Does writing in a journal help ease anxiety?

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One of the defining features behind the modern world undoubtedly includes the presence of tremendous anxiety. Wars and famines, regrettably, continue to be a norm for our society. Some people have to live under the constant bombing. Obviously, less potent stressors are also strong. In this regard, one of the largest ones comes from academic fields, where students often destroy themselves while doing some assignment essays and papers. Hence, it is crucial to understand why anxiety befalls them in general and then proceed with the analysis of a strong option, journal, and why it works.

Sources of anxiety in the modern world

Anxiety primarily arises from the fear of the future. For example, while writing an essay, a student may have no professional expertise to understand whether it is good or not. In this light, uncertainty leads to the rise of large-scale fears. Anxiety is, to a great extent, a result of the lacking knowledge on the part of many individuals. Another important issue for many individuals is irrational anxiety. Regrettably, some people are simply prone to mental health problems. In such cases, a major concentration on the repetitive actions of various kinds that can help soothe the problems is essential. Lack of expert understanding behind certain issues inevitably leads to the rise of anxiety in both company and college scenarios.

Journals for people with lacking knowledge

The first aspect to consider is whether individuals with knowledge deficits can benefit from journals while overcoming anxiety. In this case, the answer is obvious: yes. Above all, they can benefit from an original review of all events around them. In this respect, a service worker, for example, can write down all the negative events and eventually form a pattern of potential problems. This method offers tremendous assistance with the process of overcoming the information absence. A similar effect can also stem from the writers who work in college settings. These individuals can greatly benefit from the analysis of their work in everyday scenarios. For example, the reviews of the progress on certain tasks can significantly decrease the overall pressure concerning the overall belief in the ability to achieve something. A set of written reports on the progress with some paper or research can greatly raise morale. One of the greatest difficulties for many individuals lies in the inability to understand long-term progress. A journal alleviates this problem. Ultimately, it pushes towards the proper registration of your key successes.

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Journals for people with anxiety

Another type of individuals who often benefit from journals of various kinds, as mentioned previously, includes persons who have significant problems with managing their anxiety due to genetic factors. Some individuals are simply natural worriers. They cannot do anything about their anxiety and fall into negative patterns concerning it all the time. In this respect, the use of journals can be very helpful in the following ways:

  1. Constant repetition can act as a cheap antidepressant: in this respect, the majority of the repetitive actions decrease blood pressure and help to switch attention by being monotonous;
  2. The ability to take a look at your own writings is the best way to prevent panic regarding the past. You will have a clear record of your actions and be able to review them on a daily basis.
  3. The routine should create a feeling of stability: people with constant anxiety need to feel that they live in an environment that does not go against their everyday plans. Such stability can genuinely help with many aspects of life.

In short, journals are a strong weapon against anxiety for the absolute majority of humans. They represent a strong path towards success for a large number of individuals.

Writing a journal: Key elements to consider

One can prepare a journal in many different ways. Still, some conventions exist that can guide your approach in the most optimal manner. Here are some of the key pieces of advice that we can give:

  1. Write about your successes as much as possible. Don’t concentrate on the negative feelings. Your journal should be about the positive things in your life rather than something devastating and negative. In this way, you will create a strong pattern of positive thinking. By trying to think about five things that went well, you shall improve your self-esteem.
  2. Don’t try to write something extremely long. One of the worst things about keeping a journal is making it difficult to maintain. Complexity is the enemy of consistency. Many people abandon their positive habits because they simply require too much time from the individuals in question. Consequently, the best option is to do something fast. Your journal should not take more than five or ten minutes per day. In this regard, the idea of writing a list of your five key successes can be one of the most potent approaches in this case.
  3. Journals should be daily. One of the most important aspects of journals of various kinds is their ability to provide some vital information about your progress. Thus, you shouldn’t be lazy and must dedicate information every day. Our experience indicates that even one day of pause can destroy a positive habit altogether and lead to your deterioration into the past patterns of anxiety.

To summarize, one of the most important things to fight anxiety is repetition and the ability to maintain information of great quality. Journals cover both of the functions perfectly. They give you a way to see past events and, at the same time, require constant repetition of functions. Thus, both the problems of lacking information and the need to do something soothing get removed in this case. In this regard, we heavily recommend the approach and believe that it is one of the best ways to remove student anxiety.

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