Bubbly personality (What are they like?)

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This blog post will explore what a bubbly personality is and the various characteristics of a bubbly personality.

We will also briefly discuss what personality is and how one can go about developing bubbly personality traits. 

What is a Bubbly Personality?

There is no official definition to what a bubbly personality is because there is no official  personality type categorised as “bubbly”.

A bubbly personality is a term that is used to describe the personality traits of an individual who is primarily optimistic, happy, caring, and joyful. 

According to Urban Dictionary, Bubbly personality refers to someone one who is generally full of high spirits; lively; animated; excited and enthusiastic.

They tend to be really happy and Perky. It is generally regarded as an adjective to describe someone who is happy and has a lot of energy. 

A genuinely bubbly person tends to be someone who is observed to be excited, happy, joyfull, and enthusiastic in terms of their behaviour towards other people and the world around them. They tend to be talkative, sociable, and outgoing. 

Bubbly individuals also tend to be caring of others and enthusiastic to share their joy with other people. They also strive to form relationships with people and tend to be extroverted and excited to share information with those around them.

They also tend to be extremely optimistic about their future, the world, and other people and seem to see challenges as something to learn from and grow from. 

They also tend to be quick in accepting the reality of their lives and learn to adapt well to changes and new situations with determination as they are more forward thinking and optimistic. 

It is also widely assumed that someone with a bubbly personality might not be bubbly all the time and they do recognize the negative and painful situations in life. They might even cover up their struggles and use their outgoing nature to always have people around them. 

However, a truly bubbly individual is someone who takes a look at their challenges, accepts them, and works hard with the skills they have and have learned to cope with and manage these challenges. 

They tend to have inner peace and this particular inner peace reflects out of them in the form of joy and care for everyone around them with a deep understanding and authenticity. 

What is Personality?

While there is no single agreed upon definition of persistent, with each theories or theory of personality giving different definition, it is widely understood that personality refers to the cognitive, emotional, and behavioural patterns of an individual that impacts how we view yourself, others, and the beliefs we hold about others and the world we live in.

The American Psychological Association also puts forward another apt description of personality- Personality refers to the patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that are unique and characteristic to an individual that sets them apart from other people. 

All in all personality refers to the most noticeable or observable parts of an individual’s psychological life and it refers to how their mental system operates. 

According to Warren and Carmichael, it involves the “entire mental organisation of a human being at any stage of development.” 

According to them, personality is the result of every developmental phase of human character that has been built over the course of one’s life. These characteristics include: intellect, temperament, skill, morality, and attitude.

According to Mayer, another personality psychologist, personality refers to “An individual’s pattern of psychological processes arising from motives, feelings, thoughts, and other major areas of psychological function.”

According to Mayer, the expression of personality is through the body, and also present  in mental processes of thoughts and feelings and also through the individual’s social behaviour.

What are the characteristics of a Bubbly personality?

Some of the characteristics of someone who has a bubbly personality include:

Friendly with everyone.  

Someone who is a bubbly personality is often observed to be friendly and happy to interact with everyone they come across including strangers. 

They tend to be excited to strike up a conversation and ask after the well being of other people and also be helpful and supportive irrespective of their mood. 

They are also open to new experiences and new people which makes them easy to approach and is generally seen as friendly.

They tend to get too excited

A persona who is bubbly tends to be someone who is easily excited about many things- from small issues to big events. 

They tend to be excited and enthusiastic especially when these opportunities allow them to socialise, try new things, and meet new people. 

They are genuinely excited and enthusiastic about these things that they come across and it is often seen by their positive and motivated responses to these events and issues. 

Very sociable

It is very easy to notice a bubbly personality in a crowd because they tend to be extroverted and sociable. They like being part of a crowd and often tend to be the centre of attention because of their outgoing and humorous nature. 

They are often people who love socialising and do so with anyone- irrespective of age, gender, etc- with the sole purpose of sharing their joy and enthusiasm. 

Tend to be happy all the time

Bubbly personalities tend to be happy all the time and they are usually seen with a lightness in their steps and a smile on their faces. 

