What are depression chat rooms?

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In this blog we will provide a list of free depression chat rooms as well as discuss what depression chat rooms are. 

We will also present to you a brief overview of what depression is and what you can do if you have been feeling depressed lately. 

What are depression chat rooms?

Depression chat rooms are online chat forums that have been designed to be used by people who have the same mental health problem- depression- to express themselves, connect with others, and gain social support from people who also struggle with the same condition.

Some free depression chat rooms are:

  • Depression and Bipolar support
  • Depression chat rooms
  • Depression forums
  • Depression Sanctuary
  • Depression Understood

These chatrooms are often created by organisations who moderate the chatrooms for people who come into the chatrooms to seek assistance and support for their struggle with depression. 

These chat rooms are often moderated by a volunteer who is part of the organisation that has created the chat room by making sure that all users are following the rules of etiquette within these rooms and also provide crucial information for people who are struggling with severe depression. 

In these rooms, most people who use it come for support and advice related to how they can manage their mental health conditions, it is not a substitute for therapy and professional treatment for depression. 

These chatrooms are also not for suicide crisis intervention and if often for support and a spcae to express one’s self and to gain insight form others who also face through the same problem.

Here is a list of depression chat rooms: 

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) is an organisation that offers an online support forum that is peer-led. These online chat rooms function as an online support group for people with depression and bipolar disorder. 

Within this space, people share their experiences as well as share their coping skills and ways to manage their conditions and in this, they cultivate hope and support for each other. 

Depression Chat Rooms

Depression Chat Rooms is moderated by an organisation with the same name. 

These chatrooms have been created with the aim to connect people who share the same problem related to depression and anxiety along with other conditions such as bipolar disorder and eating disorders. 

The chatrooms are moderated by volunteers and are free for use, however, there are some guidelines and rules to be followed while using this chatroom. 

Depression Forums

Depression Forums is an online forum that has a wide reach to more than 70000 members. These forums provide moderated safe spaces for people to connect and discuss topics related to anxiety and depression.

The forums also provide a space for people to discuss recovery, the process of developing coping skills, emotional and social support, and the user experience of medication and therapy.

Depression Sanctuary

Depression Sanctuary provides Depression sanctuary chat rooms that have been created by Depression sanctuary, a nonprofit organisation.

These chatrooms have been created to provide a safe space for people with depression so that they can learn from each other, give and gain support, and express themselves. 

This chat room participation is not free and requires membership and the chat room is moderated at specific times. 

Depression Understood

Depression Understood  is another depression chat room that provides an informal space to discuss depression, share their experiences as well as share their coping skills and ways to manage their conditions and in this, they cultivate hope and support for each other. 

What are the benefits and risks of depression chat rooms?

Here are some benefits or pros for the case of depression chat rooms:

  • Autonomy is ensured as the platforms do not require real names and identifying details, you do not have to show your face, share your addresses, or any other personal details. 
  • You might feel more at ease since you can do it in the comfort of your own home and there is no stress of having to meet people face to face as in the case of group therapy. 
  • It’s fairly inexpensive- in most cases these forums and chat rooms are free compared to traditional face to face in person therapy.
  • It can help you manage temporary or minor distress and help you sort out emotional turmoil by sharing and learning from other people who also have depression and help you develop strategies to cope and steps to take to manage your own mental well-being. 

In spite of its benefits,  depression chat rooms does have it risks and challenges such as:

  • There is a lack of professional intervention and the constant access can make it difficult to draw healthy boundaries between you and the other members. 
  • Not all platforms are completely secure meaning that your details may be at risk of being leaked, 
  • Most of these platforms may not have licensed practitioners or any professional that can help build interventions like that in group therapy and interventions- so it becomes impossible to get effective interventions like medical care, pharmacological treatment for depression other than social support. . 
  • The delay of the messages can make it feel frustrating and cause distress. This is why depression chat rooms are not recommended for crisis interventions. 
  • Threads and messages can’t convey tone or body language which can cause a huge disruption in communication of emotions behind one’s words. 

How can one be safe when using a depression chat room?

