How do I get a BetterHelp discount? (+5 BetterHelp features)

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This blogpost will discuss how you can get a discount on BetterHelp. In addition to this, we will be explaining the actual importance of online therapy and its relevance in the world today. Lastly, we will elaborate on some of the unique features that BetterHelp presents to those who use it for their mental health needs and requirements.

How do I get a BetterHelp discount?

BetterHelp often rolls out discounts for 25 percent off in the first month for new users. The platform also has discounts and offers in certain times of the year which users can be aware of through a subscription to BetterHelp news. Furthermore, financial aid is available for students, disabled persons, veterans and those who are unemployed which can greatly reduce expenses.

Importance of online therapy

Online therapy has gained a lot of importance, particularly after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Online therapy presents plenty of advantages and benefits that make this form of therapy more preferred than in-person therapy for many people. Some of the reasons why online therapy is important today have been described in the points below.


Online therapy is very safe

In times of the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing is a factor that we look for in almost all scenarios. And this includes healthcare and mental health care as well. Online therapy can be a very safe option for those who are worried about getting infected as no in-person meetings between the client and the therapist is required.

It offers many formats of therapy

The therapy itself can be conducted through a wide variety of formats in online therapy. Platforms like BetterHelp and Talkspace offer users a number of formats such as phone sessions, video conferencing sessions and even live chatting features. Thus, clients are exposed to high levels of convenience and comfort in online therapy.

It is pretty affordable

In-person therapy can be pretty expensive and the cost factor of mental health care is one of the main reasons why many users do not seek professional help even if they desperately need it. However, online therapy is much more affordable as the therapists also have reduced expenses in terms of office rent, paperwork and many more.

It can be accessed from anywhere

The best thing about online therapy is that it can be accessed and used from anywhere and everywhere. The user only requires an internet connection and a compatible device to communicate with their therapists. This can be great for those who cannot leave the house often, those who have very busy schedules and those who live in rural areas.

It offers a lot of flexibility

Online therapy brings plenty of convenience along with flexibility to the user. Here, the user has more control of their therapy sessions and can choose how and when to contact their provider. They can also regulate when they need to pull back and give time for themselves. This high level of flexibility can be hard to find in in-person therapy settings.

It brings plenty of security

Users of online therapy are also exposed to high levels of security and privacy in this platform. Online therapy platforms tend to be HIPAA compliant and thus very safe to use. In addition, the user does not need to leave their homes and can avoid prying eyes. Furthermore, many platforms allow users to create profiles with nicknames through which their identity will be protected.

Unique features of BetterHelp

BetterHelp offers a plethora of features that users can take great advantage of. Some of the unique features of this platform have been explained in the points below.

BetterHelp offers several formats of live therapy

In BetterHelp, the user can have their therapy sessions through several different formats. The live therapy in this platform can be conducted through live audio sessions, live video sessions and even live chat sessions. Users can choose from these according to their needs and preferences, which is usually unavailable in in-person therapy settings.

It allows unlimited messaging

Unlimited messaging is another important feature that is present in BetterHelp. Through unlimited messaging, the user can send any number of messages to their therapists at any time of the day. The therapist is guaranteed to respond once or twice a day for five days in the week. The messages can also be sent in the format of texts, audio messages and even video messages.


It has group sessions

Group sessions are also available in BetterHelp in the form of ‘groupinars’. These group sessions are conducted about once a week and cover a range of topics related to mental health and mental illness. Users can participate in these for free and can remain anonymous throughout. The group sessions can further be viewed live or any other time for a period of seven days.

Couples therapy is available

Couples therapy is also available in BetterHelp. This is offered through ReGain which is the sister website of the platform. This feature can be very beneficial for any pair who is going through a rough patch or anyone who wants to improve their communication with their partner.

Teens therapy is offered here

Teens therapy is also made available in BetterHelp for adolescents between the ages of 13 years and 17 years. This teens therapy requires the user to upload parental consent and can be very beneficial for teenagers to maneuver through the choppy waters of adolescence.


This blogpost has discussed how you can get a discount on BetterHelp. In addition to this, we will have explained the actual importance of online therapy and its relevance in the world today. Lastly, we have elaborated on some of the unique features that BetterHelp presents to those who use it for their mental health needs and requirements.

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