Does BetterHelp have a free trial? (+4 BetterHelp tips)

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This post will discuss if BetterHelp has a free trial. We will also be showing various ways through which you can find affordable therapy for your mental health needs and requirements. Finally, we will be describing certain tips and suggestions that you can use to make the best use out of your BetterHelp subscription.

Does BetterHelp have a free trial?

No, BetterHelp does not have a free trial. However, those who want discounts can subscribe to BetterHelp news to be aware of their offers. BetterHelp is definitely a lot more affordable and cost-effective when compared to in-person therapy. In addition to this, it also provides financial assistance to those who are unemployed or have low income jobs.

How to find affordable therapy?

Therapy is necessary but can be expensive for many people. However, there are plenty of ways through which therapy can be made a lot more affordable and thus accessible. Some affordable therapy options have been explored in the section below.

Find a sliding scale therapist

Most therapists charge their clients by the hour. On the other hand, sliding scale therapists charge their clients according to the work completed and thus are a lot more flexible. However, sliding scale therapists are not easy to come by and may require a recommendation. Going to a sliding scale therapist for your therapy needs can be very smooth on your pocket.


Contact your insurance provider

While insurance does cover therapy easily, many therapists do not accept insurance coverage mainly due to the large amount of paperwork associated with it. A great way to find therapists who take insurance, and thus are more cost-effective, is to contact your in-network provider who can provide details of such mental health professionals who practice in your locality.

Go to group therapy sessions

If you are finding individual therapy sessions too expensive, a great alternative is group therapy sessions. Group therapy can be interventional and supportive in nature. Both these formats can be goldmines in terms of information and resources. In addition to this, the social aspect of group therapy can be great for your motivation and socialization.

Ask your employer

If you are working in an organization, you can always ask your employer or HR manager about Employee Assistance Programs that target mental health. More and more organizations are employing mental health professionals as part of their management to ensure that their employees are experiencing good mental health and thus great mental performance.

Reach out to your school admin

If you are currently studying, you can always ask your school admin for free counseling services that are available for students. Schools and universities often have counselors and therapists who provide counseling or therapy at discounted rates for students. Furthermore, psychology schools also allow their graduate students to conduct sessions at very cost-effective rates.

Contact your religious organization

If you are a member of a religious organization like a church, mosque or synagogue, you can approach them for free counseling sessions. Most of these have in-house counselors who can be of great help, particularly if you are a faithful follower. Certain clinics also employ religious therapists like Christian counselors who combine theology and psychology.

Contact your community center

Non-profit community organizations often provide therapy and counseling services for free or for discounted rates. These can also be a great point to get access to therapists who are tied up with insurance providers if you have insurance coverage for therapy.

Find online therapy

The best way to afford therapy is to sign up for an online therapy platform. There are several of these like BetterHelp, Talkspace and Calmerry that offer therapy at very cost-effective rates with a wide range of features. Online therapy brings more convenience and comfort to the user in addition to the cost-effectiveness.

Tips to use in BetterHelp

BetterHelp is an excellent choice for anyone who is seeking therapy online. The platform is filled with features and accessories that can improve the user experience incredibly. Some tips and suggestions that users can utilize in BetterHelp have been explored in the following points.

  • BetterHelp offers unlimited messaging between the user and the therapist. The great thing about this is that it can be used for things other than just communication. Many users utilize this unlimited messaging feature for healthy venting and expression. On the other hand, some users find this an excellent space to set reminders for therapy talking points.
  • The platform offers group sessions in the form of ‘groupinars’ that can provide plenty of information related to mental health and mental illness. If you do not want to participate in the session live, don’t worry. The link is active for a period of seven days during which you can watch the video at your leisure.
  • BetterHelp offers several formats of live therapy, including an unconventional live chat session with your therapist. Explore these formats and choose the format that you click with the most.
  • To enhance the feel of the live therapy sessions, you can create a specific spot for this in your home. This does not necessarily need to be a place in your own home, but can be any isolated place like a quiet park, a stairwell or even a friend’s home.


This post has discussed if BetterHelp has a free trial. We have also shown you various ways through which you can find affordable therapy for your mental health needs and requirements. Finally, we have described certain tips and suggestions that you can use to make the best use out of your BetterHelp subscription.

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