CBT triangle worksheet (Top 3)

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This page will provide you with some effective worksheets to help people develop an awareness of how the CBT triangle works in their life. 

These worksheets are designed to help them identify patterns of behavior, thoughts and feelings that are maladaptive and also teach them strategies with which they can cope and restructure their beliefs. 

Some of these worksheets have been created by us while others have been curated from reputable third-party websites.

What are CBT triangle Worksheets?

CBT triangle worksheets are based on the cognitive behavioural theory and are used in and out of sessions. 

These worksheets are designed to help individuals reshape their cognitions to modify their behaviours and their perceptions of their experiences.

These worksheets help clients to develop an awareness of how their thoughts, emotions,and behaviours interact and are influenced by underlying beliefs of themselves, others, and the world. 

They help individuals adopt healthier patterns of thinking, feelings, and desirable responses to external events.

What is the CBT triangle?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is a well-researched method of psychotherapy used to assess and treat mental health disorders and issues. 

The theory of CBT posits that changing one’s beliefs and attitudes would be the one thing a person can do to change their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to be more healthy. 

The cognitive triangle is a diagram that shows the interactional relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behavior. It shows us how our thoughts change the way we feel which in turn has an impact on our actions which affect our thoughts and so on. 

The triangle also indicates that this cycle cannot be broken without proper intervention starting with building an awareness of  the connection between feelings, thoughts, and actions as this awareness can help change some of our behaviors and thoughts.

Let us take a look at some worksheets that are centered around CBT and the CBT triangle.

CBT triangle psychoeducation worksheet

The CBT triangle psychoeducational worksheet is one of the first worksheets that are presented to help a person in their journey towards recovery and healing. 

You can access this worksheet here

What does this worksheet do?

The CBT triangle worksheet is a psychoeducational handout that is designed to educate a person about the triangle and the international relationship between one’s thoughts, feelings and behaviour. 

This worksheet allows the client to engage with the triangle by reflecting on one’s own life escarpines and the subsequent thought, feeling and behaviour that emerged as a result.

How will this worksheet help?

This worksheet is effective in helping people develop an awareness of the interaction between one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. 

It can teach a person how their thoughts can impact their mood and subsequently lead them to behave in various ways distracted by their thoughts and moods.

This worksheet also allows people to learn of their own patterns as it also invites them to use personal experiences on the worksheet. 

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet you need to think of an event and how this particular event- negative event- impacted you. 

Use the educational content that has been provided to understand how you reacted to the event in terms of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. 

Write down your thoughts and emotions as a reaction to this event, and the behaviors that came after the thoughts and emotions. 

MAke sure that you also include the thoughts and emotions that came after you acted it out. 

Let this be a process that gives you an awareness of how you tend to react to certain events and situations in your life. 

CBT triangle coping and processing worksheet

Now that you have some understanding of how the CBT triangle works, let us look at how you can apply it to copy and process your experiences with the CBT triangle coping and processing worksheet. 

You can download this worksheet from here

What does this worksheet do?

The worksheet enables individuals to figure out errors and unhealthy patterns in their thinking which encourages them  to modify their behavior and adopt more healthy and desirable behavior. 

How will this worksheet help?

This worksheet invites individuals to practice dealing with the unpleasant situations by visualizing the event and then, identifying their thoughts, feelings, and the behavior surrounding the event.

This worksheet also helps people reshape their cognitions on the event by inviting them to challenge their own thoughts and look into their own feelings objectively thus, helps them reshape their beliefs and produce more helpful behaviours.

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, you will have to take some time to reflect on a negative event that you might have experienced or an event that you might face later. 

Take the time to reflect on how you’d think in that moment, feel, and behave. 

Note it down and then, take a look at the last section and make an effort to evaluate your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour and also consider an alternate way of dealing with this situation.

Write down a new healthier strategy to respond to an event similar to what has been explored. 

Diamond Connection CBT Worksheet

Now, another layer to developing an awareness of yourself also includes noticing where you are feeling your reaction to a certain external event. 

The diamond connection CBT worksheet is one such that also takes body sensation into consideration. 

You can access this worksheet from here

What does this worksheet do?

Diamond connection CBT worksheet enables individuals to restructure their cognitive beliefs related to an event to produce a more adaptive and positive response. 

This worksheet allows individuals to make note of their thoughts, feelings, behaviour, and  body sensations in response to an event.

How will this worksheet help?

This worksheet can help a person develop a deep awareness of how they respond to various stimuli.

Developing an awareness of not just one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviour but also one’s body and how it reacts to a situation that is stress inducing can be a path to reorienting oneself to healthier patterns.

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet you need to reflect on an event that causes distress or stress with mindful awareness that this is just a reflective exercise. 

Take a moment to note down how you feel and where you feel it in your body, make sure you note how your body reacts to the situation. 

Take a note of your thoughts and behaviours too, let this exercise be one that instills awareness. 

The ABC of CBT Worksheet

This is another strategy of evaluating our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours towards a specific event or situation. 

You can access this worksheet form here

What does this worksheet do?

This worksheet is based on the REBT ABC model of cognitive behavioural therapy. It invites a person to evaluate their thoughts by taking notice of one’s behaviour and emotions that might be causing distress. 

It enables a person to reflect on a behaviour or emotion, the event that occurred, and the belief that has been held that resulted in that behavior and emotions. 

How will this worksheet help?

This worksheet, when used with positive intent can help a person structure long held, maladaptive beliefs that have negatively impacted their lives. 

It enables a person to challenge these beliefs and consider alternative beliefs and perspectives related to the event and come up with action steps to resolve the situation. 

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, you begin with reflecting on an event that has caused you to behave a certain way or feel negative emotions. 

You think take a moment to explore the why or that behaviour and emotion- to explore the belief that you hold. 

Next you dispute this belief, which is often irrational or unrealistic, with evidence that speaks contrary or proves contrary to what you believe in.

The worksheet also provides you some questions to ask yourself to dispute your beliefs and these irrational thoughts. 

Make note of your answers to these questions and also make note of an alternate choice of action that you can try the next time you face a challenge similar. 

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