How much do therapists make at BetterHelp? (+3 Pros Of BetterHelp)

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This article will discuss how much therapists make in BetterHelp. We will also look at some tips that therapists who are conducting therapy sessions online can use in their work. Furthermore, we will describe some of the advantages that BetterHelp can bring to therapists in general. BetterHelp and many other online therapy platforms have become increasingly popular today.


How much do therapists make at BetterHelp?

In BetterHelp, therapists can make up to $32 in an hour. The total take home salary of the therapist can vary depending on the number of clients in the caseload. It can also depend on the location of the therapist and that of the user. BetterHelp follows an engagement-based model where the therapists are paid according to the amount of interactions they have with users.

Tips for therapists

While most therapists and clients are used to traditional therapy settings where the sessions are conducted face to face in a therapist’s office, online therapy can be fairly new for many. In the points below, therapists who are new to the online therapy game can find many useful tips and strategies that they can use to increase the effectiveness of their sessions.

Create a space for your sessions

It is true that online therapy sessions do not require you and your client to meet in an office. However, it is still necessary that you create the right space for therapy in your home. If you cannot dedicate an entire room for this purpose, you can always choose a quiet corner of your bedroom or living room.

Choose the right platform

The most important factor that therapists have to keep in mind, while switching to online therapy is the technology. The technology has to be safe enough to protect the data of the user and needs to be fully HIPAA compliant. The best way to access safe and secure technology is by enrolling in a platform like BetterHelp or even Talkspace.

Invest in the right technology

Online therapy requires a good bit of technology and devices to ensure a wholesome experience for the client and for you as the therapist. It is mandatory that you invest in a high-speed internet connection so that your live sessions go on undisturbed. It is also important that you bring a device with a great camera, microphone and speakers.

Look into the camera

It can be difficult to make eye contact in online therapy sessions. However, eye-contact is necessary for creating rapport with the client and also for emphasizing on certain messages or parts of the message. To mimic natural eye-contact, you can look directly into the camera while being positioned at the eye-level of the lens.

Use the various formats

Online therapy platforms like BetterHelp offer many different formats of therapy and communication that you and your client can explore together. BetterHelp in particular, allows unlimited messaging in various modes. It also offers various formats of live sessions such as live chats, live audio sessions and live video sessions.


Use the additional resources

If you are conducting your online therapy sessions using a platform, you can also use the many additional resources that are available here. In BetterHelp, for example, there is a feature that supports online journaling. As the therapist, the contents of this journal and many other digital worksheets can also be easily shared with you.

Ask your client to be more descriptive

It might be difficult to notice your client’s body language and understand what they are feeling during online therapy sessions. This is mostly because the camera restricts your view of your client. You can always ask and encourage your client to be more descriptive of their thoughts and feelings so that you can help them in a much better manner.


Advantages of BetterHelp for therapists

For therapists in particular, BetterHelp can be very helpful and quite advantageous. Some of the ways through which BetterHelp can be of use for therapists have been described as follows:


Therapists do not require an office

Therapists who practice independently often have to rent out expensive office spaces which charge exorbitant rents. The expense only increases when rent and utilities are considered. However, therapists in BetterHelp do not require an office space to work and can conduct their therapy sessions from the comfort of their own home.


They are guaranteed more clients

While client flow may be unpredictable in traditional therapy settings, it is steadier in BetterHelp as the platform is only increasing in popularity. This can be highly advantageous to therapists as they are guaranteed a regular income in this platform, which might go up or down in independent practice.

They do not have any paperwork

Therapists in BetterHelp do not have to do any paperwork, which can bring a breath of relief to these mental health professionals. The amount of paperwork that comes with therapy can be quite high and is only higher when insurance is involved. Therapists often hire outside help to help them with paperwork which is not necessary in BetterHelp.


This article has discussed how much therapists make in BetterHelp. We have also looked at some tips that therapists who are conducting therapy sessions online can use in their work. Furthermore, we have described some of the advantages that BetterHelp can bring to therapists in general.

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