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ENTP Anime Characters (13+ characters)

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This article will give a brief account of the ENTP anime characters and discuss ENTP personality traits.

Famous ENTP Anime Characters

Some of the famous ENTP anime characters are listed below

  • Shougo Makishima from Psycho Pass
  • Ryuk from Death Note
  • Okabe Rintarou from Steins: Gate
  • Shigure Sohma from Fruits Basket
  • Bulma from Dragon Ball Z
  • Konata Izumi from Lucky Star
  • Orochimaru from Naruto Shippuden
  • Hawks from My Hero Academia
  • Zero Two from Darling on the Franxx
  • Hange Zoe from Attack on Titan
  • Izaya Orihara from Durarara
  • Kensuke Aida from Evangelion

ENTP Personality Characteristics

ENTP stands for Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perspective. It is one of the personality types from the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator.

ENTP is also called the Debater, owing to the traits of boldness and creativity. They can create and reconstruct new ideas at record speed because they have a dominant function of thinking.

They are determined to pursue their goals, no matter how many hurdles come in their way.

ENTPs have excellent intuition; they use this skill to process information. They have a deep understanding of their environment, and their intuition gives them a significant benefit in life. They learn things quickly and with relatively much ease. They are flexible and adapt to different things quick.

As they develop their intuitive skills, they become more aways of the world of opportunities and possibilities, thus making them even more resourceful in getting solutions to the problems.

They are enthusiastic about stimulating conversations and discussions that invigorate their intellectual powers and skills.

ENTPs have great wit, and their enormously analytical skills and in-depth knowledge base make them a great conversationalist. They often are found debating and discussing different topics.

ENTPs can be challenging when it comes to proving their knowledge and putting the point across. They can be dangerous when their skills and knowledge are underestimated. They can debate out of boredom. Hence, the tendency to debate may not necessarily arise due to a big goal. 

ENTPs are extroverted thinkers, implying they are not predominantly big on the concerning aspect for the people but more along the commanding and leading them. They manifest their intuitions and thought process on the external world. The like mingling with people and sharing knowledge and ideas with them.

They manifest their intuitions and thought process on the external world. They like mingling with people and sharing knowledge and ideas with them.

Their ability to defend and ideas and concepts can be recognized as the implication of their extroverted nature. They have an innate hunger for knowledge, and thus they are fanatic about gathering and learning new things.

They are great thinkers and have unmatched charisma. They love to brainstorm ideas and knowledge, at times appearing too cold and rationale for general peoples’ liking. They are often also driven by the ideas and thinking about them to avoid real-world situations, considering they are mostly inside their heads.

ENTPs get along with all the personality types relatively quickly. Because of their intuitive traits, they understand and sympathize with others effortlessly. They are tolerant and flexible people and are liked by many.

Although they like people’s company, they always prefer being among smart, capable, and idea-driven people.

Shougo Makishima from Psycho Pass

Shougo Makishima from the anime Psycho Pass is the classic ENTP character. Shougo has a deep love for learning and thinking. However, he tends to manipulate people with his charismatic personality and skills.

He also has a great gift of communication skills and is excellent at persuasive speech.

Shougo is an avid reader and has an unparalleled love for dystopian literature, satisfying his hunger for knowledge.

Another pronounced ENTP trait is his logical thought process and is lack of feelings. He cannot understand humanity’s deeper pits because he lacks the function of feeling in his personality.

Ryuk from Death Note

Ryuk is the coolest sidekick on the show Death Note. He is the ENTP anime character with a goofy outlook and is visibly not a great thinker–but matches the personality type easily when considered all the factors.

Ryuk emphasizes the meanings and logic behind things and shows that he has an interestingly stable perception of the world. Thus, his Ne is the dominant function.

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Okabe Rintarou from Steins: Gate

Okabe Rintarou is the main character of the anime show Steins: Gate. He is a true ENTP anime character. He is intelligent and friendly. However, he can go into the mad scientist real quick. His Te is the dominant function, although some believe that his Ne is the dominant function.

Generally, he is a free-thinker, investigative person, making him a good person but he also gets fits of distrust.

Shigure Sohma from Fruits Basket

Shigure Sohma is the kind of anime character that does not look ENTP at first, but as the anime show, Fruits Basket progresses, he unfolds his personality traits. Although he is not the most intelligent, he has insights and tries to see things logically.

He is a perceptive observer, and makes a steady judgment with all the facts and figures. This approach helps him in understanding others.

Bulma from Dragon Ball Z

Bulma, a character from the most popular anime series Dragon Ball Z, is a typical ENTP protagonist. She has a loud personality and is not hesitant about it. She is enormously smart and logical. She is a Ne dominant function and likes to take intuitive steps in decision making.

