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How To Trap A Guy Into Getting You Pregnant – Top 5

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How To Trap A Guy Into Getting You Pregnant (+5 Tips)

This article will list down the numerous ways to trap a guy into getting you pregnant. Furthermore, the article will also highlight the consequences of such an action and why a woman may be motivated to do so.

Here are 5 ways to trap a guy into getting you pregnant:

  • Lie About Birth Control
  • Tamper With Protection
  • Get Him Drunk
  • Emotionally Manipulate Him
  • Make Him Believe You Love Him

Before we look at these ways in detail, let us look at why a woman may be motivated to do such a thing in the first place!

The Motivation Behind Trapping A Guy

Here are a few reasons why a woman may trap a guy into getting her pregnant:

  • Desperate To Have A Baby
  • She Loves Him
  • Desires Security
  • Societal Pressures
  • Taking Revenge

Let us take a look at each of these reasons in detail!

Desperate To Have A Baby

It would be immature and illogical to reject the consequences of our very own biology. Many women, if not all, have, at some point in their life, the deep desire to have kids of their own and to become a mother. This is indeed natural and may be intensified by the personality a specific woman has; if she is indeed caring and nurturing it is possible her desire is even more intense. To keep the human species going, this desire is existent and accepted by most of us.

Also, sometimes, a woman may not believe she has don’t justice to her other roles in life. She may not consider herself as the ideal daughter or wife or even sister. She may not even consider herself the ideal woman – it is possible she suffers from numerous bad experiences or choices she has chosen in her life. One of the last ways she can actually prove she carried out her role correctly is to become a mother and care for her child. Hence, it fulfills her own desire to be accepted by someone in life and feel as if, for once, they have done the right thing. 

This could be one reason why she is desperate to have a baby and hence trap a guy into getting her pregnant.

She Loves Him

Sometimes we fall madly in love with a person to the extent that we are ready to do anything to make them stay with us. It is unfortunate that this sort of love is one way, otherwise it would never be the case that we would have to do so much to prove our love and make the other person stay.

It is possible the woman realizes that the man she loves is not willing to stay with her in the long term and will eventually leave at one point. However, it is also possible he is of good character and will stay if he has to. This ‘has to’ is defined by the presence of a child that he must care for, if not by law but by goodwill and character.

So, a woman may use this trick to keep a good man with her for the rest of her life by getting him to impregnate her. Not only will he stay because he now has a child to care for but he will obviously be burdened by so many responsibilities that he won’t have time to think or consider anyone else. It will only be him, his child and the mother of the child.

Desires Security

One of the ways women operate is by finding a secure future for themselves where they can depend on a reliable man who is ‘worthy’ enough to care for them regardless of the situation and hence give them a comfortable and secure life. Thus, women may use the tactic of becoming pregnant with a man’s child to make him stay in the relationship and eventually marry her – hence giving her the long term security she so badly desires.

Societal Pressures

At least if not men, women do age according to society hence they are under the constant pressure of doing things at the right time. This pressure may be explicit or implicit but it is always there. We further intensify it by associating beauty with women – that too very high standards of beauty. Nonetheless, it is obvious a woman has many expectations to meet and one of them is to get married on time. The best way to do that is to trap a guy who will treat you right even if you do not share a mutual feeling of love.

Taking Revenge

Desiring revenge can lead to many consequences that may create a never ending cycle of it which is why forgiveness is emphasized so much. Women, as well as men, can go far to get the revenge they desire especially if it is because of a heartbreak that they suffered.

Thus, a woman may be desperate to trap a man so she can have a child with him and once he begins to become comfortable with her and accept the life they have together and the blessings, she may take a 180 degree turn and leave him just as he left her. What is worse is that she will refuse to let him see his own child.

How To Trap A Guy Into Getting You Pregnant – Top 5

In this section, we will take a look at how to trap a man into getting a woman pregnant!

  • Lie About Birth Control
  • Tamper With Protection
  • Get Him Drunk
  • Emotionally Manipulate Him
  • Make Him Believe You Love Him

Lie About Birth Control

This is an easy one. Just skip your meds and don’t tell him. Ensure you have won over his trust by playing it well and taking your time – rushing is never a good idea. Make sure he sees you taking your meds regularly. Make him feel you take them even when you ‘think’ he is not watching you. This will earn you his trust. To take it to the next level, fake situations where you are about to get it on but stop because you forgot to take your meds. Earn his trust and revel in it. Once the time is right, play your card and watch how you get what you want without anyone blaming you.

Tamper With Protection. 

Snip it off at the top and blame it on the company or the poor quality of the product. Afterall, you are the one who gets to control how things go on in the bedroom.

Get Him drunk

One could wonder with all the horrible things that happen as a result of drinking, why isn’t it still banned? Nonetheless, as long as it isn’t, you can take advantage of the situation and make him give it to you when he is drunk and won’t notice that you both are not using protection.

Emotionally Manipulate Him

If you are indeed the manipulative one, this could be a good option that wins you a lot in the long term. You need to make him feel that you truly love him and that both of you are right for each other. This could take some time and may involve dirty politics like turning him against his family or friends and making sure you are the only one he trusts. This will make him want to be with you himself and give you what you want.

Make Him Believe You Love Him

You may not love him but you can at least make him believe you do. This is another long term strategy that might provide more benefits and hence give you what you want in a more natural and acceptable manner.

The Consequences Of Trapping A Guy

Like it or not, karma exists and it will come to get you. Deceiving someone or getting them to be in your life through force or deceitful tactics will eventually backfire. Hence, it is not advised to act on any of the above strategies to trap a guy – in fact it is strongly discouraged. Also, this article can be an eye opener for many people who get stuck in such relationships where they are kept therein through such tactics.

The right person for you will stay and eventually find a way to be with you. Also, they will choose you over all else when the right time comes. If they don’t, you just need to understand that they prioritized someone else or something else and chose to go the other way. When it comes to love and choosing a life partner, the person will prioritize you. You don’t need to adopt such dirty tactics to make them stay.


This article took a look at the numerous ways to get a guy to get you pregnant and also highlighted the motivations behind women who engage in such behaviours. Furthermore, the article also advised against such tactics and why they are wrong.


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