Good Reasons To Take A Leave Of Absence From Work

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This article will take a look at different types of reasons to take a leave of absence off of work. The article will explain various reasons that relate to personal and professional ones too.

Reasons For A Leave Of Absence From Work – Top 

Here are the type of reasons to take a leave of absence from work:

  • Family 
  • Personal Stuff
  • Health Issues
  • Professional Setting Problems

Let us take a look at each of the types of reasons for taking a leave of absence!


In this section, we will take a look at all the reasons that are relevant to one’s family.

A Seriously Ill Family Member

Many times someone in our family is sick and there is no one to look after them. They have serious issues with their health and they need a caretaker with them most of the time. Hence, this is a good reason to take a leave and it is important to provide your employer with the details of their health issue so they understand the seriousness of the situation.

Your Spouse Is Pregnant 

Your wife is pregnant and she can go into labor any moment! It is the best time to take a leave to make sure you don’t miss anything – not that we promise the experience won’t have it’s difficult parts! Provide your employer with your wife’s exact dates so they understand why you are taking the leave.

Your Newborn Baby

Having a baby is always a lot of work and oftentimes we need some time off regardless of which parent you are – the mom and the dad both need time off!

My Son Is Sick

This is an important reason to take time off of work not only to ensure your child gets well soon but when kids are sick the thing that most comforts them is having their parents next to them.

Personal Stuff

Let us take a look at more reasons why someone would take a leave of absence!

Religious Commitments

In today’s diverse global village, people from all over the world are working in your office. Some people belong to different cultures, religions, nationalities and ethnicities, however, they all have some sort of religious or cultural commitment to attend to. In this case, employees should understand that if they need to cater to such commitments then there is no need to hesitate because this is something most, if not all, people experience and hence is a good reason to leave work early. 

Car Problems

Although your boss may understand that everyone has car problems, he would still expect you to get to work! What he doesn’t understand is the hassle involved and the fact that you need time to go to a mechanic and have your car fixed. So, if your boss does not come off as someone who is very understanding, then call in sick and take the day off. Get your car fixed and stay tension free!

Pet Got Lost

We all love our furry little critters very much! Sometimes they end up getting lost either inside the home or outside. What we do understand is that if too much time passes without finding them, there could be a problem! So, if your workplace is not too keen on pets, just call in sick and take your time finding your pet. Don’t take the risk and go to work, you may never know but they could be in some danger.

Health Issues

In this section we will take a look at health problems that push you to take time off!

Back Pains

One of the most common pains people experience is back pain! This is most likely because of how much we sit and the reduced physical activity in our lives as a result of modernization and ‘development’! Sitting all day results in back pain however it could also increase already existing back pain that may have started because of some other reason. Take the day off and get some rest and start exercising!

Upset Stomach

Feeling sick is one thing but if you know your stomach is upset and you end up going to work, the consequences could be many! Don’t take the risk and stay home. Working more or increased physical activity during such times can worsen the condition.

Nearing Burn Out

Ever had those days where you seem to be pushing yourself to the edge, not just physically but mentally. Yes you could be nearing a burnout and you need a break. This can happen any time and when it does you know something is seriously wrong. It prevents you from doing even the simplest of tasks that took no effort before. 

In case you feel tired mentally, request a sick leave from work. It is necessary that you take care of your mental health because that is one of the few important factors – probably the most significant one – that allows you to work effectively.

Professional Setting Problems

The workplace may be one of the reasons why you need to take time off!

What Does Humiliation Look Like – A Toxic Workplace

Humiliation is the shame and embarrassment you feel when someone makes you appear wrong, stupid or less in some way or ther other. It is a negative experience where you experience many feelings due to what the other person does or says.

Humiliation at the workplace is frequent; it can be experienced when someone pushes you so that your coffee spills, you might be made to look stupid because your work was not up to the ‘mark’ or your embarrassing story from last year may be retold repeatedly. It can also involve your boss screaming or shouting at you for a little mistake that did not deserve such apprehension. There are many forms of humiliation but it can be driven by various motives.

Someone may want to humiliate you because they have something in it for them. Your boss may actually want you out of the job so that someone can replace you. He may even feel insecure because of you and your accomplishments and may make you want to look stupid or feel miserabke in an attempt to make you leave the company. There could be other reasons. He may not like you and that is one reason enough for many people to embarrass or humiliate others. 

Nonetheless, even if someone faces such experiences at work they need to remain calm and understand the situation. Every situation has different factors and motives involved and one should act accordingly. 

How To Identify A Toxic Coworker?

Dealing with toxic coworkers is a draining experience that leaves you feeling exhausted and mentally incapable of doing any productive work. They will use smart tactics to keep the blame off themselves and actually revel in the misery other coworkers face sometimes with the ‘I told you so’ attitude. What exactly is the purpose of a toxic coworker is an entirely different debate – however we do know that they want to show others that they are always right and will do anything to prove their innocence or challenge the assumptions or attacks made on them.

According to most definitions, a toxic coworker is someone who engages in harmful behavior that causes damage to a company’s employees and property. This damage is not restricted to these two but can also affect customer’s satisfaction or happiness, sales and profits as well as the reputation of the business. 

These individuals may resort to such tactics because they actually want to squeeze you out of work! They will create such a toxic workplace that you have no choice but to leave your job!

Nonetheless, here are 3 ways you can identify a toxic coworker:

  • Play The Victim – Avoid Blame
  • The Talk of the Town – Gossip
  • Passive Aggressive Comments

These are some of the reasons why a person may be pushed to take a leave of absence. Toxic coworkers and a boss that humiliates you can be a good reason to step out for a while! Thus people often take a leave of absence due to the stress they experience from the workplace in the form of a shouting boss and a group of jealous coworkers.


This article took a look at the many reasons why someone would need to take time off from work especially because of family ones.


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