I hate my dog (3 reasons why)

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In this article we will discuss what you can do if you hate your dog. 

We will also explore whether hating our own pets is wrong and explore why you might have these feelings towards your dog. 

What do I do if I hate my dog?

Believe or not, hating your own dog or your own pet is more common than you think. It does not matter how you ended up with your dog- it might have been a present, a family dog, or you might have even adopted the dog by yourself. 

It is quite common that after spending time with the dog, having the dog cause a few disruptions such as barking, peeing all over the place, chewing your shoes, and other behaviour might lead you to think that you no longer love this dog- even hate it perhaps.

If you think this is what you are experine, understand that it is quite normal to feel this way because you are also human- you have feelings and your are entitled to having a change of mind. 

Having said that, here are a few things you can do about this particular predicament:

  • Take a moment to consider your feelings. 

If you have decided to take in this dog and were excited at the idea of having a new family member it is possible that the reason you feel this way is because of some behavioural problems with your dog. 

Ask yourself whether you’d like to commit to the animal as it has committed to you, you have to understand that none of this is the dgs fault, behaviourally they need to be taught. 

Consider your feelings and understand that it is normal to feel this way when you are frustrated. 

  • Is it this dog or is it all dogs?

Another thing to consider or contemplate over is whether you truly like dogs or is it just this particular dog that you are struggling with.

Some people are not dog lovers and tend to be more of cat people or fish lovers. It could be possible that you are one of them who needs company but does not like dependence as dogs often do. If this is the case then you might be more of a cat person. 

If it is the constant barking, peeing, chewing shoes, barking at the neighbours and overall behavior that is causing you distress and disruption it is time that you sit down with yourself and consider whether you’d like to keep this dog and train them to behave better. 

  • Start dog training

If you have decided that you do like dogs and would like to commit to this animal, get yourself and your dog to a training center. 

Now, training an animal will require much of your time and discipline from your own end- this means being consistent with their training and their discipline- during the first few weeks of training, discipline is crucial for you and your dog. 

So, enroll yourself and your dog to the dog training school and be consistent with our sessions while taking caution to follow the instructions of your teacher and coach. 

  • Educate yourself

Keeping a pet is not an easy task, it takes an enormous amount of patience and awareness to tend to the needs of the dog. The dog that you have chosen or have been given to is a helpless creature and dependent on you for survival. 

It is necessary that for the limitless unconditional love that they give you, you do the same by understanding their needs and requirements. 

  • Give it a new home

If you have done everything in your power to contemplate, train, and view the dog with empathy and still find that you hate your dog- it is better to give it a new home with someone who loves dogs. 

There is nothing wrong in having to admit that you are not a dog person, nor is there anything wrong in giving up a pet simply because you are not capable- due to time and resource restrictions- to take care of your dog. 

It is much more moral and ethical for you to give them up than to neglect them while they are under your care. 

Why do I hate my dog?

Even though you chose a dog as a pet, and loved it for being loyal and friendly to you, some reasons can make you hate your dog.

  • The dog requires daily care – You started petting a dog, but by the time you can get annoyed because of the daily care, you have to feed your dog, take for walks, and play with him. It can cause you to shout, “I hate my dog.”
  • Your dog licks and slobbers – You can like the dog, but it is not a must to like his slobbers, right? It can be disgusting if your dog licks or tries to jump and lick your face every time you go close to feed or to play with him.
  • He smells – Even when you wash your dog, you feel the smell that is specific for dogs, and it can make you keep some distance (even though it is hard because the dog is usually “amiable”).
  • He barks at nothing – You come from work and need to rest and enjoy the evening, but your dog barks a lot, and you do not see any reason why. It can be a strong reason to say, “I hate my dog.”
  • It pees in the house – You have to clean after your dog because it uses the house as a toilet. If this happens often or becomes a habit for the dog, leading you to think about giving him away.
  • The sheer amount of responsibility that you have while you are taking care of a dog is enough to cause frustration and anger especially if you are at a place in your life where you do ot want any more responsibility than you taking care of yourself. This frustration can make you hate your dog.

Is hating my own pets wrong?

Hating your own dog or pet is not wrong. It is actually normal that in a moment of frustration that you feel anger and hate towards your own pet- especially when they have chewed out your favorite shoe or eaten up the couch. 

You are a human and you are entitled to be frustrated and angry over something even if they are your own animal. 

Here are a few stories by dog owners that show you how common it is to find yourself despising your own dog:

This is the story of Elisabeth Egan who has had her own share of frustrating situations with her dog Fig, from running away, to eating toilet paper, to crying their first night away. 

It was her choice to keep the dog after she first met fig in the surp of the moment, she has been to animal behaviorists and also has been prescribed medication for her dog.  You can access her story here

Next, we have Richard Gilbert who struggles with his dog Belle who struggles with intense anxiety that affects most of her behavior and the constant dependency of the dog on Gilbert has caused immense distribution to his day to day life including the guilt of having hate for a dog that is so vulnerable.

You can access this story here

Lukas Ridge writes of his relationship with his wife’s dog. In his article he confesses that he was never a dog lover- even once terrified of dogs. He also writes down his honest experiences with the adoption processes and the struggles he had with Buttercup. 

In the end, he writes his over honest self-reflection on how he influences the behaviour of the dag and draws a very realistic picture of what it is like having a dog when you hate them.

You can access this sorry here


In this article, we discussed the reasons why people say, “I hate my dog” and presented some confessions from dog owners. We have also explored some things you can do if you think you hate your dog.

FAQs about the topic “I hate my dog.”

What do I do if I do not want my dog?

If you do not want your dog, you should do the following:

– Figure out the reason or the reasons why you do not want to pet him,

– Think about alternative solutions. For example, if a family member is allergic, instead of leaving the dog, you could consider allergy medications,

– Talk to your family members including kids, and inform them about your intention,

– Find a new home for your dog; you would feel more peaceful if you give your dog to someone trustworthy, who knows the dog and will take care of him well.

– Spend some quality time with your dog before giving him away,

– Treat him well before leaving.

Is owning a dog stressful?

Owning a dog can be stressful.

You should consider the daily care (feeding, taking for a walk, cleaning after the dog, and playing with him), and some other details connected to dogs’ nature. 

Why are dogs so needy?

The reasons why dogs are needy can be because they are bored, nervous, or are not stimulated physically or mentally.

So, if the dogs want more attention from you, or need some stimulation, they can display needy behaviour.

Where can I give my dog away for free?

You can give your dog away for free or low-cost to a local animal shelter or a rescue group.

To find them, you can apply for The Shelter Pet Project. 

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