Does BetterHelp take HSA cards? (+7 Affordable Options)

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This blogpost will answer if BetterHelp takes HSA cards. In addition to this, we will discuss various ways through which you can afford therapy. Lastly, we will be describing some of the best features of BetterHelp that can be greatly useful for anyone who is looking for affordable and accessible online therapy options.

Does BetterHelp take HSA cards?

Yes, BetterHelp takes HSA cards. Your Health Savings Account or HSA can be used to pay for any type of tele-health services including BetterHelp. This can definitely provide you an advantage in the form of tax breaks. BetterHelp also provides financial assistance for anyone who is unable to afford its subscription.


Ways to afford therapy

Therapy and other forms of mental health can definitely be expensive. The thing about therapy is that it is almost never a one-time thing. It may require weeks or even months of sessions before you can start experiencing positive changes in yourself. Thus, it becomes essential for almost everyone to find cost-effective ways for therapy. Some ways have been explained below:

Find a sliding scale therapist

The best way to reduce the costs of therapy is by finding a sliding scale therapist. These therapists do not charge for the entire session and instead only charge according to the work done. This can definitely reduce the costs of your mental health care as traditional therapy settings usually charge you for the entire hour regardless of the outcome.

Choose online therapy

If you are looking for an affordable option for your therapy, you can always opt for online therapy. There are plenty of online therapy platforms like BetterHelp and Talkspace that offer very cost-effective therapy options. Talkspace even allows insurance coverage for its users and BetterHelp provides financial assistance which can further reduce the costs of therapy.

Go to group sessions

There are plenty of group sessions being conducted that can be interventional or supportive in nature. Group therapy sessions can definitely be a lot more affordable and cheaper than in-person therapy sessions. These sessions can also provide plenty of emotional support while supplying the user with resources and different coping strategies.

Ask about EAP services

You can also ask your EAP services if you are working in an organization. Most organizations employ EAP services that are responsible for the mental health care of the employees. These EAP services may provide therapy services at concessional fees or even perhaps free of cost. To know more about this you can contact your HR manager or even your employer.

Reach out to your school admin

If you are a student, you can reach out to your school admin to ask about in-house counseling services. Many schools and universities do have in-house counseling and therapy services for the mental health of their students. If your university is teaching a psychology course, you can also take sessions with graduate students for basic mental health requirements.


Ask your community non-profit

Many communities and localities will also have certain non-profit groups that work with them to provide free or concessional therapy sessions. You can reach out to these groups and ask about the therapy services being provided. The therapists in these groups may also be eligible for insurance coverage as they are usually connected to in-network providers.

Reach out to your religious organizations

Religious organizations such as churches, mosques and synagogues may also provide counseling services of their own which can definitely be fruitful for your mental health. These counselors or therapists may or may not be religious affiliated or practicing. In any case, therapists in general are not allowed to impose their faith on their clients and thus the therapy can be safe.

Best features of BetterHelp

BetterHelp offers a range of features that can be highly advantageous to any user, such as:

BetterHelp can be used from anywhere

The great thing about online therapy platforms like BetterHelp is that these can be accessed and used from anywhere and everywhere. Thus, BetterHelp can also be great for those who stay in remote locations. In addition, this platform can provide convenience for those individuals who have a disability or have busy schedules which do not allow them to go to therapy otherwise.

It is pretty affordable

While in-person therapy or traditional therapy can definitely be expensive, the plans in BetterHelp are pretty affordable and thus more accessible for everyone. The platform also provides financial assistance to those who are unemployed, currently studying or disabled, which can reduce the costs of therapy by up to 25 per cent.

It offers various formats

There are also various formats of therapy that are offered in BetterHelp that users can choose from according to their convenience. In this platform, users can communicate with their therapists through messaging, audio sessions and video sessions.

It brings a great client-therapist fit

BetterHelp brings a great client-therapist fit between the user and the mental health professional by the smart use of artificial intelligence. In this platform, the technology uses the information provided by the user to match with a suitable therapist in BetterHelp’s directory.



This blogpost has answered if BetterHelp takes HSA cards. In addition to this, we have discussed various ways through which you can afford therapy. Lastly, we have described some of the best features of BetterHelp that can be greatly useful for anyone who is looking for affordable and accessible online therapy options.

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