Who are some Famous ESFJs?

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This article lists out some famous people who are ESFJs. 

We will also explore what an ESFJ is and what are the characteristics of this personality type.

Who are some Famous ESFJs?

ESFJs tend to be highly influential in whichever crowd they go to, they are great at being emotionally present and reading social cues. 

They are talented in rallying the group together, and are natural leaders for causes they really believe in while trying their best to create a safe space for themselves and others. 

Here is a list of famous ESFJ individuals:

Famous ESFJ Musicians

ESFJs are well-represented in the music world and are often seen by their fans and their peers as charismatic and outgoing who are able to convey their emotions through music.

They are creators who are open and sociable while also being able to be emotionally aware of themselves as well as others which is quite prominent in their music writing or creating. 

They are also musicians with a strong work ethic who like things to be planned and organised and are often focused on facts.

Here’s a list of some ESFJ musicians, this list has been referred to from Personality Max:

  • Alicia Keys, American singer-songwriter
  • Ariana Grande, American singer-songwriter 
  • Celine Dion, Canadian singer 
  • Dolly Parton, American singer-songwriter 
  • Ed Sheeran, English singer-songwriter 
  • Elton John, British singer and pianist 
  • Jennifer Lopez, American singer and actress 
  • Jon Bon Jovi, American singer-songwriter 
  • Jung Ho-Seok, Korean rapper and songwriter 
  • Louis Armstrong, American trumpeter and composer
  • Mariah Carey, American singer-songwriter 
  • Michael Buble, Canadian singer-songwriter 
  • Randy Jackson, American singer and TV personality
  • Shania Twain, Canadian singer-songwriter 
  • Taylor Swift, American Singer, and songwriter
  • Tina Turner, Swiss singer-songwriter
  • Whitney Houston, American singer and actress

Famous ESFJ Actors and Actresses

ESFJs are outgoing and are not afraid of the spotlight which makes them a good fit for being in front of the camera. 

They are empathetic in the way they take on roles and are able to understand their characters in ways that are intimate and emotionally close which makes them highly skilled in the field since they can take on the perspective of their characters. 

They also have strong work ethics, are team players, and are rarely vain in the way they conduct their day to day life; however, they are sure and secure in what they want and are not afraid to get it. 

Here is a list of famous ESFJ in the movie making industry, this list has been taken from Personality Max:

  • Anne Hathaway, American actress 
  • Alyson Hannigan, American actress
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones, Welsh actress
  • Chris Evans, American actor
  • Danny Glover, American actor and producer 
  • Drake Bell, American actor and singer
  • Faye Dunaway, American actress 
  • Hugh Jackman, Australian actor
  • Jennifer Aniston, American actress 
  • Jessica Alba, American actress 
  • Jessica Biel, American actress
  • Joseph Morgan, British actor and director 
  • Julia Wieniawa, Polish actress
  • Kelly Preston, American actress and model 
  • Margot Robbie, Australian actress and producer 
  • Mary Tyler Moore, American actress and producer 
  • Melissa Benoist,  American actress and singer 
  • Penelope Cruz, Spanish actress and model
  • Priyanka Chopra, Indian actress and singer 
  • Sam Claflin, British actor 
  • Sarah Jessica Parker, American actress and producer 
  • Shirley Temple, American actress and diplomat 
  • Vanessa Hudgens, American actress and singer 
  • Vin Diesel, American actor and musician
  • Yvette Nicole Brown, American actress and comedian 

Famous ESFJ Athletes

As athletes, ESFJs are usually attuned to their body which makes them extremely in control and agile when it comes to making use of their body for a sport, 

They are atheists who take on the role of leaders at times- gracious leaders, and they enjoy not just the competitiveness of the sport but also the social aspect of the sport- the relationship with their team and their fans. 

They are also driven, often perfectoningst with themselves and the team, and also tend to be highly disciplined in the way they conduct their lives, their practice, and their careers. 

Here’s a list of famous ESFJ athletes:

  • Brian Scalabrine, American basketball player and TV analyst
  • Daniel Cormier, American mixed martial artist and wrestler
  • Drew Brees, American football player
  • Elvis Stojko, Canadian figure skater
  • Gigi Fernandez, Puerto Rican tennis player
  • Hulk Hogan, American wrestler
  • John Cena, American wrestler and actor
  • Kylian Mbappe, French football player
  • Nancy Kerrigan, American figure skater
  • Rubens Barrichello, Brazilian racing driver
  • Sergio Aguerro, Argentine football player
  • Steve Spurrier, American football player and coach
  • Terry Bradshaw, American football player

Famous ESFJ Leaders

As leaders, ESFJs are charismatic, generous, and efficient leaders. 

