3 Emotional intelligence worksheets

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This page will provide effective worksheets to help people develop their emotional intelligence. 

Some of these worksheets have been created by us while others have been curated from reputable third-party websites.

What are Emotional Intelligence Worksheets?

Emotional intelligence worksheets are designed to be used in sessions under the guidance of a mental health professional or individually to help people identify, understand and regulate their emotions effectively.

These worksheets enable individuals to understand what emotions are, how emotions affect their thoughts and behaviour, and how to manage their emotions effectively.

What is Emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EI)is the ability to perceive, manage, and evaluate one’s own emotions and that of others.

It consists of four components:

  • The ability to Perceive emotions accurately. 
  • The ability to reason with emotions to promote thinking and cognitive activity
  • To be able to pick up on the meaning of emotions- as in the cause and meaning behind one’s emotions or that of others. 
  • Finally, Managing emotions is a crucial aspect of emotional intelligence which includes regulating emotions and responding appropriately.

Emotional intelligence, according to experts, is a crucial aspect of overall life satisfaction and success. It is often the case that Emotional intelligence is innate however, it can be built to a higher and more efficient level.

Let us look at a few worksheets that can help you develop your emotional intelligence. 

Emotions reference worksheet

What does this worksheet do?

The Emotions Reference Sheet handout is designed to enable clients to be able to recognise, label, and identify their own emotions. 

It is a resource that provides a list of emotions with common signs and behaviors so that people can identify their own emotions. 

How will this worksheet help? 

This worksheet helps people identify their own emotions especially when they have difficulty describing or identifying how they are feeling. 

It also helps them connect an emotion to a behavior and understand how their emotions affect them.

How to use this worksheet?

You can use this worksheet as an educational resource for you to understand what are some emotions that you might feel on a daily basis. 

You can access the worksheet here

Emotion Chart worksheet

What does this worksheet do?

The emotion chart worksheet is designed to enable a person to keep track of their emotional experience on a day to day basis.

This worksheet provides a daily chart where a person can note down their emotional ups and downs to understand it’s patterns and triggers.

How will this worksheet help?

By tracking one’s own emotions, this worksheet helps people to keep tabs on the changes in their emotions and moods. 

It also helps create awareness of the things, events, and situations in one’s life that can cause shifts in emotions. 

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, make sure that you do this activity as a daily process at the end of your day.

Note down the major emotions that you have experienced while also noting down the triggers that caused the emotions. 

EmotionalIntelligenceWorksheet EmotionChart min

Emotional regulation worksheet

What does this worksheet do?

This worksheet is designed to help regulate your emotions more effectively by enabling a person to become aware of how their emotions affect their thoughts and behaviour.

The worksheet also invites the individual to rethink the situation in more adaptable ways, and install new emotions and ultimately new behaviour that is more effective and healthy.

How will this worksheet help?

This worksheet helps a person to regulate their emotions by objectively looking at the process with which they allow their emotions to affect their behaviour and thoughts. 

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, consider a trigger or an event that led to a negative emotion. 

Make a note of the thoughts and behaviour that arose as a result.

Next, replace the negative thought with a more positive or realistic thought and make note of the emotion and behaviour that arises as a result of this positive thought. 

EmotionalIntelligenceWorksheet EmotionalRegulation min

How I feel Worksheet

What does this worksheet do?

How I Feel worksheet is a CBT-inspired worksheet that has been designed to help encourage people to learn more about their feelings.

The worksheet is helpful to children dealing with anger, depression, or other emotional problems as it helps them manage their emotions. 

How will this worksheet help?

This worksheet helps people improve their emotional awareness and also manage emotions by the coping skills provided.

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, first describe your feelings and the reason behind how you feel.

Next, consider the consequences of several actions you do to deal with them. 

Finally, identify a new and healthy way to manage your emotions.

You can access this worksheet here

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