I got my sister pregnant (Help!)

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In this article we will explore what are some steps you can take if you get your sister pregnant. 

We will aslo explore what this particular situation means in terms of legalities and also what are some areas of concerns when it comes to the offspring of incest. 

What to do if you got your sister pregnant?

If you are in a position where you have gotten your sister pregnant, assuming that you are male, here are a few steps you need to take:

Be available 

Be available for her because as much as you are stressing out, she will also be in crisis mode because not only is this a by-product of something considered “taboo” this is also her body, her identity, and her future. So be available when she is in need of support and let her know that you are there for her. 

Listen to her

Now, you have the freedom to abandon your sister even if the relationship was consensual but the best thing you can do for her is to pay attention to her thoughts. Listen to her fears and her own decision as to what to do with the foetus of your child. 

Now, being the father of your child without family planning that too a child born out of incest can only be a challenging situation especially when you have not planned for it. 

Take a moment for yourself

So take a moment to calm yourself down, what has been done has been done- you cannot undo it. Take a breather while also letting your sister know that you need sometimes to think this though and this is not you abandoning her. 

Be honest

Just as you offer her support, be honest in your need for support as well and be honest about your thoughts related to keeping the baby or letting the baby go- adoption or abortion but you have to understand that this must be a joint decision and not something the mother is ocrered into. 

Set up support

Now, what you can do is to set up a support system- be it medical support or other means of support. 

You can take the step to reach out to a medical professional to understand the condition of your sister and the pregnancy- you may or may not have to disclose the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy. 

Let your parents know

Now, if you are a minor you will need to let your parents know so that they can help you get medical help as well as other legalities. While it will be a difficult subject to broach, you and your sister can decide on how much you want to disclose your relationship to your parents or other adults. 

If you are both adults and financially stable there might not be any need to disclose the pregnancy unless questions are asked. 

Seek psychological help

Now, dealing with an incest pregnancy can be distressing for both mother and father- what you can do is to seek out psychological help to deal with your distress. 

Psychologists and counsellors often offer non-judgemental support and guidance in dealing with distress, they might also offer you further assistance in terms of adoption or abortion or even Parenting. 

Plan ahead

If you and your sister are planning to keep the baby, sit down and consult with family planning resources and educate yourself about parenting and the legalities that come with your unique situation. 

If you are planning to abort the baby, it is best if you consult with a medical prfessional as soon as possible if you are part of a state or country where abortion is legal. 

If abortion is not possible. Consider adoption and plan out a process of putting the baby up for adoption with a social worker. 

Be mentally prepared for legal issues

Now, if you are part of a state where incest is deemed illegal- msot counrties have criminalised incest with jail time as well as penalities- it is advisable that you educate yourself about these laws. 

It is possible that if the medical professionals find out about your circumstances, they will get the law involved. 

So it is advisable if you are both consenting adults, you get a lawyer involved to handle issues related to your relationship as well as that of the child. 

Is Incest Between Adults a Crime?

Almost all states and countries criminalize incest between family relatives. Incest is more or less universally acknoweldegd as a taboo and a crime. 

Because of the fact that many cases of abuse are caused by the non-consenual relationsgip between adult family memeber and a minor, it is enough grounds to crimialise incest. 

However, most conturies and most states Laws deem incest illegal and a punsihable offences except for a few countries where incest has not een criminalise. 

In the United states, Incest between adults is a felony, punishable by five years’ to life imprisonment, depending on state law. Along with Prison time, there is also payment of fines for this offence, 

In most cases of Incest against children, the prepatratior is punished just as severely, if not more so, as other cases of child sexual abuse, usually by lengthy prison terms or life in prison.

People who are convicted for incest are also added into the list of sexual perpetrators.

In countries like India, where there is no legally binding laws that punishes incest, the case is often tried as a case of rape and exploitation.