They are empathic and have compassion in the way they serve their communities and their teams since they take time and effort to understand other people. 

They are also great at keeping up morale and also working with their strengths to get things done. They often put their needs aside for that of their team and are extremely driven by responsibility and duty. 

They are not risk takers as a leader which might be a drawback in certain situations, and they tend to do best in situations that have an objective that needs to be completed. 

Here are some famous ESFJ leaders and politicians, this list has been taken from PersonalityMax:

  • Amy Coney Barrett, U.S. Associate Justice
  • Andrzej Duda, Polish President
  • Colin Powell, U.S. Secretary of State
  • Harry Truman, U.S. President
  • Joe Biden, U.S. President
  • John Boehner, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
  • John Connally, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
  • King Willem-Alexander of Netherlands
  • William Clinton, U.S. President
  • William McKinley, U.S. President

What is an ESFJ?

ESFJ is one of the sixteen personality types that have the functions- Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging. 

The ESFJ personality is someone who is extroverted, likes spending time with other people, and find such activities fruitful and fulfilling, 

They are also people who focus on facts and details as o[pposed to ideas and are grounded on reality and the present. 

They also make decisions based on their feelings and values and tend to be highly empathetic of other people. 

They are also planned and organised rather than spontaneous and flexible and like working under set rules and structure.

ESFJ is the second most common type in the population and make up 12% of the general population with the majority of them being women. 

What are the characteristics of an ESFJ?

Here are the key characteristics of an ESFJ:

They are very practical and tend to do things when there is a plan that is foolproof and well organised.

They are people who know how to get things done rather than dream about doping things. 

They are disciplined and responsible and often tend to be detail oriented when doing things. 

They like to get things completed and do not like leaving things unfinished or doing this without full investment. 

They are warm and sensitive as individuals who are able to form long lasting bounds with others based on a meaningful relationship because of their empathetic nature. 

They are supportive as friends and often tend to be great guides who give solid advice. For them, helping and assisting a friend is a given. 

They are loyal and dutiful which is driven by their traditionalistic nature. They tend to do things and abide by rules and in doing so they protect the order that has been present for a long time. 

They tend to also put the needs of others first which can at times ghet in their way and their needs and their rationalism can get in the way of progress in times when rebellion is needed. 

They are not afraid of challenges and tend to face challenges head on and are also leaders when they need to advocate for a cause, they are people who will step up and get things done. 

Because of their traditionalism they tend to be Rigid and judgmental when there are new things on the rise. They are tolerant but they tend to lack open,mindedness and view things in black and white based on their own evaluation of first impressions. 

They also have a strong need to be acknowledged, seen, noticed, and appreciated because their sense of self worth is outwardly oriented. This can cause some challenges because when their need for appreciation and acknowledgement is not met, it can cause them some emotional distress.

They do not do well with criticism, and often take rejection and criticism very personally and tend to internalise them which takes a lot of time for them to heal over. 

They are so factional and concrete in theri thinking that they at times lack creativity and are not really sensitive to creative inspirations, abstract ideas and big picture thinking which can cause them to become stuck in patterns of thought and behaviour that has become almost arcane. 


This article listed out some famous people who are ESFJs. 

We have also explored what an ESFJ is and what are the characteristics of this personality type.

FAQ related to ESFJ famous people

Is ESFJ a good personality?

All personalities are good personalities including the ESFJs. 

What makes this particular personality good or desirable is because they are highly organised, orderly, and productive. 

They bring structure in their surroundings, are generous and empathetic leaders, and tend to be very supportive of their loved ones and their coworkers as well. 

Who is ESFJ most compatible with?

ESFJs are most compatible with partners who value their caring gestures and are able to acknowledge their efforts while also being able to meet their standards for living and perfection. 

Some of the best matches include ISFPs and ISTPs who can not only compliment the way they socialise and think but also challenge them with spontaneity and logical thinking. 

Can ESFJ be leaders?

ESFJs are generous and effective leaders who tend to prioritise advocating, helping, and guiding individuals to meet their potential. 

They are also loyal and servants of the public who are able to put the needs of other over their own which makes them an ideal leader for the general public. 

Are ESFJs smart?

ESFJ are very emotionally intelligent and smart since they are often connected to emotions, especially the emotions of others. 

This makes them socially intelligent, and are able to read people, sense their intentions and their feelings which proves to be highly desirable skills and intelligence as outgoing social thrivers that they are. 


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