How To Sleep After Seeing Something Scary (The Ultimate Guide)

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This article will provide a step by step guide on how to sleep after seeing something scary. Furthermore, the article will also highlight the consequences of seeing something scary on your night time experience and how it affects your sleep patterns. 

How To Sleep After Seeing Something Scary?

Here are a few ways to sleep after seeing something scary that might keep you up at night:

  • Read A Book
  • Watch A Comedy Movie
  • Talk To A Friend
  • Pep Talk
  • Sleep In Your Siblings Room
  • Turn On Your Night Light
  • Investigate

Before we look at these tips on how to sleep after seeing something scary, let us look at why seeing something scary may prevent us from having a good night’s sleep!

How Scary Things Keep Us Awake At Night?

Here are a few reasons as to why something scary may keep us awake at night!

It Is Coming For Us!

Yes, as kids we are always scared the boogeyman will come to get us at night when we are fast asleep or a hand will poke out from underneath the bed and drag us away into the dark shadows! We also have that wild imagination that something is sitting and waiting for us in the closet and as soon as we shut our eyes it will come out and eat us alive! 

Enough with the imagination! One of the reasons we can’t fall asleep after seeing something scary is because we actually think it will come to get us or attack us at night when we are fast asleep and hence vulnerable. Hence, we tend to stay up because we have this odd belief that if we do not shut our eyes it will not come to get us because apparently that monster does not want to be seen at any cost. However, as soon as we doze off that is when we are in imminent danger.

Bad Dreams

Another reason we cannot fall asleep when we see  something scary is because we know for a fact that we will have a bad dream or nightmares for the rest of the week! Ever have that feeling when you wake up in the middle of the night because of a bad dream and you know very well that if you fall asleep – which is extremely hard not to at that specific time – you will continue that same dream again! It is funny the same does not happen with good dreams that we so badly want to continue.

Hence, the thing we see itself may not be the reason why we cannot fall asleep but it is the dreams that result from seeing those scary things that keep us awake at night.

Racing Thoughts

Sometimes seeing something scary may kind of traumatize us! This is because whatever we saw was so scary that we cannot erase from our mind what we have seen. As a result our mind is stuck to it and we think about it a bit too much because we are not able to believe we saw something like ‘that’.

The constant thinking is one of the reasons we cannot fall asleep because the thought of that scary thing keeps our mind awake and alert and thus we stay up late as a result.

How To Sleep After Seeing Something Scary?

Here are a few ways to sleep after seeing something scary that might keep you up at night.

Read A Book

Books are one of the best things to help you get your mind off things. They allow you to enter into a parallel universe where you are a new character in someone else’s life – possibly with secret powers that allow you to travel from planet to the other! You see what we mean.

Nonetheless, books help you get your mind off things whether those things are a source of stress or concern for you or in that case a source of fear that prevents you from falling asleep even if it’s late at night and you are extremely tired!

When you read a book, your mind has something new to focus on and hence it is easier to avoid the constant thoughts your brain sends you when you are still thinking about what you saw!

Watch A Comedy Movie

Saw a scary movie? Well if you have the stamina and time then watch a comedy one that will make you forget what you saw that is just bothering you so much! Movies are a great way to get your mind off of things and if you don’t like comedy you can go for other genres – romance, adventure, thriller and suspense – the options are many!

Talk To A Friend

Can’t get your mind off things? Call a friend up! You have two options; either discuss what scared you and then move on to another topic. This will help you catharsis and hence get that thing out of your system and also discuss something else. Or, you could just talk about something else to get your mind off that horrible thing as soon as you can.

Nevertheless, talking to a friend is a great way to distract yourself and quickly forget about what was scaring you. Just make sure you talk for long enough and as soon as you start feeling sleepy, shut the phone and fall asleep so fast that your brain doesn’t have the chance to remind you about what you saw!

Pep Talk

Talking to yourself always has many benefits. One of them is helping you become a stronger version of yourself. This is done by convincing your own self that what you saw is of the past and it cannot hurt you in any manner or form thus there is no need to be scared and one can fall asleep.

Although this method may not work for everyone, there is much benefit with this approach!

Sleep In Your Siblings Room

If nothing works, one last option that you have is sleeping in your siblings room. For some reason, when we have someone by our side, it seems impossible to be haunted or scared by that scary thing we saw!

Maybe being with someone assures us that we will not be hurt because we are alone or that that thing will not show up because we are not alone!

Hence, next time you can’t fall asleep, don’t waste time and run to your siblings room and grab a blanket and fall into a comfortable and deep sleep.

Turn On Your Night Light

Light has a powerful influence on us. One of the best things it does – even in movies – is assure us that we will not have to deal with anything scary. Thus, if you feel scared and can’t fall asleep especially because of what you saw, then just turn on your night lamp because it will magically keep those monsters away – yeah right!!


What scared you? That shadow in the cellar or the weird noise from your closet. One of the best things to help you fall asleep after seeing or sensing something scary is to assure yourself there is no real threat.

Thus, you need to gather your strength and go take a look at what was scaring you. It will probably be a shadow created by something lousy and embarrassing like a plant

The Consequences

It is important that you avoid anything trigger or situation that will scare you and cause you to not fall asleep. This is because you won’t be able to fall asleep and hence lose the sleep that is necessary to keep you going the next day! 

Sometimes seeing scary things leaves a permanent impact on our mind and no matter what we do we just cannot get over it and it becomes a daily struggle to fall asleep. Thus, prevention is better than cure!


This article took a look at some interesting yet effective ways to fall asleep after seeing something scary. These included tips such as reading a book, talking to a friend, or confronting your fear. Furthermore, the article also specified why we couldn’t fall asleep and highlighted the effects something scary has on us, such as nightmares, the belief it will come to hurt us, and our mind thinking about it actively at night. Lastly, the article briefly talked about the consequences of seeing something scary.


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