Can you request a therapist on BetterHelp? (+3 Online Therapy Tips)

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This blogpost will answer if you can request a therapist on BetterHelp for your therapy sessions. We will also be explaining how you can find your own therapist in this platform. Furthermore, we will be listing some of the things that you need to keep in mind while choosing your therapist. Finally, some tips for online therapy will be highlighted.

Can you request a therapist on BetterHelp?

Yes, you can request a therapist on BetterHelp. While the platform uses a very smart algorithm to match the user with a compatible therapist, individuals can still choose to select their own therapists using the therapist directory. They can also request the platform to choose another therapist for them by contacting the support team.


How to choose your therapist on BetterHelp?

 To choose your own therapist on BetterHelp, you can follow the various steps provided below.

  • You can go to the BetterHelp website and log in to your account
  • On the web page, scroll down to the bottom and click on ‘Find a Therapist’ option
  • In the next step enter your location through your area code
  • BetterHelp will immediately show you 20 therapists from whom you can choose the provider you want to work with
  • If you want to see more options, click on the refresh button of your browser

Things to consider while looking for a therapist

One of the most important factors that determine the effectiveness of your therapy sessions is the relationship between the client and the therapist. Some things to consider when you are looking for a therapist have been summarized below.

Think about your therapy goals

Before starting your hunt for the right therapist, it may be a good idea to sit down and check what your goals for therapy are. These goals need to be realistic and achievable in nature. When you have set goals for yourself, the therapist part becomes easy. You need to understand if your therapist is the right person to help you meet these goals.

Check the age factor

Therapists come in all ages and age groups and not everyone looks like Sigmund Freud. You need to understand which age group you work with the best. Some people like to work with therapists who are many years older to them, while others may prefer someone who is the same age as them or even someone much younger.

Check the gender factor

The gender factor is also very important to consider while choosing your therapist. While some prefer the same gender, others may prefer the opposite gender. Still some may look for non-binary therapists who do not conform to any gender stereotypes.

Does religion matter?

Religion and faith can be a factor while choosing a therapist if you feel strongly about the same. While it is against professional ethics for therapists to impose their religious beliefs on clients, some therapists create a smart balance between their therapy and faith. A great example of this is Christian counseling which combines psychotherapy with Christian beliefs.

Licensing is a must

A necessary thing to consider in a therapist is licensing. In fact, this is one of the most fundamental factors. When a therapist is licensed, it means that they are well-equipped and knowledgeable enough to cater to a wide variety of mental and emotional issues. This also means that your therapist is legally obliged to respect your privacy and protect your identity.

See if insurance is available

Another important aspect to consider is insurance coverage. Not all therapists accept insurance coverage, mainly due to the large amount of paperwork that comes with it. If affordability is an issue, you can also try looking for a sliding scale therapist who does not always charge for the entire hour.

Tips for online therapy

Online therapy is fairly new and many would have heard of such a feature only after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. While online therapy aims to make the process of therapy itself much easier and simpler, it can be tricky to maneuver for those who are new to it. Some tips to help new users of online therapy have been described in the points below.

Create your own space for therapy

Online therapy saves you the trouble of leaving the house to go to the therapist’s office for your session. However, a therapist’s office can give you the required solitude and peace that is necessary for effective therapy. To create the same feel at home, you can dedicate a special zone for your therapy needs in your living room, bedroom or even somewhere outside.

Check your devices

Online therapy requires a good amount of technology and devices. These need to be in perfect working condition for you to have the most effective therapy. You can also do a test run of these before your therapy session so that you are not disturbed by technical errors or glitches. You can also invest in a high-speed internet connection to increase the quality of your video sessions.


Maintain eye contact

Eye contact is an important part of the communication process. While in a video session for your therapy, it can be difficult to maintain eye contact. To mimic a more natural eye contact, you can practice looking directly into the camera lens. It also helps if you turn off your selfie view.


This blogpost has answered if you can request a therapist on BetterHelp for your therapy sessions. We have also explained how you can find your own therapist on this platform. Furthermore, we have listed some of the things that you need to keep in mind while choosing your therapist. Finally, some tips for online therapy were highlighted.

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