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ESFJ Anime characters (A Brief Review)

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This blog will describe 11 ESFJ anime characters, but before going into the anime characters’ details, we’ll briefly describe the ESFJ personality type.

Iconic ESFJ Anime Characters

Some of the iconic ESFJ anime characters are given below:

  • Kabuto from Naruto
  • Kaname Tosen from Bleach
  • Reiner Braun from Attack on Titan
  • Makuba from Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Kurogiri from My Hero Academia
  • Shaiapouf from Hunter X Hunter
  • Ryuk from Death Note
  • Dwarf in the Flask from Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Ren from Konohana Kitan
  • Milly Ashford from Code Geass
  • Elizabeth from Black Butler

What are the Traits of ESFJ Personality Type?

ESFJs are Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging personality types. ESFJ is a person who is rejuvenated by spending time with other people (Extraverted) and is focused on facts and logic rather than abstract concepts and ideas (Sensing). He makes decisions based on their feelings and values (Feeling) and seeks to be organized and disciplined instead of flexible and spontaneous (Judging). ESFJs are known as Providers because they take a keen interest in taking care of people in concrete ways.

They are conscientious helpers and always sensitive to the needs of others. They are strongly attuned with their emotional side and pay attention to their own feelings and others’ perceptions. ESFJs like to have a sense of cooperation and unity around them and are happy to provide it.

ESFJs place great value on loyalty and tradition, and their family and friends are at the top of their priorities. They are giving when it comes to their time, energy, efforts, emotions. They have high levels of empathy and take on the feelings of those around them, like their own. They facilitate the people around them by putting their organization talents to use.

ESFJs have gentle and big hearts; they form long-lasting emotional connections due to their strong empathic tendencies. ESFJs generously help others and offer their guidance and advice whenever needed. No problem is too big to arouse the interest of ESFJ, regardless if it is a friend or an acquaintance. They won’t hesitate to offer impactful assistance.

ESFJs have efficient skills. They have good intentions and a pure heart, but they are equally good at handling complicated tasks. They are big on planning and organizing tasks. They are meticulous and detail-oriented, thus making sure all works are performed to perfection.

ESFJs can be overly judgmental and rigid. Although they are most tolerant, they are unable to approach things with a completely open mind. They have a fixated value system with a strong sense of wrong, right, good and bad. So they tend to label things as such; they lack the concept of gray areas. And think of it as “dual concepts. Additionally, as they focus on the here and now, they lack the creative capability to think about growth and improvements. They find it far-fetched and hard to think of the abstraction of the goals based on the future.

Now that we have seen the strengths and weakness of ESFJ personality types, let us move to the details of ESFJ anime characters:

Kabuto from Naruto

Kabuto is Orochimaru’s most loyal servant; he has been too valuable to the Sannin’s schemes. He cared for Orochimaru after his fight with Sarutobi, infiltrated Chunin Exams, and even developed the incredibly powerful Jutsu using Sound Four’s DNA.

Kabuto is exceptionally resourceful and proves to be Orochimaru’s confidante.  The Kage of the Sound only trusts Kabuto with his sensitive information. He entirely places his faith in this medical geek. 

Kaname Tosen from Bleach

Kaname Tosen is an ESFJ anime character from Bleach. His traits of kindness and taking the least vengeful path makes him an exemplary character.

Nonetheless, he is not afraid to go against his own people if they stand against the cause that he believes in, in which case he won’t even hesitate to attack. 

Kaname is also fanatic about creative endeavors like cooking, which the ESFJs likeness can justify for the sensory experiences.

Reiner Braun from Attack on Titan

Reiner Braun was the second position holder of the 104th Cycle Recruit Troop and formerly served the Reconnaissance Legion.

Reiner is a passionate and supportive young man. He was oozing with the sense of duty and took his responsibility as a soldier religiously. He is highly empathetic and often places others’ needs over his own. He thinks before taking any action.

Reiner also is attuned with the emotional side and remains loyal to his cause, although earlier he tried to escape, and because of it, he often felt guilt. 

He often battles with himself, referring to himself as a “short-lived killer” and “villain”.

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Makuba from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Makuba is the villain from Yu-Gi-Oh! He shows the unhealthy ESFJ traits perfectly. His motives were sinister when he wanted to win over his older brother. Apparently, Makuba seems like a pure and transparent character, but his goal was the opposite.

Makuba shows how when the ESFJ is fixated on his own perceptive goal; he can become blind to the consequences it may have on others.

Kurogiri from My Hero Academia

The anime character from My Hero Academia is the ESFJ anime villain. He is in charge of unifying the team. 

