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Enneagram Type 9 Self Improvement (A complete guide)

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This article will explain how an enneagram type 9 can work on their self improvement in order to reach a better version of themselves! The article will also provide a brief introduction to this type and explain why it is necessary for them to work on their personality by highlighting their ‘dark side’!

How Can An Enneagram Type 9 Work On Self Improvement?

The enneagram type 9 can work on self improvement by focusing on the following areas:

  • Realize and Regulate Emotions
  • Analyze & Accept Mistakes
  • Get In Touch With Your Body

Let us take a look at who a type 9 enneagram is and what it is about their bad personality traits that makes it so important for them to work on their self improvement.

Who Is A Type 9 Enneagram?

This enneagram type is one that is willing to go a long way to keep peace and avoid conflict! They are generally easy going individuals who are cooperative, agreeable and tolerant as well. They prefer to compromise and agree to what others say in order to ensure smooth functioning. Hence, they are not too difficult to convince!

These individuals are also very trusting of others and easily accept what the other person says. Usually, they do not bother to go through much effort to determine what the other person says is true or not. They do this because of their personality which is to trust others but also because they do not want to get into a fight with another person.

The type 9 enneagram is known as the ‘Peacemaker’ who is willing to not only cooperate with others but will also help them out in their issues hence they appear as altruistic beings. They believe in supporting others and helping them achieve their goals; such behaviour also fosters teamwork, reduces friction and creates harmony between people.

However, enneagram type 9 is also very stubborn and may not be able to look into things that may cause them to change. Why? They prefer the status quo. The peacemaker dislikes too much change because whenever there is change there is friction and subsequently conflict as well! They are afraid of this and prefer to avoid it at all costs. So in this manner, the enneagram under discussion will be stubborn rather than cooperative.

Why Self Improvement – Fears & Desires 

Why do we need to focus on the self improvement of enneagram type 9s? What is it that necessitates these individuals to improve their own selves. We will explore the basic desire and fear of this enneagram type!

The Basic Fear of a Peacemaker.

The peacemaker or type 9 enneagram is afraid of losing those whom they are close to or surrounded by. They do not want to be left alone after a fight which they could have prevented. This is why they avoid conflict at all costs; it is not that they cannot take a stand or do not have any preferences of their own but they are afraid to lose the ones they clash with.

The Basic Desire of a Peacemaker.

The type 9 enneagram wants to be in peace and avoid any type of conflict in their life. He wants to be able to operate smoothly in his environment where there is no friction and things can proceed easily. 

However, sometimes they pay a high cost to avoid any conflict which results in pain. Sometimes, they distract themselves in order to not feel the pain associated with conflict. They might focus on food, watching too much content or other hobbies which may not be so healthy.

What Is A Dangerous Enneagram Type 9 Like?

At first, things may not seem so bad. The peacemaker will take a few steps back and fall into more conventional roles where they just say yes to what they are asked to do and do not really put in effort to explain to the other person their commitments – they maange a lot of work instead of trying to convince others of what they want.

Slowly, the enneagram will seem aloof and distant in the sense that they will be active and work to meet targets but they won’t be too engaging when it comes to meetings or discussions because they believe it won’t make any difference – it is better to avoid a possible conflict than take the risk to get to a better solution is what they think.

Hence, the enneagram type 9 becomes like someone who works but does not grow in their field.

Furthermore, they shift into their own shells and prefer to not share problems and attain peace at any cost. They will walk away from scenarios where they are needed to take up an opinion or just say what the majority believes. They will do everything to please others as they are mentally exhausted at this point.

Once these enneagrams deteriorate more in terms of their mental state, they will become ineffective or not capable of doing their work; these people feel repressed and neglected and will prefer to stay alone and away from others. However, this stage becomes so serious that they want to block out everything that reminds them of any conflict; they will become numb, desensitized and shut off from others. 

The worst stage this enneagram can fall into is that of becoming catatonic and multiple personality disorder.

How Can An Enneagram 9 Work On Self Improvement?

Realize and Regulate Emotions

It is necessary that this enneagram type realizes the emotions they experience. They cannot always put others first and repress what they feel or think. In the short run it will seem easy; they won’t face any conflict, work will continue and they will operate smoothly in their environment. However, the negative feelings will build up and this will tire one out emotionally and prevent them from growing with the other person truly regardless of who they are; they could be a friend, spouse, loved one or colleague.

What is required is for the enneagram type 9 to be their own self; yes this may seem selfish or self centered and may even be termed as not compromising enough however, they will be truthful to their own self and others. This will allow them to have relations with others in the long term even if there is some conflict.

In order to do this, they must understand the emotions they have and convey those to others instead of staying quiet and bearing them. They have to be open about what it is they want even if it entails some conflict.

Analyze & Accept Mistakes

Yes it is indeed difficult to look into a past divorce, losing one’s long term job or getting into a fight with a friend. However, in order to progress and truly live a peaceful life and not make the same mistakes, one must analyze their contributions to a bad life event or scenario. 

This will be painful especially when one realizes how they could have done things differently to avoid something bad that happened. They will be able to identify what mistakes they made and what they could have actually done. However, this will also make them realize that they should have been more open with what they were feeling and/or thinking.

This will help them better deal with future situations.

Get In Touch With Your Body

One issue these enneagram types have is that they become numb and ignore their own body needs because they just want to make sure things are smooth and hence will conform to whatever is asked of them. However, they need to know there are ways they can understand their body and make it feel better.

They can do this through exercise, meditation, engaging in intellectually stimulating activities such as reading articles or books. This will help them not only get back in touch with their needs, feelings and body state but also satisfy these all. It will encourage them to focus on their own self and put themselves first!


This article took a look at how the type 9 enneagram can improve their own self by working on five major areas. Also, the article provided an introduction to this personality type and apprised the audience as to why it is necessary to focus on self improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions: Enneagram Type 9 Self Improvement.

How can I improve my enneagram level 9?

You can improve your enneagram level 9 by focusing on your bodily needs, emotional state and analyzing past mistakes.

Why do enneagram type 9s go into stress?

Enneagram type 9s go into stress because they are afraid they will anger someone or disagree with them to the extent they distance themselves hence the type 9 enneagram will be left alone.

What is the desire of enneagram type 9?

The enneagram type 9 desires to be in a harmonious environment where there is minimum conflict and people interact in a smooth and easy manner.


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