In Afghanistan where incest is illegal, there are no state kaws that punsih people but rather justic is often taken into the hands of Religious groups often punishable by death. 

What are some areas of concern related to incest?

Here are a few concerns for you and your sister related to incest as well as the health of the baby that is born out of your incestual relationship. 

Social Rejection and ostracization

One of the major consequences of incest is a driect result of how it is viewerd by societies today. While incest might have been a common issue in earlier history, today it is seen as taboo. 

The consequences of incest are mainly based on social rejection and ostracization of the people involved by society at large- this can cause immense psycholgcial distress. 

Psychological Distress

If the relationship between the siblings is non-consensual, there are expectations of psychological distress in the victim because of how traumatic and confusing this whole experience is. 

Often times sibling incest is non-consensual and most of these sibling incest relationships have one sibling that is 4 years younger and considered the victim who has been groomed by the older sibling. 

The victim in these cases experience negative consequences such as somatic problems, depression, nightmares and anxiety, and depression as well as PTSD related to child sexual abuse. 

Inbreeding dangers

Now, another major concern is inbreeding. Inbreeding is the process of mating genetically similar organisms and in humans it refers to incest and the by profdcut of incest. 

While it is common and a natural thing in most animals, in human beings it violates norms and is seen as a danger to the sustenance of the human species. 

In the case of relations with offspring where it is consensual and there is an offspring involved, there is a risk of mutations and diseases related to it. The risk of a child developing an autosomal recessive disorder increases with inbreeding.

Incest and inbreeding can result in issues relaed to:

  • Reduced fertility in the offspring
  • Higher infant and child mortality
  • Reduced immune function
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Increased risk of genetic disorders

Some of the genetic diseases and medical complications that can arise include:

  • Down syndrome and other delays. A higher rate of this type of disease has been seen in the offspring of very genetically close individuals. Or in this case, siblings. 
  • Malformations.Children pf incest are often born with deformations or with dysfunctional bodies.
  • Haemophilia. This disease that prevents or hinders the correct blood coagulation is also a result of inbreeding. 
  • Harlequin disease. It is a rare genetic skin disease that involves thick, large scales from around the body and is born with the red-eyed, inverted eyelids.

Other than these medical conditions, a person who is in an incestual relationship can struggle with guilt, shame, and face social ostracisation and even persecution if incest is considered illegal in their state.

Criminal persecution

If you and your suster are residents of states that have criminalised incest, a prosecutor can bring an incest charge against you both if both of you are consenting adults. 

In states that considers incest illegal, you cannot defeat a charge on the basis that the other person consented. 

If you are the adult and your sister a minior, or if your sister did not consent,  you can also face the charge of child sexual abuse and rape.ususally if your sister is a minor, she will not be charged with incest. 

However, if both you and your sister are minors, you both might be tried in juvenile court.


In this article we have explored what are some steps you can take if you get your sister pregnant. 

We have aslo explored what this particular situation means in terms of legalities and also what are some areas of concerns when it comes to the offspring of incest. 

FAQ related to I got my sister pregnant help

Is incest pregnancy possible?

Many cases of incest preancy is a real threat. It is definitely possible that pregnancy will occur in an incestual relationship if contraceptive methods have not been used. 

Why is incest a crime?

Sexual relations between family members is illegal across the U.S. and most other countries of the world because of the harm that it can cause to family relationships and the wellbeing of the victim in the case of non-consensual incest. 

Incest  is often charged as a violation of a different law, such as child abuse, child molestation, rape, or statutory rape in varous countries that do not have laws that criminalize incest. 

Can a brother and a sister marry?

Siblings cannot marry in the United States as well as in  most countries in the world. 

Is it illegal to marry your step sister?

Since stepsiblings are not blood relatives, they are legally free to marry each other provided that they have no blood relations, and are consenting adults. 

There are no state laws that prohibit marriage between step siblings because they are not biologically related to each other and are not in threat of having inbreeding related issues in their children. 


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