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ESTP Anime characters (13+)

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This blog will describe 11 ESTP anime characters, but before going into the anime characters’ details, we’ll briefly give an overview of the ESTP personality type.

Iconic ESTP Anime Characters

Some of the iconic ESTP anime characters are given below:

  • Katsuki Bakugou from My Hero Academia
  • Baan from The Seven Deadly Sins
  • Greed from FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Masamune Makabe from Masamune-Kun’s Revenge
  • Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui
  • Rintarou Okabe from Steins:Gate
  • Dimple from Mob Psycho 100
  • Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop
  • Isaac Netero from Hunter X Hunter
  • Joseph Joestar from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures
  • Pan from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT

Traits of ESTP Personality Type

An entrepreneur (ESTP) is somebody with Extroverted, Observant, Thinking, and Prospecting personality traits. They are energetic and action-oriented, keenly observing what is in front of them. They like unveiling life’s opportunities, whether they are in any social set up or more personal ventures.

They have a significant impact on their environment–it’s easy to spot the ESTP at any party; you can see them mingling with every group from time to time. They have a blunt and earthy sense of humor; they love laughing and entertaining people. ESTPs enjoy being the center of attention. Entrepreneurs volunteer if any audience member is asked to come on the stage.

People with ESTP personality traits are bursting with energy and life. They love to discover new ideas and activities. They love philosophy and knowledge. They like to gather practical and drilling ideas in the details that can then be put to use. ESTPs combine boldness and practicality, almost naturally. They like to experiment with new ideas and ways of solutions. They can put things together as no one else can think of.

The originality and uniqueness helped by their ability to notice the minute changes in things–and also when to change them. Little changes in the habits and outlooks stand out to ESTPs, and they use their observations to build new connections and bond with people. Their perceptive skills are not used to manipulate or play mind games on people. They are keen on communicating transparently, with factual and straightforward questions and answers. They take things at face value. 

The ESTPs put all of their qualities and skills to assert themselves as great leaders in the groups. Although they don’t actively seek to lead the people, they have a natural knack for making incredible use of their social skills and networking opportunities.

ESTPs prefer reality and facts over feelings and emotions. They find emotionally charged situations to be awkward and uncomfortable. They are helplessly blunt, and they can’t help tone down their honest opinion. They also have a hard time identifying and expressing their own feelings. Moreover, ESTPs move at their own pace; they can’t work by someone else’s clock. This makes them impatient, which leads them to the strange territories without thinking of the long-term consequences. They deliberately fight boredom with extra risks.

They are unstructured in a way that if they see an opportunity, they will ignore the rules and social limitations in the process. They may achieve the goal, but it can create the risk of social fallout.

As ESTPs are mostly living in the moment, they may miss the bigger picture, getting caught up in the details of a project’s section. This type cannot be boxed in with the structure, rules, or system. They are action-oriented people and prefer to do hands-on work. Formal systems and environments like schools and entry-level positions can be intolerable and unacceptable to the ESTPs. This setup requires extraordinary effort for the ESTPs to stay focused and not side-tracked or distracted with other things.

 Now that we have looked into the ESTP traits, without further ado, let’s go to the ESTP anime characters and their outstanding qualities.

Katsuki Bakugou from My Hero Academia

Not many anime characters are as outgoing and adventurous as Katsuki–popularly known as the Baron of Explodi-Kills. 

Young Katsuki aspires to be a hero and is never afraid to speak his mind or lead the battle from the front lines.

But wait, Katsuki is not only a meathead going high on his actions. Just like the ESTPs, Katsuki Bakugou is always reading the moves of the characters at a fast pace. He uses his skills, knowledge, and instincts simultaneously to act organically and artfully. 

Baan from The Seven Deadly Sins

The anime series, The Seven Deadly Sins is a power-packed show with strong and vibrant characters, and the ESTP anime character in it is the Undead Baan. He is a stylish and charismatic sin who flaunts both personal ambition and social charisma, excelling at both ends, his own interests and with the Sins.

Greed from FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

ESTPs are exceptionally known for their tremendous entrepreneurial skills and a better ESTP anime character than Greed from the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. He exhibits the ultimate passion for material possessions. Every single Alchemist: Brotherhood’s Seven Deadly Sins characters portray a part of Father, where Greed shows his materialism and enterprising skills.

It is not surprising to guess why Greed continuously works as a group, and all his incarnations awe the viewers with the charismatic personality.