Some of the best ways you can be safe when using online chat rooms include:

  • Do not share your Identifying details
  • Consider using a fake username
  • Take advice from other members with a grain of salt and always fact check
  • Avoid sending across photos or videos
  • Use respectful language
  • Think logically and trust your gut-if something feels off, avoid it. 
  • Make sure that you think things through when they suggest meeting face to face. If meetings are a must, choose a very public space like a cafe in a mall. If you are a minor, bring an adult or parent along.
  • Do not disclose information you do not want others to know like school name, community name, locality or state where you live. 
  • Use the block option when you feel unsafe
  • If you are struggling with suicidal intent, get professional help immediately- chat rooms are not advised for cirsis interventions like for suicide. 

What is Depression?

Depression or clinically known as major depressive disorder, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders, is a  serious mood disorder where people affected by it experience persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness. 

Apart from these emotional distress, people with depression can also experience physical symptoms such as chronic pain, or changes in their behaviour such as social withdrawal or slowed movements.

For someone to be diagnosed with clinical depression, symptoms must be present for at least two weeks.

What to do if you have depression or you are feeling depressed?

Here are a few things you can do to cope with depression or low moods related to depression:

Seeking support

In the case that you find yourself struggling with nostalgia to the point that it has affected your life where you cannot maintain your relationships nor keep up with work, you can seek out counselling and therapy to help you understand why you are feeling, and how you can take changes in perspectives, lifestyle, thoughts etc, that can help you build and maintain a healthier sense of wellbeing. 

Focus on self-care

It is okay to allow yourself to let yourself go for a few days but making the effort to stick to routine and structure in your day to day life can help you move forward. 

Taking care of your physical needs is very important as it is a way to care for yourself. Taking care of your emotional needs is also important and you can work towards emotional self care after taking care of your physical needs first. 

Attend to your emotional needs

Take to a professional if you think that you are not getting enough support and guidance from your friends and family. 

Meeting a professional to talk about your depression, grief, and loss of the relationship is something that you can give yourself as an act of self-love and self-care. 

Get in touch with a therapist or a psychologist and take effort to work with your emotions, grow towards self-acceptance, and move towards rebuilding yourself and your resilience. 


Mindfulness is a state of being and more proficiently a way of life where the individual actively imagines in the act of cultivating full awareness of the present. 

This awareness of the presence is related to both the world outside and around the individual and the world within the individual in terms of thoughts and feelings.

A person who practises mindfulness may begin with putting effort to bring about all of their senses to focu on what they’re experiencing right now however, over time, it becomes a way of life- done without much effort and with a greater understanding of one’s self. 

Mindfulness is the experience of being present with the here and now. The state of Mindfulness is an experience of your present feelings, thoughts, and behaviour. It is the act of paying attention to yourself, your body, and the world around you.

Seek out fulfilling relationships

Another thing that you can do is to seek out positive relationships that are supportive, that motivate, as well as enable you to grow and expand your interpersonal effectiveness.

Seek out relationships that allow you to grow and experience freedom within healthy boundaries that are respected and maintained. Mutual relationships that focus on mutual growth, equal give and take, and one that is directed towards meaning and fulfilment. 

Make positive lifestyle changes

Avoid drinking and doing drugs, instead eat a healthy diet that is full of nutrients and engage in exercise- this can be walks, joining the gym, or running a marathon. 

Make changes that benefit your physical health as well as allow you to engage with a positive crowd. If you think socialisation is not something you want to do, then there are plenty of exercises that you can do alone. 

Make sure you get good sleep by developing a healthy sleep hygiene as well. 


In this blog we provided a list of free depression chat rooms as well as discuss what depression chat rooms are. 

We also presented to you a brief overview of what depression is and what you can do if you have been feeling depressed lately. 

FAQ related to Depression Chat Rooms

Do online chat rooms still exist?

People don’t use them as much as they once were with the advent of more accessible social media platforms however, they still exist. 

Is it safe to use chat rooms?

They are relatively safe as long as the person who is using it maintains anonymity, do not disclose information that is identifying, avoids sharing media such as photos and videos that are personal.

Do chat rooms still exist in 2022?

Even in 2022 there are still many chat rooms that exist and are in use. 


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