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Enneagram 4w3 (Everything you need to know)

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In this brief guide, we will explore enneagram 4w3, as well as other related concepts like enneagram 4w3 vs 4w5, enneagram 4w3 vs 3w4, Enneagram 4 subtypes, 4w3 careers and Enneagram 4 personality type.

Enneagram 4w3

4w3 is a subtype in the enneagram personality theory in which there are core traits of type 4 along with some traits of type 3 which means that these individuals are introverted, self-sufficient, artistic, and creative, and very driven towards success.

The typical enneagram 4w3 tends to be someone who is energetic and enthusiastic about the goals they set for themselves, and they may often not be as introverted as pure type fours maybe, or even as introverted as the subtype 4w5, likely because of the type 3 traits..

The 4w3 personality is known for their creative spirit and productivity and this may manifest itself in their need to be unique and expressive which may often drive their hopes of making a lasting impact on society in some way.

The type 3 traits of the 4w3 personality make them more ambitious and give them the tendency to be able to deal with people adequately, but the nature of their goals may be more like the type 4, which is to be significant and unique in some way.

The main strength of the Enneagram 4w3 personality lies in their imaginative and innovative skills, and they are often very artistic, which is not just seen in their fine arts skills, but also in their ability to find novel solutions to major problems with ease.

The 4w3 personality, or 4 wing 3, is capable of thinking outside the box, which makes them good additions to jobs where a great deal of brainstorming is required.

Additionally, this personality type is also very ambitious and energetic, but at the same time they are not extroverted so they are deeply in tune with themselves and find it easy to introspect.

The 4w3 personality has no trouble understanding the feelings and motivations of others and they may deal with the people around them in a swift and efficient manner.

Despite their knowledge of other people’s motivations and needs though, the type 4w3 is very genuine and authentic.

On the negative side, the enneagram 4w3 personality can also be extremely afraid of failure and they may spend far too much time trying to figure out who they are and what they want.

In some cases, this personality type may have the tendency to cut people out when they are trying to reach some sort of understanding about themselves, and they may react emotionally in difficult times.

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Enneagram 4 Subtypes

The 2 primary subtypes of Enneagram 4 are Enneagram 4w3 and 4w5, where type 4w3 has some traits of type 3 along with the traits of type 4 and type 4w5 has traits of type 5 with core traits of 4.

Basic Desire and Fear of 4w3

The basic fear of the 4w3 personality is not being significant or unique in the world and not being able to form a distinct identity.

The 4w3 might express this basic fear a lot by frequently distinguishing themselves in an artistic or creative manner.

The 4w3 are motivated by their fear of rejection and being incompetent.

The basic desire of the 4w3 is to make a mark in the world and create an identity that is unique to them and because they are very scared of failure, they desire the exact opposite all the time, which is success.

The 4w3 desires to accomplish big goals, and contribute to society in some relevant and major way.

Due to the wing 3 traits, 4w3 may also desire success and be quite ambitious, and they may try to accomplish things constantly.

Basic Desire and Fear of 4w5

The Enneagram type 4 wing 5 is also known as the Free Spirit or the Bohemian and is driven by the traits of both enneagram type 4   enneagram type 5.

These people are introspective, creative, and perceptive, and they may also be ambitious towards their identity-forming and wanting to be holistic, complete people.

4w5 has a basic desire to reach a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around, and they have an introverted sense of perception and judgment.

The 4w5 is also self-aware, and they may not be as concerned with public image compared to pure fours.

The Basic Fear of Four wing fives have a great basic fear of having no impact on the world or being insignificant in the workings of the world.

The enneagram type 4w5 seeks to have a uniquely formed and complete personal identity, and they don’t like not knowing who they are and what they are capable of.

The Basic desire of 4w5 is to achieve a better understanding of themselves and being complete individuals who don’t have glaring gaps in their knowledge about themselves and the world around them.

4w3 vs 4w5

The key difference between 4w3 vs 4w5 is that where 4w3 focuses more on career and set goals that they want to realize, the 4w5 may be more concerned with introspection and trying to make a unique self-identity by trying to figure it out for themselves first and seek knowledge.

The 4w3 may be more likely to be an extrovert, and their goals may be more external, but the 4w5 may focus more on the internal goals, their own identity and information is most important to them.

A 4w3 can be an  intelligent, curious, creative person who also has the Three wing ambition and ability to execute the many ideas they have, while the type 4w5 seeks to immerse themselves in all the feelings they hold inside themselves, and they are someone who can empathize and understand the outer world.