Masamune Makabe from Masamune-Kun’s Revenge

Masamune was not born with entrepreneurial skills. He builds his skills and grows into a popular, good looking guy that Masamune-Kun’s Revenge showed and loved. He had a tough childhood, with numerous struggles and insecurities. But eventually, he gathered himself and used his looks and polished social skills to his benefit. He is able to excel at any social situation and works his ambition and knowledge to execute his plan to take vengeance against Aki Adagaki. 

Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui

Yumeko Jabami from the anime Kakegurui is an idealistic person with an undying supply of energy and passion but lacking a concrete plan. Yumeko glorifies the most devastating aspects of gambling, and her mind really is pushed to its potential.

She is always prepared for all circumstances. Yumeko is bold and confident. With her friends’ support, she is willing to make anything possible.

Rintarou Okabe from Steins:Gate

Rintarous Okabe may lack steady composure, but he is ambitious and charismatic in his unique way. Rintarou is crazy about the idea of being “a mad scientist” and uses that identification and delusional thoughts to lead him into his own time travel research laboratory. Although the idea is apparently absurd, Rintarou successfully achieves some support, primarily because of his magnetic personality and his inspiring ambition.

Dimple from Mob Psycho 100

Although he is merely as big as the dimples, Dimple can’t be underestimated for his influence and expansive knowledge.

Dimple has been a great figure in the spectral world and is aiming to reclaim his old self by shadowing young Shigeo Kageyama until he lets his guard down or some other living or ghost to use for his purpose. Although Dimple cannot get a desirable host, he is still quite strong and mighty, utilizing the stock of energy he has left and using his observant eyes and persuasiveness to make things and situations in his favor.

Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop

She is the quintessential femme fatal; she is Faye Valentine. Faye is charming and beautiful, always on-the-go, and indulged in the next big thing.

Faye’s time with the cowboy is positioned mainly on the idea of protection and sponging off of their hunting deals and not on the actual ‘likeness’ for them. She is an individual who values her spontaneity and independence above any other thing, as she ensures to do what is in the best interest of Faye Valentine.

Isaac Netero from Hunter X Hunter

Isaac Netero is an entrepreneur of the entrepreneurs. With a humble start as a martial artist who aimlessly wandered to a strange land and punched the air for a few years. After finding Nirvana as a consequence, he returned back to society to conquer it.

Isaac Netero, however, did not need a punch or a fist to finish his enemies. His experience, wit, and quick thinking were skills that helped him take down his challengers with ease. He is a manipulative, mean, and strangely jovial old man who all ESTP hopes to reach his level of success.

Joseph Joestar from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures

Joseph Joestar has to be the cleverest ESTP anime character. Joseph Joestar is iconic due to his quick wit, fast mouth, and able to weave convoluted plans to get out of difficult situations.

He also has leadership qualities that are visible in guiding the people of Stardust Crusader in their venture to stop Dio. 

Pan from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT

Pan is the ESTP character from the anime series Dragon Ball Z. She is a strong and mighty warrior. Pan is known for her smiling, amicable and hyperactive tendencies. She is a happy and optimistic girl and shares a wonderful bond with grandpa Goku. She always aspires to be like him.


The blog described 11 ESTP anime characters. It also discussed the characteristics of the ESTP personality type.

Not many personality types are as charming as the ESTPs. They can improvise and focus completely on the here and now. They are exceptional in finding exciting new things to experience and explore. They are down-to-earth and humble people who know their own path. ESTPs make their own rules and follow them; they are not the big fans of systems and regulations that are not in alignment with their own agenda.

Do you agree or disagree with our list of ESTP Anime characters? Do you have any suggestions about additional ESTP anime characters, feel free to reach out to us, or let.us know in the comments below.

FAQs on ESTP Anime Characters

What anime characters are ESTP?

Some famous ESTP anime characters are mentioned below:

Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop
Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui
Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Dimple from Mob Psycho 100
Baan from The Seven Deadly Sins

Who should an ESTP marry?

ESTPs should choose either ISTJ or ISFJ as their partners. ESTPs dominant operation is the extraverted sensing, which is best compatible with the type with dominant introverted sensing.

How rare is the ESTP T personality?

ESTPs constitute 4 % of the overall population, 6% of the men, and only 3% of women are the ESTPs.

Is ESTP romantic?

ESTPs can be a bit flighty in romantic relationships. Their dominant function wants novelty, so sometimes it gets hard for them to settle down for a long term companionship with one person. However, if the ESTP is happy and healthy, they will work on themselves and commit to the relationship.




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