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ESFP Anime Characters (11+)

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This blog will describe 11 ESFP anime characters. However, before going to the details of character, we’ll give insights into the ESFP personality traits.

List of ESFP Anime Characters

Some of the ESFP anime characters are listed below:

Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail

Kirishima from My Hero Academia

Yū Morisawa from Creamy Mami

Brook from One Piece

Ty Lee from Avatar

Asta from Black Clover

Black Star from Soul Eater

Mighty Guy from Naruto

Major Alexander Louis Armstrong from FullMetal Alchemist

Seiya Kou from Sailor Moon

Femio from Princess Tutu

ESFP Personality Traits

ESFP stands for Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving. They are one of the personality types in the MBTI personality type.

ESFPs are warm and open individuals. They are pleasant to be with, as they live in the moment and genuinely value the moment.

ESFPs are warm hearted, generous, honest and affectionate people. They are sincere and loyal friends. They don’t like the complexity of things and try to take things at the face value. They tend to make easy and straightforward relationships as they cannot keep up with the connections and friendships that require too thoughtfulness and intuition.

ESFPs are known as the performers. They are true entertainers who can charm and engage everybody around them. They are spontaneous and fun-loving people which is why they mostly choose to perform  arts careers. They love to put on a great show.

ESFPs place great importance to their friendships and relationships. They are fascinated by love, and try to do anything to make each moment extraordinary. They don’t like to think much about future, they take one day at a time. They cannot guarantee a long-commitment relationship. 

ESFPs are effervescent, sociable, popular and dedicated crowd-pullers. They like to surround themselves around the people.They are able to create an authentic friendly atmosphere when they are with their close friends. . 

They like to be focused and believe in sensory experiences, thus they love experiencing new food, alcohol and even drugs. Their curious senses make them appreciate the physical beauty and sensory adventures, they have their own aesthetic.

ESFPs get along with many people. ESFPs are encouraging and uplifting others. However, they don’t like spending their time with mundane people, they find it boring to wait for people to start communicating, abstractly or formally.

ESFPs can be a bit impulsive in nature, because they want to experience as many things as they can. This makes them confident and exploratory people, and a breath of fresh air in a world driven with the hustling trends.

They often get annoyed and irritated when the bursting energy is slowed because of any reason. Hence, they are prone to experience emotional explosions when they absorb excessive negative energy from the environment.

They can appear flighty when things require extra lengthy commitments. They love to focus on the here and now and immediate gratification. Otherwise, ESFPs tend to avoid the situation and people.

Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail

Natsu is adventurous and carefree. Natsu indeed shows the impulsive response of the ESFP type. He lives for the day and makes each moment count. He enjoys his fights and the adrenaline rush of it. However, he is not entirely  all brawn and no brain. He is extremely loyal and will fight till the end for his friends. Even if the odds are not in his favour, he remains true to his words.

He is quick-witted and is able to think under challenging circumstances, making sure to come out of the situation.

He is lively, humorous and a goofy friend, making him an ideal ESFP personality type.  

Kirishima from My Hero Academia

One of the iconic ESFP anime characters from My Hero Academia is Kirishima. He is motivated and responds to the details in his surroundings quick-wittedly. He is physically strong and can fight defensively and offensively with his strong powers.

He lives in the moment, pays attention to the details and responds accordingly. He has strong core values and holds morality at a high position. He has a heart of gold and is attuned with his emotional side. His Fi is dominant along with his beliefs in masculinity, and appreciates when he sees a good deed that he deems morally appropriate.

Despite his tough exterior, he is well attuned with his vulnerable and emotional side. His backstory also shows that his favourite hero had a similar philosophy in terms of values and bravery. 

He can be a bit impulsive because of his Se, however, he is an exceptional character.

Yū Morisawa from Creamy Mami

The list of the ESFP anime characters would be incomplete without the Creamy Mami; Magical Girl anime series that rejoiced the screens in the 1980s. The anime portrayed Yū Morisawa, apparently an ordinary girl but she was presented with a magic wand which she could only use for a single year.

She decides to use her newly discovered power to start living with a double identity as the pop star. She is an ESFP character who accidentally found her singing talent, but she picks it up as her profession.

Brook from One Piece

Brook is one of the best characters from the anime One Piece. He is exceptionally talented and creative. 

He is a talking skeleton with Afro hairstyle and a tragic backstory. Despite this, he keeps his sense of humor intact and stays humble and down to earth.