The Three Wing helps 4w3 move from the fantasy and ideas to tangible physical projects and businesses, while the 5 in 4w5 lends wisdom through intellectual processes and insights, and their talents may not lie in the tangible, material arena.

In 4w3 vs 4w5 comparison, one might find that the 4w3 is less melancholic and dramatic but the introspective tendencies of the 4w5 might get emotionally charged and reactive to situations but at the same time the five wing also leads them right back to the more objective and practical because of the investigative streak that enables the process of learning.

Enneagram 4w3 Careers

Enneagram 4w3 careers tend to revolve around their highly goal seeking nature that is also creative and imaginative in nature, and as such they may often find themselves in stimulating fields that also allow for exponential growth and a chance to make a name for themselves.

Here are some typical and ideal Enneagram 4w3 careers:

  • Musicians
  • Poets
  • Journalists
  • Activists
  • Painters
  • Graphic Designers
  • Chefs
  • Executives
  • Performer.
  • Motivational Speaker.
  • Personal Trainer.
  • Photographer.
  • Music Teacher.
  • Artist.
  • Hair Stylist.

Enneagram Types

One may be able to find their enneagram types through the enneagram test, and they may also want to read about the various types and subtypes to see if they have a wing that gives them additional traits of the adjacent personality type.

The 9 main Enneagram types are as follows:

  • Type 1: The Moral Perfectionist/Idealist/Reformer
  • Type 2: The Supportive Advisor/Caregiver/Nurturer
  • Type 3: The Successful Achiever/Performer
  • Type 4: The Romantic Individualist/Artist
  • Type 5: The Intellectual Thinker/Investigator
  • Type 6: The Loyal Guardian/Loyalist/Skeptic
  • Type 7: The Entertaining Optimist/Enthusiast
  • Type 8: The Protective Challenger/Leader
  • Type 9: The Peaceful Mediator/Peacemaker

Enneagram types are based on the enneagram theory that was given long ago and has been used in many conditions and concepts, and it is made in the form of a circle with 9 equidistant points on it.

All the enneagram types have a relationship with each other in the form of integration or disintegration positions as well as wings.

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In this brief guide, we explored enneagram 4w3, as well as other related concepts like enneagram 4w3 vs 4w5, Enneagram 4 subtypes, 4w3 careers and Enneagram 4 personality type.

Enneagram personality theory is very interesting to anyone with an interest in personality types, and it gives a good idea of where someone might develop if they feel like they are lacking in some way or some area.

Enneagram 4 subtypes like 4w3 and 4w5 in particular tend to be very elusive, and they are often not as well known as other types of personality, which makes understanding them very gratifying.

If you have any questions or comments about the enneagram 4w3 personality type, or personality types in general, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Enneagram 4w3

What is Enneagram 4w3?

The enneagram 4w3 personality is also known as the Enthusiast due to their traits of being excited about things and wanting to learn things, and enneagram 4w3 will have the core traits of type 4 and some traits of type 3.

Enneagram 4w3 people tend to be creative, energetic, and productive in their behavior, and they may also be more sociable than other four types.

Which Enneagram is the rarest?

The rarest Enneagram is Type 8 The Challenger, followed by Type 5 and Type 4. According to the same reports, enneagram Type 9 is the most common Enneagram type, consisting of 14.4% of the population that was studied for this report.

Is Enneagram Type 4 rare?

Yes, enneagram type 4 is rare, in fact, they are among the rarest types of personality in the world apart from enneagram type 8 and Enneagram type 5.

Which Enneagram type is most stubborn?

Enneagram Type 9, surprisingly, is considered to be the most stubborn, which may seem odd because of how balanced and and harmonious they tend to be but some people may know that they can also be very stubborn because of how much they want to avoid conflict.

How do you deal with Enneagram Type 4?

Here are some steps to deal with the enneagram type 4:

Support them through their emotional phases.
Handle their creative spirit well
Be a volunteer when they need help. 
Be positive.
Be self-disciplined with them.

What is the Enneagram Type 4?

The enneagram type 4 is known as the romantic or the individualist and they may be some of the most introverted people in the enneagram, and they tend to be extremely self-aware, sensitive, and reserved. 

The enneagram type 4 is known for their emotionally honest, creative, and personal attitude, and they may be very imaginative and invested in the emotional aspects of art.

On the negative side the enneagram type 4 tends to be a little moody and self-conscious and they may withhold themselves from others due to feeling vulnerable and defective.


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