Girlflux (What Does It Mean)

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This article will discuss what the term girlflux means as well as make an attempt to clear the difference between seemingly similar terms. Also, the difference between demigirl and girlflux will be explained in relation to gender fluidity. Finally, light will be shed upon why people choose to identify with different or many genders instead of one.

Girlflux – What Does It Mean?

Girlflux is a term that comes under the umbrella term of gender fluidity; this means that people choose to not associate with only one gender for their lifetime but actually change their gender over time – they may associate with one gender one day but become another gender the very next. 

Gender fluidity implies that people do not remain one gender. Instead, they change over a period of time and can either become a male, female or a gender that has some or none of the aspects of either male or female.

When it comes to girlflux, this means that the person’s gender varies but never completely loses it’s feminine touch. Hence, they may feel fully feminine at times but also feel very little of a woman at others. 

This is related to another term which is known as genderflux and encompasses all genders that may vary in intensity such as girlflux which we are currently discussing. Boyflux also comes under the term genderflux.

Girlflux & Demigirl – The Difference

Demigirl is a term that comes in the hierarchy of genders. This means that when a person feels less and not fully feminine they are actually a demigirl too. Hence, they can be called both a demigirl and girlflux. 

However, it is important to state that a demigirl cannot be a girlflux because a demigirl, by definition, is someone who is never fully feminine whereas a girl flux is someone who can fully feel feminine and not associate with any other gender.

Who Is A Demigirl?

A demigirl is a term used to describe someone who identifies with some but not all aspects of femininity; this means they may feel like a woman but not completely like a woman to fully identify as one hence they are termed as a demigirl. There are other terms that are used interchangeably to that of a demigirl such a demiwoman, demilady and demifemale.

Anyone can be a demigirl. In some cases it may be someone who is an AFAB which is a term that stands for ‘Assigned Female At Birth’ and refers to a person who was assigned the gender of a female at birth however may identify somewhat as a man hence they are not someone who is either fully feminine or masculine. It is also possible that someone’s gender may lean towards that of a female more but they also identify as a man or non binary identity; they will also be considered a demigirl.

A person who is assigned as a male at birth and hence known as an AMAB can also be called a demigirl if they strongly or weakly identify to a female gender identity; however this is not such a strong feeling that they fully associate it to this category. 


This means that a person does not permanently identify with a single gender but may change their gender identity over time.

What Is Gender Fluidity?

Gender fluidity refers to the state, or constantly changing state of gender, where a person may stay open to what gender they identify with; this means that they may feel like a woman one day or a man the next or neither – there is simply no restriction on how they feel or identify. They choose to remain fluid in this context of gender and do not want to stick to one gender or identity as most of society does. These people recognize that their feelings change especially with regards to who they are and hence they refuse to not change with their state of mind and body. They simply go with the flow and identify according to how they feel.

As a society and possibly as a species, we are comfortable with things being in black and white; if we need a response then we need it in either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No – anything in between confuses us. If we want to know who is right we do not want to get into the complexities or accept the fact that both sides in a fight may actually be right especially if they are looking at things from their own angle.

Important Terms

This section will take a look at important terms that people sometimes confuse!


Xenogender is a term that is used to describe a large number of terms that do not fall under the socially defined term of gender which means either identifying as a male or female – nothing else in between or outside of it. 

Xenogender has no boundaries; it can extend to associate with animals, numbers, plants, foods, insects and so on. A person who has become a xenogender is someone who identifies as non binary which means they refuse to fall into the typical two category definition of gender!

There are no factors such as biology or social constructed terms that rule this concept of gender; it is left to the person’s imagination and how they feel to associate with whatever they want to associate with – be it a plant, animal, insect or even a fruit. 

It is necessary to state that xenogender does not fit into the typical human understanding of gender and it is an umbrella term that encapsulates or covers many other things such as nouns, pronouns, archetypes and synesthetic experiences.


This term literally means to transgress against what society defines as gender which is to be either male or female. A person is considered transgender when they identify with another gender other than the one they were assigned at birth. This can include a number of terms such as demigirl and demiboy. However, not all people who are non binary when it comes to gender may call themselves transgender.


This refers to any gender that does not fit into the typical categories of gender that society deems valid namely male and female. In this case, someone may identify as the gender they were assigned at birth but not completely; this means they also identify with another gender which may be the male gender or any other gender which may be non binary in nature.

Hence, it can be said that the nature of the difference between the terms of transgender, nonbinary and xenogender is more hierarchical.


In the spectrum of gender identity, not to mention sexual orientations, there is one called Agender who are those who do not identify themselves as women or men; the definition can also fit between the terms genderqueer, non-binary, neutral, bi-gender or fluid gender depending on the particularity of the case.

These individuals are the sort that do not want to act or behave according to the general norms of society. They feel uncomfortable when there is discrimination on the basis of gender such as bathrooms, lines or even locker rooms in educational institutions.

How People Define Girlflux?

Here is how  LGBTA Wiki defines girlflux:

Girlflux, or womanflux, is a gender under the genderflux umbrella that describes someone whose female gender fluctuates in intensity. This typically involves feeling strongly feminine sometimes and weakly feminine at other times.

Girlflux people can fluctuate from feeling completely without gender or agender to completely feminine or female. Between those extremes, one may feel slightly feminine or librafeminine to half feminine or demigirl to mostly feminine or paragirl or any other amount of femininity. Some people may move smoothly between intensities while others may quickly jump between intensities. Girlflux individuals may encompass genders such as paragirl, demigirl, librafeminine, juxera, gxrl, binary woman, and many other feminine genders. A girflux person may also experience non-feminine genders, but that is not necessarily related to their girlflux identity.


This article took a look at the meaning of girlflux and explained what it is in regards to gender fluidity and demigirl. Furthermore, the article not only took a closer look at the terms of demigirl and gender fluidity but also other terms that may be a source of confusion. Finally, the article took a look at how people define girlflux and also explained the difference between girlflux and demigirl.


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