun in being so creative.

This is what INFPs give preference to in their day to day dealings and how they understand their surroundings. This is very important in helping a relationship get through. Oftentime it is not possible to rationalize things in a relationship hence one must employ the power of love, mercy and forgiveness to take things forward.

The Traits Of INFPs – What Describes Them?


INFPs are caring, nurturing and empathetic. They realize the importance of feelings and acknowledge them. Instead of sticking to the logic and rationale behind an argument or disagreement, they are more likely to forgive the other or give in due to love, mercy and patience for the other. They are the type of people to make sure the other person is not hurt because of their actions. In case they do hurt the other they will recognize it sooner and take corrective action!

Passionate Love.

Not literally but yes they do understand the value of love they have between each other. As personalities, INFPs are very passionate about what interests them whether it’s their work, an idea or project they pursue or even their loved one. The passion between such personality types keeps their love alive and interesting.

Being passionate makes it easier to keep the other person involved and happy and you feel valued hence issues like lack of interest, boredom or not focusing on your partner rarely arise in these relations if they are both involved.

Open Minded.

They do not think narrowly or in boxes nor do they like reduced options. INFPs are open minded personalities and this suits them very well. They are not insecure nor do they like forcing the other into corners. It allows them to be free and go with the flow and not worry too much about what their partner will think of them if they do something particular. It keeps both stress free and light.

Same Values.

INFPs are empathetic; they feel for people who are in pain and what to make the world a better place. They are against the cruelties and injustices that take place and want to put a stop to that. 

Having the same values makes it easier to plan for the future. You will find that your partner will take up the same activities as you do and talk about topics you believe in. This will not only keep INFPs interested in each other but they won’t find it hard to spend long hours together; time will fly by soon!

What Are The Best Paying Jobs For INFPs?

In this section we will take a look at all the jobs that are great when it comes to paying for INFPs!


This is a tough degree that needs a lot of nerve and dedication – however it pays pretty well! Especially in a time when mental health is gaining recognition quickly and people are giving it more importance; it is considered in policy making in organizations, countries and international laws. Furthermore, because of a change of lifestyle people are experiencing more and more mental health issues hence the services of this job are in quite some demand.

On top of all this, the INFP personality type is well suited for this job because it involves a quiet role where the personality type deals with patients on a one to one basis – this creates a comfortable environment for the INFP. Also, this is a great profession for the INFP because they get to help people who are in trouble – this is what the INFP lives for!

Graphic Designer

This is a quiet but interesting job that will definitely pull on the creativity of this personality type. The perceiving function will play a big role here because it allows the INFP to be creative and flexible to meet the requirements of the client.

This job role does not require much interaction with others and hence will keep the introvert at ease. And of course! This job pays very well!

Human Resource Specialist

This is another role that will make the INFP feel very passionate because they are dealing with the people or human resources of a company directly. This enables them to work for others and resolve their concerts and thus this gives them quite a lot of happiness because helping people is what INFPs do – they are awesome mediators.

This is a job that also pays very well and if you have a higher educational degree with some experience then you will definitely get a great position!


This is a job that requires a lot of focus and concentration – also, the personality type needs to be a creative one! This is why this job is great for INFPs who are introverts and cannot take too much interaction. They work with one client at a time and hence can do well here in this occupation.

This is a very high paying occupation because it involves creative designs and the element of luxury!


Becoming a doctor and being one requires the traits of an INFP – an introvert makes things easy because they have more time to think and study while having a caring aspect in one’s personality allows them to be more sincere and dedicated to their work!

Physical Therapists

This is another profession where people require caring professionals to take care of them and work on their deficiencies in an effective way!

Human Rights Attorney

Although the INFP is quiet – they are great mediators who can become assertive and offensive if someone is breaking the law and hurting another human being.


This article took a look at the best paying jobs for INFPs and why they are suitable for this personality type. Furthermore, the article took a look at the INFP personality type in detail and also highlighted why they are suited for these jobs by listing and explaining their traits.



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