He loves performing and composing music. He loves to crack jokes and make people laugh.

He makes his own music and forms a band, making a career of his talents. 

Ty Lee from Avatar

Ty Lee is a compelling character. Initially, she seems to be eye candy but her personality unfolds brilliantly.

She is a cheery and energetic teenaged girl who hailed from Fire Nation. As a child, Ty Lee managed to live with six identical siblings, causing her to lose her identity. Her desire to be recognized by others and be unique makes her an ESFP at heart. 

Like the performer personality, she becomes a skilled acrobat performer and makes a name for herself.

Asta from Black Clover

Asta dreamt of becoming the Magician King while he was raised in an orphanage.

Like the ESFP personality type, Asta never gave up on his dream and with a clear mind he defeated the demon and achieved his goal bravely.

Black Star from Soul Eater

Black Star is a goofy but not so bright character. He is incredibly determined to be his authentic self and promote himself as the king of assassins. It somehow becomes true since he is the last living member of his group.

Mighty Guy from Naruto

Mighty Guy is the mentor of Team Guy in the Naruto franchise. It is a kind of parody of Bruce Lee, telling enough of the performer’s personality.

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A performer requires a vivid imagination to live in a different world. He identifies himself as a true hero as he has Kakashi as his rival. 

He is a child at heart and energetic, making him an ideal ESFJ character.

Major Alexander Louis Armstrong from FullMetal Alchemist

Although he has an intimidating nature, Major Alexander Louis Armstrong is a child at heart and is sincere to the bones. He is a true poet and artist. He also hides behind the appearances making him the real performer.

Seiya Kou from Sailor Moon

Seiya Kou from the anime series Sailor Moon owns a light and cheery personality. He exhibits fund and energetic vibes. He also seems to love being the center of attention.

He is a skilled musician but he is also a great athlete. He is so involved in the moment he dont mind playing the game without proper gear.

Femio from Princess Tutu

Although there were several performers in the anime series Princess Tutu, one of the show’s outstanding characters is Femio. He loves to be the show stealer. Although he had been on probation in the local ballet school, yet he still never gave up on his dream. He keeps on acting in everyday situations, almost in a theatrical manner.

He exhibits true ESFP traits as he continually pictures himself involved in the performing arts while all the girls are swooning over his performances.

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The blog provided a description of the 11 ESFP anime characters and gave insights into the ESFP personality traits.

ESFPs are full of life and are extremely fun lovers, they enjoy everything they do. They are intelligent, humorous, sensual, popular, and straightforward. ESFPs can be frivolous and materialistic.They attract and inspire the people around them. 

ESFPs are the entertainers and performers. They like to give and enjoy the sensory experiences, they have more refined tastes in things. ESFPs have a unique aesthetic and love to flaunt that.

They can’t take criticism easily because they tend to take things personally. They usually struggle with commitments, as they like to take one day at a time.

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Do you have any more characters to expand on the ENFP Anime characters list, please add them in the comments below.

FAQs on ESFP Anime Characters

What anime characters are ESFP?

Some of the ESFP anime characters are:

Alvida from One Piece
Scratchmen Apoo from One Piece
Mina Ashido from My Hero Academia
Dandy from Space Dandy
Grell from Black Butler
Rider/Iskandar from Fate/Zero

Who should an ESFP marry?

ESFP should marry ISTJ or ISFJ. ESFP’s dominant function is extraverted sensing, which is best compatible with a personality that has dominant introverted sensing. 

How rare is ESFP?

ESFPs constitute 9% of the overall population. ESFP is known as the seventh most common personality type among men and the third most common type among women.

What ESFP should not say?

Non-constructive criticism, insults, derogatory and condescending remarks are not liked by anyone. ESFPs do not take criticism well; they tend to take things personally. So, it is best to avoid the insulting and embarrassing tone while speaking to others as well.

Can ESFP be shy?

Usually, ESFPs are not shy, as they are social people they like to mingle and interact with other people. In fact, they like to connect with new people most of the time.

Are ESFP manipulative?

ESFP are straightforward and upfront people and take everything as it appears. ESFPs can be manipulated easily by people they trust and may have a difficult time processing them. They are not suspicious of people owing to their laid back nature.

Are the ESFPs attractive?

ESFPs are physically attractive individuals. As expected, their extraverted outlook contributes to their attractiveness. They are up-to-date with trends and know what is popular, so they are attuned with the changing fashion trends.


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