He is essentially the most significant member of the league of villains. Kurogiri is a calm and composed person. Generally, he is affectionate towards others and greets them gently.

Owing to the exceptional people-influencing skills, Kurugiri is revered by the team, although he can have manipulative tendencies.

Shaiapouf from Hunter X Hunter

Pouf is fervently sycophantic Royal Guard and always busy appeasing the King. Pouf is also keen on sharing his wisdom with Meruem. 

Pouf is also drawn to the creative world of music and literature, shown through his love for violins and reading.

Ryuk from Death Note

Although L and Watari are the antagonists of the anime series Death Note, Light and Ryuk are the Villains of the show.

Ryuk is highly social, and drawn to the human’s reaction to his first impressions.The shinigami does not share the benevolence of other ESFJ villains for his humans or patron. Although he offers his service on the exchange of an apple, he gives the suggestions and advice for free. After all, for ESFJ novelty is their mode of payment.

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Dwarf in the Flask from Fullmetal Alchemist

Dwarf in the Flask is a human-like creature in the initial phase; this character had a beautiful, charismatic personality. Later, he evolves into a stoic, composed and collected, almost lifeless form. This also indicates that certain events and circumstances can change people’s personalities and traits throughout life.

Dwarf in the Flask is an ESFJ villain because of its enhanced negative traits, bringing out selfish, insensitive, and ruthless tendencies.

Ren from Konohana Kitan

Ren is an alien that landed on Earth. She has an exotic appearance with pink hair and a pink bow in her hair, and bright blue eyes. Owing to the attractive wardrobe, she seems to enjoy her femininity and is proud of it.

She is tsundere, with a perfectionist and calm exterior. However, she is pretty violent on the inside, something that can be expected in an ESFJ personality.

Milly Ashford from Code Geass

Milly is the friend of Lelouch in the anime Code Geass.

Milly has a cheerful and bubbly personality, and she often likes playing on people’s insecurities. She supports and cares for the people she connects with. She can be serious when the situation demands it. She loves being in the moment and enjoys festivities, and sometimes fish the secrets of her friends through it.

She is often teasing her friends and always wanting to know secrets about her friends.

Elizabeth from Black Butler

Initially, Elizabeth was seen as a happy and bubbly girl. However, as the anime Black Butler progresses, her real personality unfolded. She has evolved into a mature girl who is protective of the ones she loves and cares for.

Similarly, she was not in any creative field at the start, but she is seen enjoying the artistic endeavors after some time.


The blog described 11 ESFJ anime characters. It also discussed the characteristics of the ESFJ personality type.

In conclusion, ESFJs take their responsibilities religiously. They value orderliness and stability; they place immense focus on the details of everything. They tend to analyze the situation and plan meticulously to achieve what they want. They are enthusiastic about this sort of duties and activities; they enjoy managing the tasks,

ESFJs are warm and empathetic people. They need the recognition and approval of the people around them. They derive a great sense of pleasure and accomplishment by helping those in need. They are disturbed by the world’s indifference and unable to understand the mean and ruthless behavior of people.

ESFJs have extroverted affectivity as a dominant function in their personality. They like to read people for fun and also to get their own motive. In this process, they may even mold their behavior matching with the person’s. Hence, they can be manipulative and controlling when they want.

Overall, they are warm and welcoming people who live in the moment. They are friendly and amicable. They can go to far lengths for their friends and loved ones.

Do you agree or disagree with our list of ESFJ Anime characters? Do you have any suggestions for the character? Feel free to write in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions: ESFJ Anime Characters

Who are the ESFJs attracted to?

ESFJs are attracted to passionate and enthusiastic people, they like uniqueness and hence they go for someone who can kindle the spark in their lives.

What should you not say to an ESFJ?

You should strictly not say anything along the following lines:

Your feelings don’t matter.
You are trying too hard
I was just messing with you
Rules are made to be broken
You are too fake/bubbly.
You are not doing enough.
Don’t take it personally.
Sorry, I forgot about your plans.

 Are ESFJs rare?

ESFJs are the second most common personality type in the population. They make 12% of the general population. Women form 17% of the ESFJ population, whereas men make up 8% of the ESFJ population.

Why are the ESFJs annoying?

ESFJs can be annoying because of their obnoxiousness. They are determined never to lose face in front of the world. They always want to be on the leading end in every social set up, so they never have to feel left out or led by anyone who calls on them against their will.

Are the ESFJs smart?

ESFJs are smart in matters regarding people. They know the right thing to say to satisfy the people around them. They are not dumb wits and are also intelligent people, academically.


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