Oftentimes this joy is infectious and might influence others to also adopt a similar disposition and this makes them wonderful people to be around. 

Motivated to work for their goals

Bubbly individuals also tend to be extremely enthusiastic and motivated about their own goals. Because they are optimistic about their future, their lives, and the world they tend to keep their dreams alive by working hard towards their goals and themselves. 

They are extremely driven and tend to also inspire other people by their infectious energy which makes them great project partners. 

Mistaken for being ignorant

Because they tend to always be happy and lucky, bubbly individuals are oftentimes mistaken to be ignorant about the realities of the world. 

In some cases this might be true but in most cases, when individuals are genuinely bubbly and happy, they tend to choose to be happy in spite of the realities of this world because they realise that negatively will not lead them anywhere. 


They tend to be extremely humorous and often tend to look at the funny side of things which makes them very comedic. This is also because of their tendency to share joy and happiness which makes them put effort in using humour in the way they see the world and how they interact with it. 

They share their energy with others 

They often share their enthusiasm and their energy with other people in part because they want the fun to continue as well as a service for people who are unable to do the same. 

They use their optimism and humour as a way to see the good in situations and help others change their perspectives in the same way as well. 


They tend to see the good in every individual and every situation. This is often done either as an unconscious way they see the world or it is also an acquired perspective based on their optimism. 

This optimistic view is what keeps them motivated, happy, and also gives them the energy to also instil the same in other people. 

How does one develop a bubbly personality?

If you are interested in developing similar ways of behaving, thinking, and interacting with the world as someone who is a bubbly personality would; here are a few things you can do:

Think about why you want to change in the first place. Make a note of what your current personality style affects your life. Make sure that you are clearly driven to make your situation in life better, healthier, and it is an effort to improve your well-being. 

Spend time with someone who is truly bubbly and try to understand what makes them so and why they tend to be optimistic, sociable, helpful. Understanding why they do  it or what makes them be the way they are can also help you understand whether this is what you want for yourself. 

Once you are clear about why and want to proceed with becoming more bubbly or imbibing the characteristics of a more bubbly personality; you can make  few lifestyle changes such as:

  • Develop a sense of gratitude towards yourself, others, and the world by gratitude journaling or expressing gratitude towards others. 
  • Learn how to be self compassionate by allowing yourself to be, avoiding judgement and critical self-talk. 
  • Spend time going what you love and imbibe the positive emotions that come with it- this also means choosing a career that gives you joy and satisfaction. 
  • Develop positive relationships that are meaningful and that which gives you a sense of purpose, and meaning. 
  • Learn how to appreciate the dinner details in life and take stock of the beauty around you. 
  • Set goals that are realistic, measurable, and do-able and maintain routines that allow you to meet these goals and rewards yourself for these achievements. 
  • Try new things and open yourself to new experiences and new people. 

Learn how to think positively by challenging negative and irrational thoughts and beliefs while also reflecting on more positive and adaptive values and attitudes, 


This blog post has explored what a bubbly personality is and the various characteristics of a bubbly personality.

We have also briefly discussed what personality is and how one can go about developing bubbly personality traits. 

FAQ related to Bubbly personality

Is a bubbly personality good?

There is no personality type that is good or bad. However, because a bubbly personality ibied characteristics that meet the various criteria for what looks like a happy persona- it is a desirable personality. 

Can introverts be bubbly?

INtroverts can also be bubbly however the only difference from an extroverted bubbly type of person is that an introverted who is bubbly might show the characteristics of her bubbly personality only when surrounded by trusted friends and may also take more time being alone to recharge after socialising. 

What is a happy personality?

A happy personality is one that is Sociable and expressive, enthusiastic love to laugh and have fun. They tend to have more positive emotions, self-acceptance, and purpose in life

Can a man be bubbly?

Because of gender stereotypes, bubbly personality is usually attributed to women however personality types cannot be gendered so even a man can be bubbly in the way they interact with themselves, others, and the world around them.


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