Communication worksheets for couples (Top 3)

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This page will provide you with some effective worksheets to help people in relationships communicate effectively and help build healthy relationships. 

Some of these worksheets have been created by us while others have been curated from reputable third-party websites.

What are Communication worksheets for couples?

Communication worksheets for couples are designed to help couples learn how to communicate effectively. 

These worksheets can be used separately or couples can work on them together as a relationship building exercise. The worksheet can help individuals be more clear as they express themselves to each other as well as learn how to listen and understand the partners. 

Why is communication important for couples?

Communication is an important issue in any relationship, especially romantic relationships. Effective communication can help couples share their feelings, express their opinions, set expectations which can help the couple grow and move forward.

Communication skills that are effective can help couples learn about each other and gain sight into each other’s attitudes and values which can be an important part of how partners in a relationship grow to love. 

Effective communication also helps to  avoid misunderstandings and also clear expectations within the couple. It can help set clear boundaries and  enrich the relationship by having open communication that allows for effective expression and understanding.

Effective communication skills for couples Worksheet

What does this worksheet do?

This worksheet has been designed with the intention to help couples communicate effectively by using effective communication skills like empathy, open mindedness etc. 

This worksheet has scenarios and prompts with skills that you can reflect on and develop effective responses to use in the relationship.

How will this worksheet help?

This worksheet helps create awareness of what are some effective skills to use when communicating with one’s partner. 

By developing this awareness and using the prompts as exercises, people can apply it in their lives to communicate effectively. 

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, consider the scenarios provided and the effective communication skills that have been suggested. 

Next, take a moment to consider how you can use the skill to deal with the situation. 

Finally, make a script with which you can effectively communicate with your partner using the skill provided.

CommunicationWorksheetforCouples EffectiveCommunicationSkills min 1 1

Getting to know your partner Worksheet

What does this worksheet do?

This worksheet is designed to help couples in relationships to know more about each other. This worksheet covers common questions as well as can be modified to explore emotional needs. 

How will this worksheet help?

The worksheet helps couples understand each other and also keep track of each other’s needs. It can be a great way to start learning about each other’s preferences and start an open and honest conversation around one’s wants and needs.

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet you and your partner can take some quiet time to explore the prompts given.

You can use two sheets- one for each and consider each prompt and note down the answers on both columns. 

You can do it together or apart and also add in more prompts that reflect emotional needs and boundaries that you and them can discuss later. 

CommunicationWorksheetforCouples GettingtoKnowMyPartnerClosely min

Apologizing Effectively worksheet

Every relationship has fights and apologising is one step towards growing as a couple. The Apologising effectively worksheet can help people apologise in healthy and effective ways when the other party is hurt. 

You can access this worksheet here

What does this worksheet do?

This worksheet provides an educational format with which you can learn how to apologise effectively. 

The worksheet provides a detailed four step process that involves acknowledging and taking responsibility. 

Followed by giving yourself the chance to explain it to them without excuse and also express remorse. Followed by making amends. 

How will this worksheet help?

This worksheet when used with mindful awareness can help you learn how apologise not only to your partner but also apply it to other relationships effectively whenever you make a mistake. 

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet go through the educational material provided. 

Follow the four steps that start with acknowledging ones mistake and taking resonisuiity and expressing this responsibility by using I-statements (“I am at fault…”). 

Next, Explain that you never meant to hurt the other person and that it won’t happen in the future. Make sure that it is an explanation and not an excuse for your behaviour. 

Express your remorse as it can help your partner understand your recognition of the mistake.

Finally, see to make amends with actions that aim to fix the damage caused. 

You can either write down these reflections first before applying it to your relationship.

Naikan Reflection Worksheet

You can access this worksheet here

What does this worksheet do?

This worksheet is a three question reflection exercise that is focused on gratitude towards one’s own partner and aimed to cultivate a natural desire to help and care for others 

Naikan Reflection is a Japanese method of self-reflection on three questions:

  • What have I received? 
  • What have I given? 
  • What troubles or difficulties have I caused? 

How will this worksheet help?

This exercise is designed to help you be mindful of one’s own partner- to not take them for granted. By using this worksheet mindfully, it can help cultivate feelings of appreciation and gratitude for one’s partner.

At the same time this worksheet also encourages each partner to become more aware of where they stand in their relationship and in relation to each other’s needs.

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, both you and your partner can spend 30 minutes each day reviewing the three essential Naikan questions for every 24 hours.

Make sure you choose key aspects from that day.

Make the answers specific and clear. 

Next, review your answers and summarize them for the three questions for the week.

Finally, consider what actions you need to take, such as sending a thank you, apologizing for something to your partner. 

Also make note of how you will try to handle things better next week in the relationship.

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