Does BetterHelp cost money? (+3 Cerebral Alternatives)

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This post will describe if BetterHelp costs money. We will also be mentioning a few of the advantages that users can experience while utilizing BetterHelp. Lastly, we will check out some of the alternative online therapy platforms that offer features similar to BetterHelp. Online therapy platforms like BetterHelp have become increasingly popular in the post-covid world.

Does BetterHelp cost money?

Yes, BetterHelp costs money. The price of the subscription to BetterHelp is charged at $60 to $90 per week. This is definitely a lot cheaper than in-person therapy or traditional therapy sessions. In BetterHelp, the user can also claim financial assistance which can reduce the costs of the subscription by up to 25 per cent.

Advantages of using BetterHelp

BetterHelp is an online therapy platform that has nearly two million clients. This platform makes therapy accessible as well as affordable for anyone and everyone. Some of the great advantages that users can experience while utilizing BetterHelp for their mental health needs and requirements have been explained as follows:

BetterHelp provides remote access

BetterHelp can be great for those who live in remote areas which might not have many therapists. This platform operates fully online and thus can be accessed from anywhere. This proves highly useful for those who have disabilities and thus are not able to leave the house often for therapy. It also is great for those who have very busy schedules to make time for therapy.


It offers several formats of therapy

In BetterHelp, the users have access to several formats of therapy and communication that might not be available in traditional therapy settings. In this platform, the user can communicate with their therapists through unlimited messaging, live chats, live audio sessions and even live video sessions.

It provides couples therapy

BetterHelp not only offers individual therapy but also provides couples therapy. Couples therapy is highly recommended for those pairs who are facing difficulties in their relationships. It can also be very useful for those who are planning on getting married to each other and will help them in setting a solid foundation for their relationship.

It has teens therapy

The platform also offers therapy for teenagers or adolescents between the ages of 13 years to 18 years of age. Therapy for teens is highly recommended as people in this age group often face high levels of stress and anxiety related to many areas in their lives. The solid support and guidance can thus prove to be a strong anchor for these teenagers.

It offers group sessions

There are also group therapy sessions that are available in BetterHelp. Group sessions on this platform are free of cost and are conducted about once a week. These sessions cover more than 20 different topics related to mental health and mental illness. Group therapy not only provides interventions but can also help by bringing emotional support and social motivation.

It offers other resources

There are plenty of other resources that are available in BetterHelp that can tremendously be useful for users. In this platform, the users have access to online journaling which can also be shared with the therapist. There are also plenty of digital worksheets and templates that therapists can provide for their users during and outside live therapy sessions.

It brings a better client-therapist fit

The fit between the client and the therapist is highly important. The therapeutic relationship is one of the most important factors that determine the effectiveness of the therapy itself. In BetterHelp, the artificial intelligence which links the client with the therapist does a great job by using the data and information that the user has provided.

It offers safety and security

There is also the issue of safety and security in therapy which BetterHelp takes very seriously. The platform has incorporated various security features such as end to end encryptions, multi-step authentications and even firewalls to protect the information of the user. And thus, BetterHelp is fully HIPAA compliant which is an added bonus.


Alternative online therapy platforms

There are many other platforms that also provide great features for online therapy. Some of these platforms have been mentioned below:



Talkspace is another popular online therapy platform that is perhaps the best alternative to BetterHelp. This platform offers psychotherapy as well as psychiatry services. Another great thing about Talkspace is that it can be easily covered by insurance through several in-network providers.


Cerebral is another great platform that provides therapy as well as psychiatry services in the same place. Cerebral also offers insurance coverage through several in-network providers. Cerebral follows a collaborative care model through which the patient’s mental health is taken care of by a set of professionals which brings even more effectiveness to the intervention.


ReGain is a platform that is highly recommended for couples therapy. Individual therapy is also available on this platform. Couples therapy is not only recommended for those who are headed for divorce but can also help partners understand each other better and communicate more openly and effectively.


This post has described if BetterHelp costs money. We have also mentioned a few of the advantages that users can experience while utilizing BetterHelp. Lastly, we have checked out some of the alternative online therapy platforms that offer features similar to BetterHelp.

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