What is an Enneagram Type 9?

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In this article we will discuss what an Enneagram Type 9 is and the characteristics of this particular type.

We will also explore how Type nines are in relationships, what are its career suitability, and what must a type 9 do to maintain well-being and flourish. 

What is an Enneagram Type 9?

The Enneagram Type 9, also known as “The Peacemaker,” one of the 9 types of the Ennageram types. 

They are usually people who are patient and understanding. They are individuals who like and enjoy harmony internally as well as externally- with their significant relationship and the world around them. 

They are extremely peaceful and tend to be accepting and trusting of other people. They are also creative and optimistic about the world and their challenges while also being a supportive figure in the lives of others.

They tend to avoid conflict and discord which might make them too complacent, simplify problems too easily, and minimise things that upset them- which might get in their way to deal with their problems effectively as well as lead them to neglect thesleevs. 

They also tend to be stubborn and have a fear of loss- loss of people in their lives, things, events, etc. They are especially good at bringing people together and tend to be the glue that holds their groups together as well as heal conflicts. 

What is an Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a categorization system of personality types. This system is based on how individuals interpret the world and manage their emotions, as well as how they behave as a response. 

The Enneagram, describes 9 different enneagram of personality types and these types are plotted on a map or diagram that illustrates how each personality type interacts and responds to each other. 

The exact origin of the Enneagram is unknown but it is assumed to have roots in ancient Babylon and also has traces of it in Greek philosophy 2500 years ago. 

This particular model of personality has been attributed to the Jewish Kabbalah, Christian mysticism and a mystical form of Islam, Sufism. However, the modern Enneagram system is the work of contemporary authors. Georg Ivanovich Gurdjieff who introduced the model in the 1930s as a spiritual symbol. 

According to the Enneagram, these types are defined by a core belief about how their world works and it is these beliefs that influence their world view, their motivation, and their perspectives about themselves, the world, and other people. 

These core beliefs are personal and individual to each type and while it can help us understand how each type reacts and responds to the world, it can also be limiting.

These beliefs motivate them to take particular actions and guide their decisions making. It also can help people understand how each type reacts to stress, how they adapt and respond to various situations. 

These core beliefs tend to be enforced by how each individual grows into adulthood, and each type is influenced by biological factors as well as impacted by environmental influences-such as family dynamics or parental relationships.

No one number or type is better than another as it is a horizontal system in spite of numbers being used and each individual may relate to more than one type and resonate with different traits depending on their station and experiences of life and overall levels of health.

What are the characteristics of a type 9?

Characteristics of Type nine personalities include:

  • They are people who are often seen as agreeable who get along well with other people and are also open to new people, making them feel safe, welcomed, and appreciated. 
  • They are people who strive for peace and harmony in the things that they do and the relationships that they maintain.
  • Nines are listeners and strive to understand other people from multiple perspectives which make them empathetic. 
  • They are patient and often trust the process of things. 
  • They are also supportive and nurtures people to grow into their full potential.
  • They are often seen as Calm and collected with the ability to diffuse conflicts and bring people together. 
  • Based on the wing they share with type 8, a nine with eight tend to be independent, adaptable, and a little more assertive than other type nines. 
  • For a nine with wing one, they are more hardworking, grunedly, and more serious or diligent- often showing perfectionist tendencies. 
  • For a type nine, they value Harmony, kindness and unity with the world which makes them a little idealistic.
  • They also thrive when their efforts are acknowledged and their contributions are seen as important and effective. 
  • They are strong believers in forgiveness and acceptance which often makes them seem wise and serene.,

How are Type 9s in relationships?

Within relationships, Type nines tend to be the peacekeeper because they care a lot about having a harmonious and peaceful relationship with people in their lives. 

They tend to avoid conflict and discord due to which they will do everything they can to keep the peace, even if that means stepping down or setting aside their wants and needs.

They are very nurturing partners that are accepting and supportive of their partners strengths and challenges. 

They do not judge their partners nor are they critical instead they are accommodating to the needs and limitations of their partners. 

They are big givers which makes them give their partners, their time, effort, material support etc- anything they can give, they will give.

Along with this, Type 9s also tend to face a few roadblocks and challenges when it comes to their relationships,

They tend to avoid addressing struggles as a way to avoid discord which can make their partner feel like they are sweeping things under the rug or make their partner feel unheard which can further cause tension. 

They might also develop resentment because they tend to go with what other people want most of the time as a way to keep the peace- this can make them feel unfulfilled and unappreciated in their relationships.

Type 9s must work hard to develop assertiveness within their relationship by understanding that their needs are also important. They must prioritise self care and self love before they allow themselves to love and care for others. 

What careers suit Type 9s?

When it comes to careers and a type 9s characteristics in the workplace, their adaptability is one of the biggest assets. They are attuned with the environment around them which makes it easier to adapt. 

Their calming presence is also an added bonus that they bring into their teams and this makes them a wonderful nurturer and supporter. 

They are also mediators so they work well to strike harmony within the team and bring the team together to work efficiently 

Because of these characteristics, careers best suited for Type 9s include:

  • Careers that promote establish and consistency
  • Careers that involve helping other people thrive
  • Careers that are more slow paced so that they can form deeper meaningful relationships
  • Careers that are more peaceful rather than one involving conflict or cut-throat. 
  • They will also enjoy careers that involve working in small teams rather than environments that do not allow them to feel connected.
  • Because of their fear of loss, careers that involve loss and death will not be a healthy choice for them. 

Based on these preferences, the suitables fields and careers for them include:

  • Counsellor
  • Social Worker
  • Psychiatrist
  • Librarian
  • Editor
  • Religious Worker

What must a Type 9 do to flourish?

Here are a few things a type 9 can do to flourish and manage their well-being:

  • Type nines tend to put others before them because they want to maintain harmony within relationships thus it becomes imperative that they pay attention to their own needs and wants by being assertive and compassionate towards themselves.s 
  • They also need to take care of their physical health since they tend to neglect their bodies so taking the time to engage in self care related to their bodies is also important for them. 
  • They also must challenge themselves to see the pros when it comes to conflict so that they can learn to see that there is some positive value that they can learn and gain from conflict such as develop more understanding and meaning within the relationships, 
  • Type nines will gain much by learning how to be assertive in the way they communicate even if they find it difficult and scary. By practising it on people they trust, being direct in expressing themselves and their needs more clearly can become easier over time. 
  • Type 9s must also learn to become more open to new experiences just as they are to new people. Changing their routines to do things that make them move out of their comfort zone will be a great way to have them grow.


In this article we have discussed what an Enneagram Type 9 is and the characteristics of this particular type.

We have also explored how Type nines are in relationships, what are its career suitability, and what must a type 9 do to maintain well-being and flourish. 

FAQ related to Enneagram Type 9

Who Should an Enneagram 9 marry?

Type Nines pair well with Ones and Twos and these two types complement each other allowing them to be considerate of each other’s needs and build a life together. 

What do Enneagram 9s hate?

Nines hate it when people pressure them into doing something that they do not want to do. They also do not like being ignored or controversial because they strive for harmony in their relationships. 

What does a healthy Enneagram 9 look like?

Healthy nines have the following characteristics:

  • They are warm and empathetic
  • Lovable
  • Open and honest
  • They are also comforting and hospitable 
  • They make others feel loved, included, and safe. 

What does an unhealthy 9 look like?

When they are unhealthy, nines show the following characteristics:

  • Lethargic
  • Unmotivated
  • Unable to focus and concentrate
  • They are sluggish and the procrastinate
  • They become closed off and cold. 


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