He Sends Me Pictures Of His Daughter (5 Reasons Why)

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This article will take a look at the reasons why a man may send you pictures of his daughter and what it could possibly hint to. Also, the article will point out other signs that may mean he is interested in you and wants to get to know you more.

He Sends Me Pictures Of His Daughter – 5 Reasons Why

In this section of the article we will take a look at the reasons why a man may send you pictures of his daughter! They are listed below:

  • He Likes You
  • He Wants To Show You He Is Comfortable With You
  • He Just Wants To Share His Daughter’s Achievements With You
  • He Is Showing You The Entire Package
  • He Wants To Show You He Is Responsible

Let’s take a look at all of these reasons in detail!

He Likes You

One of the most obvious reasons – especially if he is a single dad – that he would send you his daughter’s picture is because he actually likes you. He will share what he thinks is most important to him and will want to see your reaction. By sending his daughter’s picture to you he is giving you that signal that he likes you and hopes to spend more time with you. 

He Wants To Show You He Is Comfortable With You

Kids are a very private matter especially in today’s world where there are many online predators and hence putting up pictures of children or sending them to someone can be very dangerous. However, if that man sends you a picture of his daughter to you the it means that he not only trusts you but he is quite comfortable with you and maybe he actually wants you to feel the same way with him.

He Just Wants To Share His Daughter’s Achievements With You

He could just be a harmless guy who is a proud father of a young and talented girl! The reason why he may be sending you his daughter’s pictures is that he is super proud of the little girl he has or she may have recently won a competition and hence he is telling everyone about it and not just you!

He Is Showing You The Entire Package

Sometimes men can be insecure. This happens especially when they are young and single but have kids to take care of and know many women may actually be hesitant to take on such a responsibility. Hence, before he takes any more steps towards you – he may be just testing your reaction by showing you the entire package – if you want him then you will have to deal with the kids!

He Wants To Show You He Is Responsible

Another reason why a man may send you his daughter’s pictures is because he wants to show you he is responsible and loving and cares about his kids – this is because he is actually interested in you and wants you to believe that he will also be loving and caring towards you!

Other Signs He Is Interested

Here are some other signs he is interested in you!

He Asks Too Many Questions

He might make a complete fool out of himself but he asks you too many questions. If you look close enough you will see he actually makes an effort to think about what to ask you so that the conversation doesn’t go to a standstill or you get bored enough to leave! He may ask you questions that are totally random or ones that concern the situation you guys are in or some may even concern where the both of you work or study together.

In any case, he wants to get to know you more and the best way to do that is by asking questions. He might get awkward in between and quiet up because he may feel he is bombarding you with too many questions. However, help him out and throw a few questions at him to keep him encouraged. It’s better to help people in communicating with you if they have all the right reasons rather than to show such an attitude that may put them off. Its not always a good idea to play hard!

Inside Jokes

Men want to be with someone who has their sense of humor or understands the jokes they crack about. If this guy is somewhat interested in you it is possible he might try to see if the both of you get along. He will crack some inside jokes not only to understand your sense of humor but to see how much interest you take in his conversations and if you pick up those funny things he likes to talk or joke about.

Comes Up With Excuses To Talk To You

This is one thing women find quite adorable about men that are trying to get closer and closer to the woman they are interested in. It is quite common that the man who is interested in getting to know you will find ways to talk to you more. However, it is likely that he will face some sort of hurdles hence he will come up with many and  often weird ways to get a few minutes to talk to you.

He might bring up the excuse of work or a group project both of you have in common – once he knows he has your attention you will see how the conversation shifts from purpose to random stuff focused more on you or the both of you. It is obvious so keep your eyes peeled for this one! Don’t give him such a hard time and reward him for his efforts! 

He Tries To Be Mature

Men feel they need to be more mature for women and this is one of the reasons why they will often lie or hide what they do. It’s possible they are freak gamers who for the sake of impressing a woman will say they don’t play video games just to show her they are ‘mature’. You will see they are trying to be the ‘perfect’ version of a man. However, try and give them some breathing space by engaging in conversations that may not be so mature or serious all the time so they know they can relax around you. They might be surprised to learn you love playing video games yourself!

He Is Nicer To You

One of the best ways a guy can make you feel special is by giving you that special attention or being way nicer to you than all the other people – especially the other girls! He will find ways to show that he is ready to go out of the way for you to make sure you are comfortable. He might even offer to help get your work done when you know very well he is strict about people being responsible for their own work. If you see this behavior in him, know that he is interested in you and wants to get to know you more!

He Remembers The Details About You

Although we all know how good men are with special dates, these guys will put in special effort to keep in mind any details they learn about you. You will be surprised how they remember the small things you casually mentioned in a conversation. They will purposefully bring it up to show you that they are listening.

Talks Less, Listens More

Yes if he talks less and listens more then this is definitely a sign that he likes you and wants to get to know you more!

Talks About The Future

Men get excited when they like a woman! They will want to learn more about her and at the same time keep her close. Hence, many times men will talk about the future in their conversations. This is to give a slight hint to the woman they are interested in that they want them around.

Nervous When Alone With You

Although being alone with you to share an intimate and interesting conversation would be like a dream for him, he will get nervous being alone with you. You will see him struggling to come up with ways to keep the conversation going so that this special time does not come to an end!

Does Not Ask You Out

This one may seem contradictory but it is not! He does not ask you out because he is too scared of rejection. After all, he may have seen many instances where women lead men on only to reject them and this may scare him. He may also consider himself not as good as you are and may hesitate from asking you out because you may reject him. Furthermore he might think you are interested in someone else and hence again not pose the question. So don’t freak out or get upset if he does not ask you out. He is just being careful or is scared you might say no. Why not help the guy out and leave some cues for him? It will make life a lot easier for him and only result in him being and feeling more comfortable with you.


This article took a look at the top 5 reasons why a man may send you pictures of his daughter. The article also highlighted and explained other signs that a man may be interested in you.



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