Does BetterHelp take FSA? (+7 BetterHelp Tips)

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In this post, we will discuss if BetterHelp takes FSA. In addition to this, we will describe various tips that you can employ to make the best use of this online therapy platform. Lastly, we will check out a few alternatives to BetterHelp that readers might be interested in. BetterHelp is one of the most popular online therapy platforms today that has nearly two million users.

Does BetterHelp take FSA?

Yes, BetterHelp does take FSA. You can use your Flexible Savings Account (FSA) or even your Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for your BetterHelp subscription. While BetterHelp definitely does not accept insurance, it accepts payment through these accounts while can help affordability by reducing tax expenses.

Tips for BetterHelp

If you are new to BetterHelp, or online therapy in general, you will find the following tips and strategies quite useful. These can be used to improve the effectiveness of your online therapy sessions and help you get the most for your money.

Create a therapy corner in your home

Since online therapy does not require you to go to a therapist’s office for your session, it can be quite convenient as you can get therapy from anywhere. However, if the space is not right, you might find yourself constantly distracted by other things that require your attention. To allow you to focus better during your therapy sessions, you can create a therapy corner in your very home.

Choose the right timing for therapy

It is not only the space, but also the time that matters for therapy. If you are participating in a therapy session during a time slot where you are very busy, you may not show the right amount of concentration that therapy usually calls for. Choose a time where you will not be encumbered by other distractions and can thus fully focus on your therapy session.

Find the format that pleases you the most

You can also find a format that suits your convenience and preference the most and use this for your therapy sessions. This is a great advantage of online therapy sessions; that it allows you to choose from various formats, such as unlimited messaging, audio sessions and video sessions. All these formats are available in BetterHelp for you to choose from and use.

Use the unlimited messaging

You can also use the unlimited messaging feature in BetterHelp to communicate with your therapist. The messages can also be sent in different formats such as text messages, audio messages and video messages. Messaging as a mode of therapy itself can bring you a wide range of benefits such as increased reflection, healthy expression and accountability.

Choose your own therapist

While BetterHelp and many other online therapy platforms use artificial intelligence to match you with a suitable therapist, you can also choose to roll up your sleeves and find your own therapist from the directory. When searching for a suitable therapist, keep in mind various factors like age group, gender, orientation and even religious background.


Be explicit about what you are feeling

In online therapy sessions, you do not need to meet your therapist face to face. While this can bring many advantages for you and your therapist, it can create a disadvantage in the fact that your therapist may not be able to read your body language. To help them understand you better and in turn help you more, you need to be more descriptive and explanatory about your thoughts.

Turn off your selfie view

One more tip that you can use during your online therapy sessions is to turn off your selfie view. It may seem normal to keep looking at yourself during your conversations. However, this can seriously be distracting and may take your focus away from your therapy sessions. To bring more effectiveness to the therapy session, turn off your selfie view in your conversation.

Alternatives to BetterHelp

BetterHelp is certainly one of the most popular online therapy platforms today. However, there are several other platforms that provide features that are similar to BetterHelp. Some of them have been described as follows:


Talkspace is another leading mental health platform that provides virtual psychotherapy as well as online psychiatry services. And thus, this platform can be great for those who require medications and therapy to manage the symptoms of their mental health conditions. Furthermore, Talkspace also offers insurance coverage for all its plans.


Calmerry is also an online therapy platform that offers therapy in various formats. This platform has a large network of licensed and certified mental health professionals who are ready to cater to the mental health needs and requirements of the users. Calmerry does not use an algorithm to match the therapist with the user, and instead employs a more personal touch here.


Cerebral is a mental health subscription that provides therapy and psychiatry services for its users. This platform has a unique style of mental health care called the collaborative care model in which a set of professionals take care of the needs of the user, rather than just one person performing the role.


In this post, we have discussed if BetterHelp takes FSA. In addition to this, we have described various tips that you can employ to make the best use of this online therapy platform. Lastly, we have checked out a few alternatives to BetterHelp that readers might be interested in.

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