3 Emotions worksheets (That help)

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This page will provide effective worksheets to help people develop an understanding of their own emotions.

Some of these worksheets have been created by us while others have been curated from reputable third-party websites.

What are Emotions Worksheets?

Emotions worksheets are designed to educate an individual or a group about what emotions are so that they can label, identify, and manage their own emotions effectively. 

These worksheets help create awareness of one’s own emotions while also encouraging people to examine their emotions rationally. 

What are Emotions?

Emotions are generally understood as a physiological experience or state that gives rise to the psychological experience of “feelings”.

Emotions consist of three distinct components which is the experience which is subjective in nature, a physiological response such as heart rate fastening, precipitation etc, and a behavioural response.

Emotions impact our cognition and often trigger thoughts and reflections based on prior experience which ultimately result in having subjective feelings of that stimuli. All of this happens so fast that people often think that emotions and feelings are the same thing. 

Emotions are crucial for our existence as they help us to take action, to survive, avoid danger, make decisions, and more importantly, understand others and be understood in return. 

Let us take a look at a few emotional worksheets.

Emotion Chart worksheet

What does this worksheet do?

The emotion chart worksheet is designed to enable a person to keep track of their emotional experience on a day to day basis.

This worksheet provides a daily chart where a person can note down their emotional ups and downs to understand it’s patterns and triggers.

How will this worksheet help?

By tracking one’s own emotions, this worksheet helps people to keep tabs on the changes in their emotions and moods. 

It also helps create awareness of the things, events, and situations in one’s life that can cause shifts in emotions. 

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, make sure that you do this activity as a daily process at the end of your day.

Note down the major emotions that you have experienced while also noting down the triggers that caused the emotions. 

Emotions reference worksheet

What does this worksheet do?

The Emotions Reference Sheet handout is designed to enable clients to be able to recognise, label, and identify their own emotions. 

It is a resource that provides a list of emotions with common signs and behaviors so that people can identify their own emotions. 

How will this worksheet help? 

This worksheet helps people identify their own emotions especially when they have difficulty describing or identifying how they are feeling. 

It also helps them connect an emotion to a behavior and understand how their emotions affect them.

How to use this worksheet?

You can use this worksheet as an educational resource for you to understand what are some emotions that you might feel on a daily basis. 

You can access the worksheet here

More about me worksheet

What does this worksheet do?

This worksheet is designed to enable people to learn more about their emotions and subsequently about themselves. 

These worksheets provide reflective prompts to enable people to develop an awareness of their experiences when they are faced with a certain situation that triggers various emotions and feelings. 

How will this worksheet help? 

This worksheet helps people develop an awareness of how emotions affect them, how they manage emotions, and also help develop self-awareness. 

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, you will have to reflect on the prompts provided and answer the questions given.

Objectives: To enable individuals to learn more about them.

Instructions: Complete the statements given below

 I feel overwhelmed when _____________________________________________________

When I experience anger emotion, _______________________________________________

I get sad when _______________________________________________________________  

My sadness disappears when ___________________________________________________

I often feel _________________________________________________________________

I am lucky that I _____________________________________________________________

My emotions ________________________________________________________________

For me, controlling emotions ___________________________________________________


What does this worksheet do?

This worksheet has been designed by Andrew Tener with the intent to help people in investigating the nature of a particular emotion. 

The worksheet invites people to consider the emotion they are experiencing because of another emotion, and also teaches people how they can deal with both emotions. 

How will this worksheet help? 

This worksheet helps in identifying the root cause or the other emotion behind a specific emotion. The worksheet also helps an individual to manage those initial emotions effectively.

How to use this worksheet?

This worksheet is divided into 4 parts. To use this worksheet, start by investigating a specific emotion in detail.

 Next, reflect on the justification of that emotion.

Then assess the emotion and consider the various perspectives of looking at the emotional experience to understand the event in a more adaptive way. 

Now, consider the previous emotion with the new one discovered after thorough understanding of the event.

You can access this worksheet here

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