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How To Get Signed Off Work Permanently? (A 3 point Guide)

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In this article we will look at ways on how to get signed off of work permanently especially because of reasons such as stress. Furthermore, the article will also provide good reasons to sign off of work.

How To Get Signed Off Work?

Here are some ways to get signed off from work:

  • Certification From General Physician
  • A Psychologist’s Approval
  • Proof Of Disease
  • Disability
  • Medicines

We will take a look at these ways in more detail in the upcoming section!

Certification From General Physician

One of the ways you can get yourself signed off from work is with some help from your general physician. Your GP can play a major role in helping you achieve what you want; getting done with your job on a permanent basis. 

However, for this you will have to get a certain number of checkups done and show that your overall health is not sufficient to carry on a particular job.

Your GP will ask for more details from you as well so be prepared! He or she may want to know the exact reason why you want to leave your job or what is stopping you from effectively carrying out your role. Based on your answer, they will advise how to take the situation ahead.

In case it is your health that is bothering you, they will conduct general tests to show that you are not well on a daily basis and continuing the job is not a good idea – especially for your health. Sometimes people can develop issues such as high blood pressure, increased heart rate and headaches or even migraine because of the nature of their job.

However, in some cases, your physical health may not serve as enough ‘proof’ to convince your boss to let you leave permanently without notice. In such instances, your GP may refer you to a counselor or psychologist to determine a better reason to leave your job.

A Psychologist’s Approval

Another way to get signed off your job permanently is to seek leave because of your mental health. There could be a number of issues you are facing and this could serve as a valid reason to let go of your job for good. 

For this, you will need to visit a psychologist who can assess your mental state as well as the effects of it on your body. He or she may opt to work in partnership with a psychiatrist to effectively assess you and your health. If stress or mental health truly is the reason why you are not able to work and hence want to get signed off then medicines may be prescribed – this will further strengthen your case.

Proof Of Disease

If you are suffering from a disease that either affects your brain or body then this can serve as a great reason to leave your job – and of course enjoy your life and try to spend more time on getting your health back. You can provide proof in the form of general tests done or go to a specialist who can really pinpoint the proof that would be relevant in this case and how it prevents you from working effectively.


There are many laws that allow people to leave their jobs without any notice if they have a disability or develop one due to a disease or accident. This enables them to show their employer that due to a deficiency in their body they are not able to perform like others and they have to exert extra effort – this can be tolling on them.

Hence, this is also a good reason to sign off from one’s job permanently especially if the disability is long term!


Another good reason to sign off from your job permanently is to show that the medicines you use have side effects on you to the extent that your daily functioning is affected or you are not able to perform properly at work. This is true because medicines often have serious side effects that may be even worse than the disease or condition you have.

Medicines can make one drowsy as well as result in other side effects such as body aches, headaches or even internal issues such as diarrhea; nonetheless, they can be serious enough to prevent someone from working efficiently.

Thus, if you are taking your medicines and they do have potential side effects then you can use them as a good excuse to sign off from your job permanently.

Why Do People Want To Leave Their Job?

Here are some reasons why people may want to leave their job!

A Toxic Workplace

Humiliation is the shame and embarrassment you feel when someone makes you appear wrong, stupid or less in some way or ther other. It is a negative experience where you experience many feelings due to what the other person does or says.

Humiliation at the workplace is frequent; it can be experienced when someone pushes you so that your coffee spills, you might be made to look stupid because your work was not up to the ‘mark’ or your embarrassing story from last year may be retold repeatedly. It can also involve your boss screaming or shouting at you for a little mistake that did not deserve such apprehension. There are many forms of humiliation but it can be driven by various motives.

Someone may want to humiliate you because they have something in it for them. Your boss may actually want you out of the job so that someone can replace you. He may even feel insecure because of you and your accomplishments and may make you want to look stupid or feel miserabke in an attempt to make you leave the company. There could be other reasons. He may not like you and that is one reason enough for many people to embarrass or humiliate others. 

Nonetheless, even if someone faces such experiences at work they need to remain calm and understand the situation. Every situation has different factors and motives involved and one should act accordingly. Hence, a toxic workplace where you are constantly humiliated can be a good reason to leave one’s job.

Toxic Coworkers

Dealing with toxic coworkers is a draining experience that leaves you feeling exhausted and mentally incapable of doing any productive work. They will use smart tactics to keep the blame off themselves and actually revel in the misery other coworkers face sometimes with the ‘I told you so’ attitude. What exactly is the purpose of a toxic coworker is an entirely different debate – however we do know that they want to show others that they are always right and will do anything to prove their innocence or challenge the assumptions or attacks made on them.

According to most definitions, a toxic coworker is someone who engages in harmful behavior that causes damage to a company’s employees and property. This damage is not restricted to these two but can also affect customer’s satisfaction or happiness, sales and profits as well as the reputation of the business. 

These individuals are the ones people will mostly avoid because they realize the metal traps set by these toxic people and how difficult it is to avoid them. You will see people trying to avoid being in their team, working with them on an assignment or having to talk to them about a certain issue.

This is another reason why someone may want to leave the workplace!

Other Reasons

Here are other reasons why you may want to sign off permanently:

  • Tired of your work
  • Boring routine
  • Nature of job affects family and social life
  • Your career does not offer you the growth you need
  • You have a better opportunity
  • You believe you are being underpaid
  • The job is too demanding
  • You feel unwell


This article took a look at the reasons why someone may want to sign off from their job permanently which included a toxic workplace, getting tired of your job as well as being humiliated in your workplace. The article then focused on how one can sign off from their job permanently and quoted ways such as using a disability or medicines as proof that one is not well enough or fit to carry on the job. The article also briefly touched upon what it means to sign off from one’s job permanently.


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