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How To Sleep After Seeing A Spider (5 tips)

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This article will take a look at how someone can fall asleep peacefully after seeing a spider and what they can do to make sure they are safe and can relax. The article will also point out the harms of falling asleep without taking effective precautions!

How To Sleep After Seeing A Spider?

Here are some tips on how to sleep after seeing a spider:

  • Capture The Spider
  • Turn On Your Light
  • Use Bug Spray
  • Sleep In Your Siblings Room
  • Read A Book
  • Watch A Comedy Movie
  • Talk To A Friend
  • Pep Talk

Before we take a look at these ways of falling asleep after having an encounter with a creepy spider in your home, let us take a look at why we hesitate to sleep after such an experience!

Why Can’t We Fall Asleep?

Let’s look at the reasons why we can’t fall asleep after seeing a spider!

A Real Danger

Although spiders can seem pretty creepy especially when you look at their eyes – they have so many – they are nothing but harmless creatures with extremely hairy legs. However, they are known for biting people especially when they are asleep – their bite leaves an itchy mark on their skin with two holes in it. The attacker can easily be identified! Nonetheless, these creepy crawlers keep a number of other bugs out of the house but people still consider them a pest!

However, spiders may be harmful in a few situations. Some of them can be venomous and hence their bite can adversely affect you or your family or even your pets. 

Furthermore, these spiders can even bite you and leave an itchy mark on you! Also, who would want to have spiders in their house – too many spiders in one place can freak anyone out! Ron Weasley isn’t the only one who is scared of spiders! Most of us are.

You Are Scared!

People get scared of a lot of things – one of those things – are spiders! Spiders can come in small or big sizes but regardless of their size, they do scare us – especially if they are the jumping type! You may have seen people scream so many times when they see a spider crawling on them or even near them.Their hairy and long legs as well as their appearance can make people cringe at their sight!

The Adrenaline

Having an encounter with a spider can be one that is scary and you might have even touched that spider by accident! Usually you will see it run across the room but sometimes it may have had to escape when you almost touched it while it was hiding near the cookie jar! Such a close experience can get anyones heart racing and the adrenaline rush we experience may not let us sleep at night!

How To Sleep After Seeing A Spider!

There are two sections underneath this heading; the first section deals with the precautions we should take whereas the second section deals with how to relax and fall asleep after seeing a spider!

What To Do?

In this section, we will emphasize on the precautions you can take – if few – to deal with a spider especially if you can’t call pest control immediately!

The Precautions

Here are the precautions you should take after seeing a spider in the house:

  • Capture The Spider: You can use a trap – a humane one – to capture the spider and restrain it so it does not roam freely in the house and become a threat. There are a number of traps available but they all focus on using a piece of food to attract the spider – a dead bug would be a better choice. However, with smaller spiders you can just use a glass jar to capture them in it and then release them outside!
  • Turn On Your Light: Spiders prefer darkness. They will like to hide in dark places where no one can see them. You will often stick your hand in a dark place and find a spider web. They feel safe and have a better chance of catching their prey when they are not seen. Hence, if you want to keep spiders away then turn on your lights.
  • Sleep In Your Siblings Room: If the spider is stuck in your room then the best thing to do is shift over to your brother’s room! This will help you get through the night and allow you to have a good night’s sleep!

How To Have A Peaceful Sleep!

Seeing a spider can be distressing for some people especially if it is still stuck somewhere inside the house!

Read A Book

Books are one of the best things to help you get your mind off things. They allow you to enter into a parallel universe where you are a new character in someone else’s life – possibly with secret powers that allow you to travel from planet to the other! You see what we mean.

Nonetheless, books help you get your mind off things whether those things are a source of stress or concern for you or in that case a source of fear that prevents you from falling asleep even if it’s late at night and you are extremely tired!

When you read a book, your mind has something new to focus on and hence it is easier to avoid the constant thoughts your brain sends you when you are still thinking about what you saw!

Reading a book can help you forget about the spider you saw a while ago. You have done the best you can such as shifting to another room or setting up a trap but you still can’t call pest control because it’s too late! Hence, it’s best to try and relax and fall asleep and wake up and focus on the issue at hand with a fresh mind!

Watch A Comedy Movie

Saw a scary spider? Well if you have the stamina and time then watch a comedy movie that will make you forget what you saw that is just bothering you so much! Movies are a great way to get your mind off of things and if you don’t like comedy you can go for other genres – romance, adventure, thriller and suspense – the options are many!

This will quickly help you forget about that creepy bug that you saw! 

Talk To A Friend

Can’t get your mind off things? Call a friend up! You have two options; either discuss what scared you and then move on to another topic. This will help you catharsis and hence get that thing out of your system and also discuss something else. Or, you could just talk about something else to get your mind off that horrible thing as soon as you can.

Nevertheless, talking to a friend is a great way to distract yourself and quickly forget about what was scaring you – the creepy crawler in this case. Just make sure you talk for long enough and as soon as you start feeling sleepy, shut the phone and fall asleep so fast that your brain doesn’t have the chance to remind you about what you saw!

Pep Talk

Talking to yourself always has many benefits. One of them is helping you become a stronger version of yourself. This is done by convincing your own self that what you saw is of the past and it cannot hurt you in any manner or form thus there is no need to be scared and one can fall asleep.

Although this method may not work for everyone, there is much benefit with this approach!

Not only does this help you to forget about that spider that has been bothering you for so long but it also makes you feel sleepy! Pep talks are a great way to help you calm down and feel as if you have done enough!

Some Tips!

Here are some more tips on how to handle a spider situation:

  • Use A Glass Jar To Capture It
  • Spray Bug Spray To Keep It Away
  • Close The Windows 
  • Make Sure The House Is Clean
  • Cover Yourself Properly When You Sleep


This article took a look at a number of interesting yet effective ways to fall asleep after seeing a spider. These included tips such as reading a book, talking to a friend or taking enough precautions. Furthermore, the article also specified why we can’t fall asleep and highlighted the effects something scary like a bug or spider has on us. The article took a practical approach where it not only highlighted how to relax after a stressful experience of seeing a bug but also how one can take precautions to keep themselves safe from it!


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