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ENFJ Anime Characters (A Detailed Guide)

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This blog talks about thirteen ENFJ Anime characters and their characteristic traits.

Popular ENFJ Anime Characters

Some of the most popular ENFJ Anime Characters or Protagonists are listed below:

  • ·         Emma from Yakusoku no Neverland
  • ·         Shouta Kazekhaya from Kimi Ni Todoke
  • ·         Mizugaki Tsukasa from Plastic Memories
  • ·         Akari Akaza from Yuri Yuri
  • ·         Mark Evans from Inazuma Eleven
  • ·         Daichi Sawamura from Haikyuu!
  • ·         Zeniba from Spirited Away
  • ·         Jack Vessalius from Pandora Heart
  • ·         Yaegashi Taichi from Kokoro Connect
  • ·         Mr. Blouse from Attack on Titan
  • ·         Minato Namikaze from Naruto
  • ·         Hashirama Senju from Naruto
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ENFJ Personality Type and their Traits

The ENFJ personality type is the people-centered personality, living in a world full of endless possibilities. They have incredible people skills, and they are excellent in relationships with others. Thus, they are called specialists in relationships with people.

The ENFJs are enthusiastic about offering love, support, understanding, encouragement, and time to other people. They love helping other people.

As they are generous with people and have structured communication and social skills, they are wonderful in persuading others precisely the way they want to. This type of person can easily convince people and appear likable to people they want to. Typically, they have unselfish motives, but they may manipulate others with this talent when they are less disciplined.

The ENFJs are extraverted and out of self; they tend to spend time with others rather than themselves. Loneliness can be harsh for ENFJs since they tend to have pessimistic thoughts when left to their own devices. Therefore, ENFJs avoid loneliness by filling their time with social activities. They derive the purpose of their life by prioritizing the needs of the people around them, giving them less chance to identify their personal needs.

They naturally prioritize the desires of others over their own. Therefore, it is important for ENFJ people to be aware of their needs and wants, so they do not continuously discount themselves to cater to those around them.

Emma from The Promised Wonderland

Emma is the main character of Yakusoko no Neverland by Kaiu Shirai. She is the eldest girl in the household and is regarded as the oldest sibling by other children. Emma adores all her brothers. She is eleven years old and scores the best grades in all her tests and her best friends, Ray and Norman.

As an ENFJ anime character, she is always an optimistic, outgoing, and lively girl. She takes extra care of all her siblings with dedication, patience, and sheer affection. Emma loves Mama and Grace Field House dearly. She is athletic and competes with Ray and Norman. She is quite intelligent and is great at planning and decision making. She can also memorize important information quickly.

Shouta Kazekhaya from Kimi Ni Todoke

Kazekhaya is the protagonist of Kimi ni Todoke. He is passionately in love with Sawako Kuronuma and he wants to make her happy because of the rumors about her. He is a compassionate, respectful and cheerful boy. He is a great friend but often gets nervous when he is around Sawako. They share an exciting yet complicated relationship.

Perhaps, at some point they might give up, however this was not happening with them until they clarify what they feel for each other.

Mizugaki Tsukasa from Plastic Memories

Tsukasa is the main character of the anime plastic memories. He is a social and good-natured teenager. During his high school, he tried to enter the job world but could not succeed due to poor health, which also caused him to miss the entrance tests.

Although Tsukasa is a sociable boy, he is a bit silent but fun-loving like a genuine ENFJ Anime character. He is considerate about others and likes to keep everyone happy. When Giftias were taken, he attempted a friendly farewell for both entities but still felt guilty.

He confessed his love for Isla, although he was already aware that she was a Giftia. He is dedicated to everything he lays his hand on, trying to overcome the hurdles with a bright smile plastered on his face. He is always encouraging towards his partner and trying to help and cheer her up until his farewell.

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 Akari Akaza from Yuri Yuri

Akari Akaza is an ENFJ Anime character because of her social behavior and friendliness and her willingness to be the life of the party.

She is mostly neglected for her size, but she is boisterous and has a loud presence. She makes new friends quickly, and that is her strongest trait as an ENFJ anime character.

She also gets scared easily, which is a nontypical trait for an ENFJ, but because she cannot wrong anyone and wishes to make them happy.

Mark Evans from Inazuma Eleven

Mark Evans is a team player and is cheerful and extroverted in nature with an energetic outlook. ENFJ anime characters are usually cheerful and adventurous. Evans exudes confidence and inspires his team as well. He is goal-oriented, so the team also likes to follow him.

Daichi Sawamura from Haikyuu!

