What personality types are ENFJ personality types compatible with?

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This blog post will explore what are the most compatible personality types of an ENFJ personality type. 

We will also briefly discuss what compatibility in ENFJ relationships look like and what the characteristics of an ENFJ personality is like including their strengths and limitations.

What personality types are ENFJ personality types compatible with?

The personality types that are most compatible with ENFJs are:

  • INFJ
  • ESFJ
  • ENFP
  • ENFJ

These personality types are the ones that are emotionally attuned with ENFJs and share similar values, interests, and their general approach to life is also similar though they might not agree to everything.

These personality types often share their ability to be emotionally attuned with others which makes these relationships fulfilling where the needs of an ENFJ is also met. Their ways of looking at the world can also be similar as well as their interactions. 

There might be a few differences in the way they interact with the world and their lifestyle the live with in the case of INFJs and ESFJs, and ENFPs however their shared ability to be emotionally aware with other people, see the good in others, and nurture and care for others make them the most compatible matches. 

For an ENFJ, they are generous when it comes to their relationships and tend to be giving in terms of love, attention, and affection and so their best match is one that is able to appreciate what they do while also giving back the same level of adoration and care. 

They prefer to be in relationships where there is intimate connection and ability to express one’s feelings which these above personality types can provide for an ENFJ. 

What does compatibility in relationships for an ENFJ look like?

Compatible relationships for an ENFJ is one where there is appreciation and a lot of it. their partners. Their ideal type of relationship is one where both individuals value time and effort spent in the relationships and one that has a structure and a vision to it. 

This means that ENFJ do not enjoy casual dating but prefer one that is usually intense, with shared goals, and a schedule, as well as shared responsibilities. 

They are also compatible with people who likes spending time together- doing things or doing nothing at all since ENFJs do not like being alone. 

They also like being in relationships where they have the ability to be there for another partner and prove that they are reliable, so a partner who appreciates their efforts is one that is highly compatible for this personality type. 

Because ENFJ are givers, they tend to give more than they have and this can lead to a lot of distress. A compatible relationship will be with one personality type that is also able to give back in return and is highly attuned with their needs meaning that they are feelers more than thinkers who can help them meet and tend to the needs of the ENFJ. 

Incompatible relationships for ENFJs is one where there is no authenticity, no appreciation, and they are being taken for granted. This lack of appreciation can lead to bitterness and resentment which can deterroritate the relationship.

What is an ENFJ personality type?

The ENFJ personality type is one of the 16 MBTI personality types that is also known as the “protagonist”.

People with this personality type have extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging personality traits and are often seen by other people as warm and forthright who love helping others and also have strong values and opinions. 

They are also observed to be extremely friendly and easy to form friendships with meaning that they are people persons. It is easy for them to do so because they have high empathy and emotional awareness and often have the ability to influence others. 

They are also idealistic with a tendency to be organised and structured in the way they live their lives. They also have idealistic visions for the world and others and often tend to influence growth in others and are passionate about helping others meet their potential. 

They are also driven by their need to have some impact on the world and others and tend to be ambitious with the goal of making the world a better place which makes them forward thinking and optimistic in some contexts. 

What are the characteristics of an ENFJ?

The Key characteristics of an ENFJ include:

  • They are strong extroverts that thrive when they spend their time with other people. They usually get their energy and learning from interacting with others and like being and mingling in crowds. 
  • They tend to do, think, and do. They are action oriented and learn best by practical learning. 
  • They are often described as warm and supportive because of their ability to empathise with others and put this into practice with their warm and excellent people skills. 
  • They are really supportive as friends, family, and mentors and often gain personal satisfaction by helping other people to the point where they might neglect their needs for others. 
  • They are abstract and idealistic thinkers and are able to think creatively and out of the box to come up with problems.
  • They tend to be extremely compassionate to the people around them and feel a genuine concern for the people around them and the world which makes them very altruistic as well. 
  • They desire meaningful and supportive relationships and believe that helping and working together is the best way to get things done. 
  • They expect too much of themselves and often personalise failures and are sensitive to feedback.
  • They are good leaders who are able to bring cohesion within groups as well as motivate the group. 

What are the strengths and limitations of an ENFJ?


The strengths of an ENFJ include:

  • Empathy in their way of dealing with other people is one of the major strengths of ENFJ. Their empathy is not limited to a few people but the whole world in general which makes them highly attuned to other people’s needs making them incredible people to be friends with. 
  • They are excellent peacekeepers who work hard to promote harmony amongst people and also deflect conflicts so that the entire group keeps working together and moving towards the same goals. 
  • They are very capable when it comes to communicating with others, be it in written or spoken words. They are very good story tellers, orators, and often, people are drawn to them due to their speaking and influencing abilities. 
  • ENFJs are known for their ability to get people to do what they want or to persuade other people and often this is not done to manipulate but rather to help people do what will benefit them. 
  • Their leadership skills are excellent and this ensures that other people are keen on following them because of their leadership skills and their ability to teach and mentor others in effective ways. Their idealism allows them to see the good in other people as well as their potentials and their ability to plan can help people progress which all play out in their ability to lead effectively. 


The limitations of the ENFJ include:

  • They tend to be impulsive because they are very passionate and headstrong, which makes them become overconfident in their own plans and reasoning and they end up diving in without considering the situation fully or making note of the consequences. 
  • They also tend to have their hands in too many pies which makes them say yes to most things even if they do not have the time. They tend to be overcommitted because they are genuinely excited to join in and put in the effort; however, at times this might cost them mentally and lead to burn out. 
  • They struggle with decision making because they are quite idealistic and use their feelings to make decisions which can make them lacking when there are logical decisions to be made. Because they are very empathetic, they might also find it hard to be objective.
  • ENFJs prioritise people and the needs of others before themselves which can make them have a hard time in the long run if their needs are neglected for too long. Because of their need to help others they often suppress their own needs and wants because of their desire to avoid tension and conflict in relationships and this can lead them feeling dissatisfied and unhappy.


This blog post has explored what are the most compatible personality types of an ENFJ personality type. 

We have also briefly discussed what compatibility in ENFJ relationships look like and what the characteristics of an ENFJ personality is like including their strengths and limitations.

FAQ related to ENFJ compatibility

What MBTI is ENFJ attracted to?

ENFJs often list themselves as most attracted to INTJs followed by INFPs, then ENTPs or INTPs.

Who Should an ENFJ marry?

For a relationship or marriage to thrive ENFJs should marry people who’s dominant function is Introverted Feeling to compliment their dominant function of Extraverted Feeling. An example would be an ENFJ and INFP are ideally matched, because they share the Intuitive way of looking at the world as well as their dominant function is complimentary. 

Do ENFJs fall in love easily?

ENFJs fall in love quickly because they tend to jump in before looking at facts due to their idealistic nature as well as because they are people-oriented and love is a big part of their lives. 

They tend to be  decisive when it comes to love and tend to allow themselves to go with their feelings to make decisions when it comes to their love life as they are highly emotionally attuned. 

Who does ENFJ not get along with?

ENFJs tend to have some conflict with its polar opposite, ISTP becasue their ways of dealing with the world, interactions, ways of thinking, and decision making, and lifestyle are all polar opposites which can make it difficult for them to see eye to eye.

Are ENFJ clingy?

ENFJs may not be emotionally clingy however they have a tendency to be hovering when it comes to the people they love because of their need to support and help the ones they love.


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