Can you take cbd oil with citalopram?

Can you take cbd oil with citalopram?

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This post will be based on the question Can you take cbd oil with citalopram? We will discuss the various effects of taking cbd oil with citalopram on our bodies and on our physical and psychological health.

cbd oil with citalopram : can you take it?

Cbd oil is an acronym for cannabidiol oil. Cannabidiol oil is an oil that is derived from the cannabis plant. The cannabidiol oil is a type of cannabinoid that comes naturally from the marijuana plants. 

The source of Cannabidiol oil is mrjuiana plant that makes it use controversial. There are myths that since marijuana is a source of addiction and cannabis is often used for recreational purposes, the Cannabidiol oil could also be harmful for health.

The cbd oil is extracted in the form of oil and powder from the marijuana plant and is mixed with various creams or gels for its use.

Citalopram on the other hand is the antidepressant drug that is often prescribed for its low side effects. It is based on selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Citalopram is known for reducing the depressive features related to mood and physical activity along with sleep and appetite among the individuals.

The use of cannabidiol oil along with citalopram is not much appreciated by the health advisors. The cbd oil can result in accumulation of the serotonin levels in the brain as it is based on marijuana and cannabis that have a tendency to alter the efficacy of the antidepressant drugs. So despite the various effects that cbd oil is known to have on mental health, it is usually not advisable to take cbd oil along citalopram.

What are the effects of cbd oil on the human body?

The cbd oil from marijuana plants is known to have positive effects on the physical and mental health of humans. It is known for the following effects:

  • Antianxiety effect of Cbd oil
  • Anti seizure effect of cbd oil
  • Neuro protection as an effect of CBD oil
  • Cbd oil for cancer treatment
  • Cbd oil for acne 
  • Cbd oil and pain relief
  • Antianxiety effect of Cbd oil

The cbd oil is known to have anti anxiety effects. The cbd oil decreases the anxiety levels by reducing the levels of stress, decreasing the physiological symptoms of anxiety, enhancing sleep quality and improving symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.

Cbd oil tends to enable the individual to manage anxiety. In a research study it was concluded that cbd oil  changes the brain receptors response to the serotonin in the body. 

Yet another study confirmed that cbd oil is a good source for improvement in the symptoms of social anxiety among individuals.

  • Anti seizure effect of cbd oil

Cbd oil is for long known for its anti seizure effect. The cbd oil has been associated for long for treating the epilepsy associated symptoms. A research study concluded that cbd oil reduces the number of seizures among epileptic children.

Yet another research study established the effects of cbd oil for reducing the number of seizures among the epileptic patients. When the cbd oil tablets were given to the patients of epilepsy already taking their anti seizure drugs, it was concluded that anti seizure medicine along with cbd oil significantly reduced the number of seizures as compared to the anti seizure medicines alone.

  • Neuro protection as an effect of CBD oil

The neuroprotective qualities of cbd oil make it effective to reduce the negative effects of neurodegenerative disorders like alzhiemers, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and stroke.

Thus the cbd oil prevents the nerves from degeneration by reducing the inflammation of the brain parts that leads to degeneration.

  • Cbd oil for cancer treatment

The cbd oil is effectively used to curb the cancer cell growth. It has been associated to improve the individual health conditions that occur as a result of cancer symptoms and cancer treatment.

The cbd oil tends to change the reproduction mechanism of the cancer cells and moderates the inflammation in various parts of the body. The full mechanism of anti cancer properties of cbd oil and the effect on reducing the negative effects related to cancer treatment has not yet been endorsed by the National Cancer Institute.

  • Cbd oil for acne 

Cbd oil has been associated to decrease the acne based skin problems. A research study established that cbd oil prevented the sebaceous glands from activity and thus reduced the acne by controlling the amount of sebum being produced by the sebaceous glands in skin.

  • Cbd oil and pain relief

The pain relief that results from cbd oil has been associated to aid healing from arthritis, chronic pain, MS pain, muscle pain and spinal cord injuries. The anti inflammation properties of the cbd ol help in facilitating the users with pain relief advantages of cbd oil.

Nabiximols , a drug known for multiple sclerosis pain is based on cbd oil as its main ingredient.

What are the effects of cbd oil combined with citalopram on your body?

Besides the helpful effects of cbd oil and the advantages it has known to produce on human health, it is not recommended to use cbd oil with citalopram. The use of cbd oil in interaction with citalopram has the tendency to disturb the efficacy of the citalopram as an antidepressant.

Further the use of cbd oil has  not been approved by the food and drug regulatory authority. The cbd oil may produce many advantages for the physical and psychological well being of individuals but its supply and distribution is not regulated by the food and drug regulatory authority. This makes the cbd oil a less reliable treatment option as the nature of cbd oil may be concentrated or diluted as per the seller. 

Alongside, combining cbd oil with citalopram can have adverse effects on the liver that can hinder the metabolic process of citalopram in our body. 


The current article was based on the question “can you take cbd oil with citalopram?”. We learned that cbd oil is considered effective for the pain relief and anti anxiety properties. But no medical evidence suggests its efficiency to enhance the medicinal benefits of citalopram. As a matter of fact, it is advisable to not use cbd oil oil in combination with citalopram.

Frequently asked questions : can you take cbd oil with citalopram

Is it OK to take CBD oil with antidepressants?

It is not ok to take cbd oil with antidepressants as the cbd oil disturbs the absorption and metabolism of antidepressant drugs in the body.


What should you not take with citalopram?

The following should not be taken with citalopram:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Lithium
  • Amphetamines
  • Migraine medicines


Does CBD oil affect serotonin levels?

The cbd oil does not affect the serotonin levels directly. It tends to affect the neuro receptors that are related to the serotonin levels in the body.


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