Sawamura is the captain of the volleyball team at Karasuno High School. He is in his 3rd year. He is a capable captain and knows how to lead the team from the front. He is disciplined and orderly, but his sociable personality makes everyone love him. Although when he is angry, he can be daunting.

Sawamura is a perfect ENFJ anime character because he is responsible, generous, smart, patient, and a team player. To top that off, he is feared by his enemies, making him a desired character in the anime.

Zeniba from Spirited Away

Zeniba is the twin sister and opponent of Yubaba. They are identical twins, but their personalities are entirely different.

Initially, she looks meaner than Yubaba when she infuriates Haku for stealing her magic.

Zeniba reveals her genuine, sweet, and compassionate character when Chihiro apologizes to her. She even forgives Haku for stealing her seal. This makes Zeniba a great ENFJ anime character.

Jack Vessalius from Pandora Heart

Jack is almost like the protagonist Oz, since they both are always optimistic and active, they almost have similar personalities. Although apparently, Jack is kind and cheerful, he is brilliant and manipulative. He keeps the viewers on edge throughout the show.

Jack also has a piercing gaze that appears he can look right through somebody and reveal their real self.

Jack also is grudgeful against his family since he had a tough time while growing up. However, he keeps his feelings hidden from people.

Yaegashi Taichi from Kokoro Connect

Taichi is the main character of the anime. He loves wrestling. He and his companions make the cultural research club because they did not have a club where he could enter.

He is selfless and always tries to help others who are in need. He is considerate of Inaba despite being in love with Lori.

Mr. Blouse from Attack on Titan

Mr. Blouse is one of the best examples of ENFJ anime characters because he is a man of rules and discipline. He dedicated his life to the clan and is shown as a mature fatherly figure. He appreciates his disciplined ways of living and his compassionate nature. He sees that the Titans took down several homes, so they all need to share the forest.

Like a real protagonist, he is wise and smart and kind towards the dwellers.  He puts others before himself, which can be observed in his decisions of giving up hunting and breeding horses and selling crops for everybody’s benefit.

He also allowed refugees from Wall Maria to hunt from his land, although it means less food for his family. He realized the dire need as they were forced to lose their homes, which also highlights ENFJs trait to seek opportunities in challenging times.

Minato Namikaze from Naruto

Minato possesses an indomitable spirit and is representative of the ENFJ anime character. He is also reliable and romantic with his wife.

Hashirama Senju from Naruto

As an ENFJ anime character, he is a confident and optimistic person. In this case, the realistic aspects are considered as the responsibility of others around them.

He is an exciting man, who loves meeting new people, has friendly competitions, and does impulsive activities like gambling.

ENFJ Anime Villains

Although there are not many ENFJ anime villains, this personality tends to be friendly and optimistic.

Pouf or Shaiapouf from HxH is an excellent example of an ENFJ anime villain. He is calm and rational among the three royal guards. He is logical in his reasoning and is not swayed away by emotions. However, he is an ENFJ as he gives emotional responses to his passionate dedication to Chimera Ant King, which also fogged his judgment.

ENFJ anime villainous characters show a tendency of idealism in them, and it gets to show in the negative things they do. He passionately despised Komugi when he believed her to be refraining back the King from world domination.

The ENFJ anime villain characters also are the master of psychological games and manipulation that helped him betray, deceive, and murder anyone to keep his image untainted in the eyes of the King.


This detailed guide discussed the famous ENFJ anime characters and the characteristics of the ENFJ personality type.

The ENFJ personality types are particularly interested in expressing love, support, understanding, encouragement to those around them. They find comfort in helping others and derive pleasure by spending quality time with them.

The ENFJ personality type prioritizes others’ needs over personal desires. Hence, it is essential for this type of person to be aware of their own needs, so they do not overdo sacrifices to help others around them.

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If you can think of any more ENFJ characters, please let us know in the comments below.

FAQS: ENFJ Anime Characters

Is ENFJ a rare personality?

ENFJ is one of the rare types, particularly among men. Among the male population, ENFJ is the second rarest personality type. They make up 3 % of the total population.

Who are ENFJ attracted to?

ENFJs are attracted to assertive and confident people who can present themselves with a sense of sureness. They go for the confident and enigmatic people.

How do ENFJ show love?

ENFJs express their love for everybody quite vocally and upfront. They may tell you they adore you in various ways.

ENFJs are also romantic and may indulge in a grandiose display of affection; they are known to sweep their loved ones off their feet. They have loud personalities, so they do not do anything halfheartedly.

Do ENFJs fall in love easily?

ENFJs take their time falling in love. They are sweet and considerate lovers and pay much attention to the details. They take the romantic relationship seriously and go all-in when they are in love.





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