Overall, she is a responsible, level-headed girl and cares about those around her. Through her investigative skills, she loves to help others.

Konata Izumi from Lucky Star

Konata Izumi is the protagonist of the anime show Lucky Star. She is one of the iconic ENTP anime characters.

She is logical and organized; even when she disagrees with herself, she relies on the facts and figures. She is an enthusiastic, cheerful, outgoing, and sincere friend. 

She is the perfect example of Fi blinding the Te dominant function.

Orochimaru from Naruto Shippuden

Orochimaru, from Naruto Shippuden, is an ENTP anime character, through and through. His primary goal is to know everything about everything. Despite it, he still gives a Te dominant function vibe than Ti, especially in his communication skills and style.

Although he prefers intuition over sensing, he does not only dwell on raw judgment to take any decision.

He is confident, self-assertive, and a sensible decision-maker. He also makes sure to avail every opportunity to achieve his goals.

Hawks from My Hero Academia

Hawks from the anime show My Hero Academia is the befitting example of the ENTP anime characters. His actions during the fights emphasize his inquisitiveness and analytical side, highlighting the Te dominant function.

Hawks is intelligent, curious, and prefers to speak when he wants to express his point and opinion. Hence, he contributes verbally to the decision-making process, making him a valuable character.

Zero Two from Darling on the Franxx

Zero Two, is the protagonist of the anime show Darling on the Franxx. Although she won’t seem like the ENTP personality type initially, delving deeper into her personality, she makes sense as the ENTP anime character.

Generally, she wants to be needed and that highlights her Ne dominant  function. Although she is not too smart, she tries to make sensible decisions.

Hange Zoe from Attack on Titan

Hange Zoe is an excellent ENTP anime character from the show Attack on Titan. She is confident, intelligent, and a true leader. She tends to share her feelings with others, and her Te is more dominant than Ti, making her an ENTP, considering all the factors.

On the basis of her performance in the Survey Corps, she is slightly confident about her abilities and accomplishments. She finds it appreciative when others believe in her potential.

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Izaya Orihara from Durarara

Izaya Orihara is the main character of the anime show Durarara, a perfect depiction of the ENTP personality type.

His ENFP traits are highly pronounced; he prefers his values while performing any actions, analyses the pros and cons before standing for any cause. He is open to social contact, a fast thinker, and is mindful of what he says.

Kensuke Aida from Evangelion

Kensuke Aida is the ENTP anime character from the anime Evangelion. He has some iconic ENTP traits of objectivity and confidence. 

He is self-reliant and depends on himself. He has big ambitions and seeks extensive knowledge for that reason.

Kensuke Aida is a friendly, observant, and talented character, but as his objective thinking function, he appears to be a bit of a selfish, manipulative and intense being; often, he can be perceived as self-absorbed and only concerned with his own dreams and passion.

Despite this, Kensuke is not vicious; he is a caring friend and is there for them when they need him. This highlights the intuitive tendencies in his personality.


This article provided a brief account of the ENTP anime characters and insights into the ENTP personality traits.

ENTPs are great at ideas, they are perceptive observers and seek opportunities in everything. They are excited and enthusiastic about making plans and get everyone moving towards the goals.

As an extroverted Intuitive function, ENTPs are interested in understanding the world around them. They are continuously gathering ideas regarding various topics and love to dwell on them.

If you can add more ENTP anime characters to the list, please let us know in the comments below.

FAQs on ENTP Anime Characters

Are ENTPs dangerous?

Yes. ENTPs love playing dangerous and would often question authority or break the rules. They can be extra dangerous when provoked or underestimated. They would quickly bring some chaos to prove their point.

Are ENTPs jealous?

No. ENTPs are not the jealous type; since they are confident and assertive, they don’t let the feelings of jealousy and distrust get the best of them. They channelize their energy to fuel their competitive attitude.

Are ENTPs lazy?

No, ENTPs are not lazy, although it takes some time to get the motivation. They struggle with finding the inspiration for specific projects that do not inspire them deeply. However, it may be a struggle to initiate the activity, but it certainly does not imply they are lazy.

Can ENTPs fall in love?

Yes. ENTPs are certainly as capable of being in love as any other personality type. However, their expression can be unique to this type. ENTPs are sometimes frightened by the process of falling in love, but they enjoy the experiences, although it can be frightening to them.

Are ENTP geniuses?

All ENTPs have an undying thirst for knowledge, and they grasp information at a high pace.
They may look genius because of their ability to see patterns, connect the gaps, association, creativity, and vision. However, they may overlook the finer details of the things, making them avoid them good at the broader picture.


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