What is the Bradgate Mental Health Unit?

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In this blog we present you a brief description of what the Bradgate Mental health Unit is, the services and accomodations it provides and some reviews on the Bradgate Mental health Unit.

What is the Bradgate Mental Health Unit?

The Bradgate Mental Health Unit is a mental health unit for acute admissions as well as for psychiatric intensive care units. 

The unit is overseen by the Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust and consists of seven acute admission wards and a ten-bedded male Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). 

The Bradgate Mental Health Unit has also extended with a six-bedded female PICU called the Griffin Ward, at a nearby Herschel Prins Centre.

The Bradgate Mental Health Unit provides service for people with acute mental health difficulties who are experiencing an episode of mental health crisis by providing acute psychotherapy and pharmacological treatments. 

The services extend to people who are unable to manage their lives, are experiencing dysfunction due to their mental health conditions, and are unable to be cared for or managed at home with in-house interventions and require intensive care. 

When one is admitted to the Bradgate Mental Health unit, you will most probably be allocated to one bed in the seven wards where you will be given information related to inpatient or outpatient services and oriented thoroughly. 

After being admitted you will be assigned to a consultant psychiatrist and a nurse who will be part of your multidisciplinary care team.Your team will consist of any of the following professionals specialising in psychology, occupational therapy, and social care.

These professionals will take a full assessment of your mental, physical and social needs via interviews, consultation, surveys, and questionnaires, as well as other data collecting tools. 

After getting a picture of your mental health condition, they will work with you-the patient- collaboratively to develop a care and treatment plan for your needs and recovery.

The team within the Bradgate Mental Health Unit consists of the following:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Junior doctors
  • Nurses
  • OTs
  • Therapeutic Liaison Workers
  • Healthcare Support Workers
  • Physiotherapist
  • Physical Health Nurses
  • Psychologists 
  • Speech and Language Therapists.

The Bradgate Mental Health Unit also has an involvement Centre where people can access IT, information, snacks and drinks, clothing sales, groups and to socialise. 

The infrastructure also has a gym and outside space for people for relaxation and leisure and the Bradgate Mental Health Unit is also a smoke free care as of 2016 and provides nicotine replacement therapy to patients.

The Bradgate Mental Health Unit is located at:

Glenfield Hospital,

Groby Road,




Contact info of the Bradgate Mental Health Unit includes”


(0116) 225 2650



What are the types of services and accommodations provided by the Bradgate Mental Health Unit?

According to the Care Quality Commission, the list of services and accommodations that is provided by the Bradgate Mental Health Unit include:

  • Community services – Learning disabilities
  • Community services – Mental Health
  • Community services – Substance abuse
  • Hospitals – Mental health/capacity
  • Rehabilitation (illness/injury)

Specialised care services also include:

  • Caring for adults over 65 yrs
  • Caring for adults under 65 yrs
  • Caring for children (0 – 18yrs)
  • Caring for people whose rights are restricted under the Mental Health Act
  • Dementia
  • Eating disorders
  • Mental health conditions
  • Substance misuse problems

Regulated services/activities legally required to be carried out by the Bradgate Mental Health Unit include:

  • Accommodation for persons who require nursing or personal care
  • Accommodation for persons who require treatment for substance misuse
  • Treatment of disease, disorder or injury
  • Assessment or medical treatment for persons detained under the 1983 Act
  • Diagnostic and screening procedures

What are the referral criteria for Bradgate Mental health Unit?

The referral criteria for the Bradgate Mental Health Unit include:

  • People with acute mental health problems, difficulties that are causing dysfunction in their daily lives
  • People with acute mental health issues that are experienced an episode of crisis
  • People with mental health problems that cannot be managed at home by themselves or with the support of a crisis team.
  • People who have been referred to by the crisis team
  • People who have been referred to by the assertive outreach, the community forensic team People who are being  referred under a section of the Mental Health Act. Tel: 0300 300 1010 (professional use only).

All referrals are gate kept by the crisis team of the Bradgate Mental Health Unit unless the individuals are detained or open to the forensic or assertive outreach teams. 

The Referrals are then moved into the bed management team that are based at the Bradgate Mental Health Units- it is then the process of onboarding takes place where the individuals are placed in any of the seven wards. 

Reviews on the Bradgate Mental health Unit

The reviews on the Bradgate Mental health unit has been observed to be on the decline. Inspection by the Quality Care Commision provided Community & mental health inspection reports for The Bradgate Mental Health Unit which has been documented and can be found at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.

The inspection reports prior to late 2013 were found to be fairly positive with suggestions by partners for improvement and services.

