How to become a therapist on BetterHelp? (+5 Tips for therapists)

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In this blogpost, we will discuss how you can become a therapist on BetterHelp. We will also describe some of the advantages that online therapy can bring to therapists. In addition to this, we will mention a few tips that therapists can use while conducting therapy sessions online. BetterHelp and other online therapy platforms can be great for both clients and therapists.

How to become a therapist on BetterHelp?

To become a therapist on BetterHelp, you will need to go to the website and click on the ‘Therapist Jobs’ section. You will then need to select the type of license that you have and then provide details about your work experience and the number of hours that you are willing to spend for BetterHelp.

Once you have completed the platform, you will be asked to provide your basic details such as your full name and your email address. You will then be contacted by the team at BetterHelp to set up an interview after which you can proceed to practice on this platform.

Advantages of online therapy for therapists

It is no question that online therapy can provide a range of advantages and benefits to users. However, the popularity of online therapy has risen as it brings plenty of advantages to therapists as well. Some of the advantages that online therapy can bring to therapists have been described as follows.

Therapists do not require an office

Therapists who work in online therapy platforms do not require an office space. This saves them the hassle of renting and maintaining such an area to conduct their therapy sessions. Therapists can also save a lot of money that often goes into renting out an office space to host therapy sessions.

There are commuting hours

Online therapy does not require the client or the therapist to commute anywhere. Thus, therapists can work from the comfort of their own homes. This cuts down the commuting hours drastically and brings the therapist more time and energy. The no-commuting part can additionally save the therapist plenty of money that often goes into transport and fuel costs.

Paperwork is very less

Therapists often crib about the large amounts of paperwork that they have to deal with on a daily basis. To deal with the paperwork, which only increases when insurance is involved, therapists usually hire outside help. However, in online therapy platforms like BetterHelp this paperwork is nil as the platform takes care of it automatically.

Therapists are guaranteed more safety

Therapy sessions are not always easy going and can bring out violent sides of clients. There are also many situations where therapists have been assaulted by violent clients. Since online therapy does not require the therapist and the client to meet in-person, the chances of violent assaults occurring are pretty less and thus both parties are safer.

There are no marketing expenses

Therapists often undertake marketing ploys and schemes to usher in more clients for their practice. These marketing schemes can be in the form of television ads, radio ads, and even newspaper ads. Online therapy platforms take care of the marketing for the therapists who are saved from these expenses.

Therapists enjoy more flexibility

Work-home-culture is being increasingly preferred due to the flexibility and comfort it provides. This applies to therapists as well. Therapists enjoy more flexibility while conducting their sessions online from the comfort of their homes. This is even more important for this professional as they experience heavy mental toil at work.

Peer consultation becomes easier

Peer consultation for therapists can serve two major purposes. It can be educational and it can also be therapeutic for the mental health professionals. The process of peer consultation online becomes pretty easy as many online therapy platforms have their own community and allow easy sharing of files and information.


The therapy process becomes more efficient

The process of therapy itself becomes more efficient and effective when conducted online. The therapist has easy access to the files of the client. They can also easily share worksheets and relevant information. The client can attend the therapy sessions in privacy and comfort and thus is more active in the therapy session.

Tips for therapists

While online therapy shares many of the same features as in-person therapy, there are still many aspects that make it different. Some tips to help therapists who conduct therapy sessions online have been explored in the following points.

  • Since you will not be able to view the user clearly, encourage them to be more expressive of their thoughts and feelings so that you can understand them better.
  • To mimic a more natural eye contact, practice looking into the camera lens directly. This can help you drive your message forward in a much clearer manner.
  • You can also show your client around your room so that they feel more safe and comfortable in the therapy session with you.
  • Make sure that your background is devoid of any personal paraphernalia that can reveal too much information about yourself.
  • You can also invest in soft lighting or even paint the walls a soothing color to make the whole experience more advantageous for your client.


In this blogpost, we have discussed how you can become a therapist on BetterHelp. We have also described some of the advantages that online therapy can bring to therapists. In addition to this, we have mentioned a few tips that therapists can use while conducting therapy sessions online.

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