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Cerebral Narcissist (A 5 point guide)

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The current blogspot will be based on the question “who is a cerebral narcissist?”. We will discuss the various aspects of cerebral narcissists. We will  also learn the important characteristics of cerebral narcissists.

Who is a cerebral narcissist?

A cerebral narcissist is a type of narcissist that tends to indulge their narcissistic trends by acting smart and indulging their intellect. Their primary gain from exerting their power is to gain attention and grandiosity. 

The cerebral narcissists have a need to increase their intellectual abilities for gaining and achieving more validation from people around them. 

They strongly believe that being intellectually smart is another way of looking smart and brilliant in front of other people and being in the limelight. They dwell in their own belief of being the smartest in the environment that they live in. 

The cerebral narcissist believes that they can make a stronger impression on other people by flaunting their intellectual abilities during conversations with other people. They often use complicated terms, logics and facts to prove people around them wrong. 

Cerebral narcissits often tend to believe that other people around them are stupid and ignorant hence they ensure to prove the people around them as less intelligent and less smart then themselves.

The cerebral narcissist often forms relations with people whom they believe are of the same intellect as theirs or are more smart than themselves.

What are the symptoms of cerebral narcissism?

The symptoms of cerebral narcissists are as follows:

  • High sense of self 
  • Grandiosity
  • Increased self esteem
  • An increased need of approval and admiration
  • Need for reassurance from others
  • Preoccupation with power
  • Heightened feelings of self love
  • Fantasies about being famous and influential 
  • An exaggerated belief in one’s skills and talent
  • A high need for accomplishment
  • Irrational view of real self

What are the prominent characteristics of a cerebral narcissist?

The following are the prominent characteristics of a cerebral narcissist:

  • Ego
  • Intelligence
  • Enhanced drive to be powerful
  • Low sexual motivation
  • Receive validation by outsmarting others
  • Lack of empathy
  • Pretentious


The cerebral narcissist has a high sense of ego. They believe themselves to be the smartest. They find it difficult to tolerate people who are smarter than themselves. They feel safest in believing that everybody around them is less intellectual. They take a high sense of pride in themselves and try to gain maximum attention from other people by showing off their intellectual abilities.


Showing off one’s intellectual abilities and gaining attention is a major characteristic of cerebral narcissists. They rely on their intellectual abilities to gain more attention and seek approval and enjoy a sense of power from people around them. 

They often maintain their high intellect through updating their database and adding to their logical and factual information.

They try to overpower other people by their upgraded database of knowledge and intellect. They prove themselves as know it all as the people around them are naive to the facts and logics that they know.

The cerebral narcissists try their best to dominate others and keep an upper hand by proving the people around them wrong in every intellectual argument. 

Enhanced drive to be powerful

The cerebral narcissist has an increased drive to be powerful and exerting. They strongly believe that they deserve to be in power. Hence they expect other people to be obliged to them. The cerebral narcissists have a low tolerance level for people who show defiance to their commands and instructions.

Their enhanced drive for power and control often results in conflict in relationships. They are unable to reciprocate the emotional needs in relationships.

Low sexual motivation

The cerebral narcissists usually have a low sexual motivation in life. Since they consider all the people around them to be stupid and less intellectual, as a result it is humiliating for them to get associated with people less smart then themselves for any physical relations.

As a result the cerebral narcissists would rely more on mastrubation for gaining pleasure than to engage with people less smart and less intellectual than themselves for having sexual pleasures.

Receive validation by outsmarting others

The cerebral narcissist people usually outsmart other people and leave them in surprised feelings as they provide facts and logics to explain their views. Such people always look for ways to include in their conversations the names of authors, books , new and cutting edge ideas.

They are able to intimidate the surrounding people as they talk in a logical manner and use technical terms that prove their intellect. People often are left with glazed eyes by their outstanding ways of discussing ideas and they receive appreciation of their brilliant intelligence quite often.

Lack of empathy

Usually the cerebral narcissist has a low sense of empathy and regard for other people. They are less compassionate about what might be disturbing for others. They usually believe people around them as stupid and low in intellect as compared to themselves.

They usually have a superiority complex that disturbs their social skills and enables them to look down on everyone around them.


The cerebral narcissists are usually snobby and elitist. They have a tendency to brag about literally everything that they do in life. They present an exaggerated view of their feelings and experiences.  

For example a cerebral narcissist will mock the people around them for shopping from a low economy brand or wearing old fashioned clothes.

What are the causes of cerebral narcissism?

The causes of cerebral narcissism are as follows :

  • Environmental causes
  • Genetic causes
  • Neurobiology

Environmental causes

The environmental causes of cerebral narcissism explain the cause to be the discord and conflict in the parent child relationships as a major cause behind the cerebral narcissism. The frequent incidents of  negative evaluations, low appreciation, discouragement and criticisms are the leading factors that result in cerebral narcissism.

Genetic causes

The genetic causes of cerebral narcissism explain the cause of cerebral narcissism to be the result of inherited characteristics of narcissism for parents in their children.


The neurobiological causes of cerebral narcissism link the brain, thoughts and behavior to determine the lifestyle patterns and characteristics of people with cerebral narcissism. 

How to deal with cerebral narcissists in daily routine?

The cerebral narcissists are people that are difficult to please. While being in a relationship with a cerebral narcissist remember the following points:

  • Try your best to not get engaged in intellectual talks with the cerebral narcissists as that makes them feel insecure and uncomfortable
  • Try not to internalize the snobby intellect of your partner who has some major characteristics of cerebral narcissism.
  • At the workplace, avoid engaging a lot with the cerebral narcissist and let them continue their work unless you know that they are doing the work right.
  • Being friends with people with cerebral narcissism the key is to accept the fact that they love showing you down and proving themself right, hence adopt a forgiving nature and accept it as their habit instead of internalizing whatever they say.


The current blogspot focused on the qualities and characteristics of people with cerebral narcissism. We learned the various causes of cerebral narcissism. We also discussed the ways to deal with people suffering from cerebral narcissism in our daily life relations like office, friendships and romantic relations.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Cerebral Narcissist

Can a cerebral narcissist change?

Change in cerebral narcissism is difficult but possible. They are able to modify their behavior patterns by helping them understand why their dynamics are disturbing for others and thus psychoeducating them with alternate behaviors that are easy to adopt.

What is wrong with a narcissist brain?

The brain of narcissistic people has structural malformations in regions of the brain that are linked to empathy and kindness in relating to other people,

What are the 4 types of narcissism?

The 4 types of narcissism are :

Grandiose narcissist
Vulnerable narcissist
Communal narcissist
Malignant Narcissist 

What is intellectual narcissism?

The intellectual narcissism makes people believe in themselves as being highly intellectual and develop a superiority complex. The intellectual narcissists believe other people to be stupid and less intellectual then them. They often have a grandiose view of their intellectual abilities.





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