Here is an inspection report by the Quality Care Commision of the Inspection carried out on 4, 17 July 2013

“...Overall patients we spoke with gave positive comments about the staff and the delivery of care. We saw some patients’ daily records giving relevant information about the patient�s mental health, behaviour and activities they had been involved in. Overall we found the quality of care plans varied greatly and were not up to date and accurate. We found patients discharge from hospital was often delayed because of insufficient sharing of information and cooperation with other teams and agencies to ensure the patient had a safe discharge.Two patients told us: The care is good, the staff look after you well.The meals are brilliant and there are always plenty of snacks available between meals.A patient whose first language was not English told us that staff were polite and kind but wouldn know who to complain to nor knew about advocate services.”

However, the inspection carried out by Quality Care Commision in late 2013- specifically on dates 9, 24, 25, 26, 27 September 2013 were far from positive. 

The report states:

“…The trust had failed to take proper steps to ensure that care records contained appropriate information to meet the needs of the patients. The trust had also failed to plan and deliver care that met the physical health needs of patients in their care.

The trust had also failed to take proper steps to make sure suitable arrangements had been made in respect of patients discharges.”

The investigations also noted that while there does seem to be improvements with regard to the professionals involved, however this did not seem to have much impact in action:

“Staff told us that planning for patients’ discharge had improved but there was still work to do to get this right. Patients told us they felt more involved in their care but they were concerned about arrangements in place for their leave and potential loss of bed upon their return.

Over all, user reviews on Google reviews by patients of Bradgate Mental health unit at the time of this blog being written, on average, 2.7 stars out of 5- which is not very encouraging. 

Some reviews by individuals and patients of the Bradgate Mental health unit were far from positive.

One of the most recent reviews at the time of this blog being written was by Google user Ruadhan Gee who had a very negative expeinceing during the beginning of the pandemic- 2019 when they sought out the services of the unit. Gree wrote:

“I have been an outpatient since 2017, since then(and all before the beginning of the pandemic) I had a total of 9 appointments cancelled, allowing a wait of two years between psych appointments. I had started a therapy and didn’t get on with it, went to my psych and told them that and was told I had been referred to a different type of therapy. Since the start of the pandemic my appointments have been kept to, but I have now asked 4 times on the status of my referral to be told they’re not sure if I’ve even been referred anywhere. I have asked for written confirmation whatever the circumstances and been promised it twice with no such confirmation. If I could afford private therapy I would have done it years ago. I haven’t been able to work for 5 years now, nearly my entire adult life. I understand the nhs mental health services are severely underfunded, but I have been handled without care, organisation or humanity(bar one very kind assessor)”

Another user Lewis Spiers wrote that there was no care showed by the professionals and also was profoundly affected by the lack of consistent care. 

“Was under their care for a couple years. First Doctor disappeared without patients being informed, the second one discharged me for not taking meds even though I needed help remembering things such as taking meds and falsified the discharge reasons to say they’d exhausted the options (they still had at least 2 left.) now I’m stuck waiting to get back in, with no access to the medication at all.”

“The health care professional I was seen by looked and acted completely uninterested and clearly had no desire to help. There was no effort to establish a rapport. A sandwich was offered by another nurse who clearly cared but the quality of care and advice was just horrendous. A complete waste of time.”

According to a more detailed review by Hannah Powell, the poor service seems to be due to lack of funding that has caused long waitlist, poor communication, and poor service however mentions that the staff nurses and caregivers were helpful and kind overall. 

“Overall: the staff were wonderful, but the service is clearly lacking funding and capacity. Long wait lists and poor communication. It is a shame because staff probably have to deal with a lot of complaints of things not under their control.

The Bradgate ADHD Service has been a mixed bag. It took over a year for me to be given my first appointment following my initial referral, it would have been nice to at least receive something to say they had received my referral and how long I could expect to wait. Once I did get seen the process was an initial meeting with an ADHD specialist. I’d advise to turn up very early if you don’t know where the unit is because it was a long walk from where I parked. I was then sent another appointment for the following month during which I had to complete a more detailed questionnaire and received my diagnosis. At this point, care was handed over to the titration nurses to help me find the right type and dose of medication.

I was called by the clinic each month to review medication and all of the titration nurses were very friendly. After a few months I was put into the care of Fran who assured me that he alone would be my point of contact from then on. He has been extremely friendly, helpful and understanding. He has helped me to find the correct medication by explaining each of the options clearly and allowing me to find one that suited me best, he advised me of anything to be concerned about, sent me information and booked telephone appointments with me so I knew when to expect follow up calls.”


In this blog we presented you a brief description of what the Bradgate Mental health Unit is, the services and accomodations it provides and some reviews on the Bradgate Mental health Unit.


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