Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover BetterHelp? (+5 BetterHelp Tips)

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This post will discuss if Blue Cross Blue Shield covers BetterHelp. We will also look at the various reasons why therapy itself is so expensive today. Lastly, we will be checking out some tips that you can use in BetterHelp and other online therapy platforms. Online therapy brings plenty of accessibility along with affordability and thus is being highly preferred these days.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover BetterHelp?

No, Blue Cross Blue Shield does not cover BetterHelp as the platform does not take any type of insurance. However, the cost of therapy in BetterHelp is much more affordable when compared to traditional therapy settings. The platform also offers financial assistance for anyone who is finding affordability an issue here.

Why is therapy so expensive?

It is no surprising fact that therapy is expensive and therefore difficult to access for many people. Some of the reasons why therapy is actually so expensive have been described below.

The cost of education is high

It takes a lot of education to become a therapist. Therapists often take 6-8 years just to get their degrees which enable them to practice. To become specialized in a certain field, therapists may need to spend additional years studying. All these can be really expensive and thus therapists are often encumbered with student loans well into their practice.

Licensure fees can be expensive

It is not only necessary for the therapist to have a certain degree, but licensing is also important. Every region or state has its own licensing rules and regulations and therapists may need to undertake several other courses to obtain the license. The licensing fees can also burn a hole in the therapist’s pocket and need to be renewed on a regular basis.

Therapist offices can be expensive

Therapists often practice through an office and renting this space does not come cheap. Therapists mostly choose office spaces in commercial locations to ensure better traffic of clients. These offices also need to be accessorized in such a manner so that the client enjoys comfort and convenience, which can further add to the bill.

Marketing expenses may be there

The therapist office is a business and thus these mental health professionals often need to market themselves through various ploys so that they get more clients. Thus, therapists take on marketing events and ads on television, radios and even newspapers. These marketing expenses are not cheap and can contribute to the price of therapy.

Therapists have lots of paperwork

There is also tons of paperwork that the therapist has to deal with in their practice. This paperwork often comes with the insurance coverage of clients, which is another reason why many therapists do not accept insurance for payments. To deal with the paperwork, therapists often hire personal assistants or secretaries.

Emotional labor of therapy

Therapists undergo a lot of emotional labor while taking therapy sessions for clients. It is not as simple as sitting and listening to the client. Often, therapists experience a lot of trauma while empathizing with their clients which can be detrimental for their own mental health. The emotional labor of therapy can contribute to the cost of therapy.


Tips to use in BetterHelp

BetterHelp is a very user-friendly platform that is pretty popular when compared to many other online therapy websites. Some suggestions that users of this platform can utilize in their experience have been summarized below.

  • BetterHelp has various formats of live therapy sessions, such as live audio sessions, live video sessions and even live chat sessions. Explore these and find the format that suits your vibe the most. While the live chat option may be pretty unconventional and rare, many users have felt that this format is also pretty effective in delivering therapy.
  • BetterHelp also offers many accessories for the therapy sessions like digital worksheets and online journaling. These features can be used in versatile ways. The online journaling is pretty cool and very easy to use and frequently prompts you to write it in. If you do not like digital journals, you can always write in your physical journal whenever you receive a prompt.
  • Users have the option of unlimited messaging in BetterHelp. This feature can be used in multiple ways. Some users even utilize this feature for healthy venting and expression with their therapist. Still others use this to set reminders for talking points during live therapy sessions. You can leave text messages, audio messages and even video messages.
  • To help you focus better in your live therapy sessions you can set aside a dedicated spot for this in your home. You can also schedule the right time for this, preferably the same time every time. You can even accessorize this spot through candles and blankets to not only use it for therapy but for other types of self-care and relaxation.
  • If you are having your therapy sessions through the live video format, make sure that your selfie view is turned off so that you can focus better on what your therapist is saying rather than being too self-conscious about your looks.


This post has discussed if Blue Cross Blue Shield covers BetterHelp. We have also looked at the various reasons why therapy itself is so expensive today. Lastly, we have checked out some tips that you can use in BetterHelp and other online therapy platforms.

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