How to cancel Cerebral? (+7 Advantages Of Cerebral)

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This post will guide you on how to cancel Cerebral. We will also be discussing the various advantages of using Cerebral for your therapy needs and requirements. In addition to this, we will be looking at the actual importance of therapy and the different benefits it can bring to you and those around you.

How to cancel Cerebral?

If you want to cancel Cerebral, all that you need to do is to send an email to the customer support team of the platform. Cerebral will make sure a coordinator is assigned soon to communicate with you. The coordinator will guide you in the following steps. The platform also encourages you to submit your request before 9 AM Pacific Time on business days to avoid extra charges.

Advantages of using Cerebral for therapy

Cerebral or Get Cerebral was launched as a solution to the crumbling mental health care system. This platform has sprung to greater popularity especially after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Some of the advantages the Cerebral can bring to those who are seeking online therapy are:

Cerebral makes therapy easy

The entire process of therapy and mental health care becomes super easy with a platform like Cerebral. The process in reality can be very daunting and individuals may need to wait for months before they are assigned with a compatible mental health professional. In Cerebral, the waiting time is very less and the interventions are also super easy.


It is very affordable

Mental health care can be quite expensive. However, Cerebral can be a very affordable option for those who are not able to afford in-person therapy. This platform also has insurance coverage through several in-network providers. Both the therapy and psychiatry services are covered by insurance.

There are several plans

There are several plans in Cerebral that users can choose from according to their needs and requirements. The platform has a Therapy only plan that provides exclusive psychotherapy services. It also has a Medication and Care Counseling plan for psychiatry services. Cerebral also offers a combination plan of Medication and Therapy, for those who need both these services.

It offers various formats

Cerebral additionally has various formats that users can choose from according to their requirements. The formats of therapy that are available in Cerebral are messaging therapy, phone sessions and even video sessions. Thus, users of this platform have more control and ownership of their therapy.

It has care counseling

This platform also provides care counseling as an integral feature in its plans. A care counselor is a mental health professional who provides emotional support and guidance for the user in their mental health journeys. They may also teach the user various coping strategies and techniques that they can use to manage the symptoms of their illnesses.

It also offers psychiatry services

Cerebral not only provides psychotherapy services in its platform. It also has psychiatry services that can be great for those who require medications to manage their mental illnesses. The psychiatry services of Cerebral can also be covered by insurance. Furthermore, the platform ships the medications to the home of the user, thus saving them a trip to the pharmacy.

It has plenty of resources

Cerebral is also filled with many resources for mental health that can be great outside the therapy sessions. The platform also has many worksheets and blogs that can be used to relax, reduce anxiety and increase focus. It can also bring about more awareness about mental health and mental health conditions that can prove invaluable to the user.

Importance of therapy

Therapy itself can bring plenty of benefits to an individual, and thus is often encouraged for everyone. Some of the positive effects that therapy can bring about in an individual’s life are:

  • Therapy can be great for certain mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Therapy can not only teach these individuals various coping strategies and techniques. It can further prod the deeper roots of these mental illnesses and make the person realize the source of these problems.
  • Therapy can also help in increasing the levels of self-awareness in an individual. Self-awareness is the key to personal growth and development, and therapy can be a great space for this. Through therapy, an individual will learn to appreciate their strengths while also understanding and accepting their weaknesses.
  • Therapy can be a great form of self-care. Self-care is encouraged by mental health professionals as this practice can build up resilience and boost positivity. Self-care can not only be constructive for mental health but also physical health itself. Therapy can be a safe venue for self-care as it promotes healthy expression and venting.
  • Through therapy, an individual can also improve their relationships with others. This not only includes romantic relationships, but also relationships with parents, siblings and even professional ones.

Alternative to Cerebral

While Cerebral is a great platform for therapy and online psychiatry, there are many other alternatives in the market today. The best among these is BetterHelp which offers not only individual therapy, but also couples therapy, teens therapy and group therapy sessions at very affordable prices.


This post has guided you on how to cancel Cerebral. We have also discussed the various advantages of using Cerebral for your therapy needs and requirements. In addition to this, we have looked at the actual importance of therapy and the different benefits it can bring to you and those around you.

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