He wants to see my baby pictures: what does it mean?

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In this blog we will discuss what it means if your partner wants to see your baby pictures.

He wants to see my baby pictures: what does it mean?

Here are a few reasons why your partner might be asking to see your baby pictures:

They want to know you childhood

If your partner wants to see your baby pictures it could probably mean that they want to know more about you as a person. It is possible that they care and love you because of which they want to walk through your childhood and other parts of your life they were not a part of. 

It is most probably that they want to listen to stories about who you were as a child or as a teen- it is kind of like asking you about your day- how was it, what did you do, who were you with, was their anything interesting you saw and did etc. 

Similarly, asking you about your childhood pictures could also be a way for him to get to know your life before him and you as a child- your personality, your adventures, your interests which are all part of natural curiosity. 

They want to know what you looked like as a kid

They want to know what you looked like growing up out of simple curiosity and interest. It is possible that he wants to know if you had the same hairstyle, if you were boyish or more feminate as a child, and what kind of kid you were like.

They might also want to know and get familiar with how you looked as a child, how you changed, and how you grew up. 

They are interested in knowing more about your family

When you share pictures of your childhood it is natural that you supplement it with stories about the people around you which will mostly be friends and family members that are important to you. 

So it could be possible that he wants to get to know you and your family more closely as part of natural curiosity so that he can understand who is important to you.

He wants to deepen the relationship

If you start talking about your family members, your experiences as a child, your growth and your life in general, it is obvious that the relationship will become more intimate since both of you will be sharing intimate details about your lives. 

So if he asks to see your baby pictures, it is possible that he wants to become more intimately connected to you. There is genuine interest in who you are and where you have come from which is why there is a need to become more intimate with you.

He wants to have a family with you

Growing in intimacy and getting to know your entire life and your entire family could be a sign that he sees a future with you and that this is his way of understanding you more deeply. 

He could be looking at these pictures to understand what kind of family he might be able to build with you and this could be part of his processes of understanding if this family could one day become a possibility.

He has baby fever

Finally, another possible reason that he wants to look at pictures of your childhood is because he wants to have children- perhaps even sooner than you’d expect- and seeking out baby pictures could be an unconscious manifestation of that need and want. 

It is possible that by asking for baby photos he is unconsciously or consciously seeking to understand what having children with you will be like and to judge for himself whether hed like to have children with you. 

He wants to see my baby pictures: what should I do?

If your partner has asked to see your baby pictures, your next step of action depends on how comfortable you are in doing that. 

Just because he has asked does not mean that you have to comply, understanding where the relationship stands, who he is to you, and how comfortable you are with sharing private information is an important task for you to address beforehand. 

If you and your partner have been dating for a few months now, it is only natural that he asks for this private information about your life, including seeking out baby pictures. If you think that this relationship is secure and that he is committed, the possibility of showing him your childhood photos can be a next step in your relationship growth.

However if you have just started dating and you know nothing about him and he knows nothing about adults- you, it can be uncomfortable sharing intimate details. In such a case, you have every right to refuse. 

Let him know that you are not ready to share these photos with you because they are intimate and close to your heart. Let him also understand that you are open to the idea of sharing these with him as the relationship progresses. 

Communication is an important issue in any relationship, especially romantic relationships. Effective communication can help couples share their feelings, express their opinions, set expectations which can help the couple grow and move forward.

You also have to keep an eye out for any imbalance power dynamics in the relationships especially related to decision making. If you feel pressured to say yes, there appears to be some power dynamic between you and your partner. 

Ask him why he wants to see these pictures and listen to him. it is important that you understand and empathise with them while at the same time, look at things logically and help them also look at things with a bigger perspective.

Another thing to consider is the kind of person he is to you, if he is someone you trust and someone that shares a mutual respect with you- you can consider opening up to the idea of sharing intimate details with him such as baby pictures. 

However, if he is someone whom you have gone on a couple of dates with, sharing intimate details about your family life can be postponed until there is more clarity on who he is to you and where your relationship with him stands. 

Finally, your level of comfort is important. If you have been dating this person for two weeks and find that you are comfortable with him and you trust him or that he has earned your trust by also sharing intimate details of his life with you, perhaps you can consider sharing. 

However, just because you have dated him for a long time does not mean he has a right to see your baby pictures, it is more about whether you would like to take a step to develop more intimacy by sharing your life with this person. 

So if you think you are ready to become more intimate, go ahead and even if you are not, it is okay. You can let him know that you are not ready to share these photos with you because they are intimate and close to your heart. Let him also understand that you are open to the idea of sharing these with him as the relationship progresses


In this blog we discussed what it means if your partner wants to see your baby pictures.

FAQ related to He wants to see my baby pictures

What does it mean when a guy asks for your picture?

If a guy you like or who likes you back asks for your picture- a normal picture- it is most obviously because he wants to know what you look like or he wants something to remember you by.

However, if someone you have no romantic inclination with asks for your picture, that is a little different- the best thing that you do is ask his intent and if his intent sits well with you go ahead and share, if not, you can always say no. 

Do guys like it when you send them pictures of yourself?

On average most guys like it when you send them pictures of you doing what you are doing on a normal day however, some people do find it annoying when these pictures become too often and too much- especially if it is more of a casual fling and he has no intent to get serious. 

What do you do with baby pictures?

There are plenty of things you can do with baby pictures:

  • You can make digital copies of them and store them
  • Frame them
    Make a collage
  • Delete them if you want
  • Make albums 
  • Make family trees
  • Make a family history account 

What does it mean when a girl shows you her childhood pictures?

If a girl shows you childhood pictures, she wants you to know who they were as a child or as a teen. They also want to show you what they looked like as a child, share their stories, share information about their family. 

Basically, she wants to get more intimate with you and also hope that you will also share similar stories and develop more closeness and intimacy with her. 

What does it mean if a girl sends you her picture?

If a girl sends you a photo of herself in any way, shape, or form, she is seeking your attention and acknowledgement. She might also be seeking out positive comments and appreciation about how they look and also to feel wanted. 


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